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Oversold is a 32-minute film that updates the story of Hosea and Gomer as a love story between a pastor and a stripper. Sponsored by Elevation, a Southern Baptist church in Phoenix, the movie features former adult film star Crissy Moran in a controversial casting choice for a project intended to portray the redemptive power of God's love.

For Pastor Joshua (Stephen Zimpel), it's love at first sight when he meets Sophi (Moran) on a weekend trip to Las Vegas. He begins a whirlwind courtship, unaware that Sophi has an alter ego—Angel, an exotic dancer who yearns to break free from the sordid life that enslaves her. When Joshua marries Sophi, a firestorm is ignited in his church, and the truth about her identity is revealed, leaving Joshua with a choice—leave her or love her.

CT Movies interviewed Moran—who re-dedicated her life to Christ several years ago—and Elevation Pastor Dave Cowan and Oversold writer/director Paul Morrell about the project, its criticisms it has received, and ways the church can reach out to young women like Crissy.

Crissy, your character in the film desperately wants to leave the world of stripping. What was it like for you playing that role?

Crissy Moran: Very emotional, because I had been out [of the industry] for a while and I had to look back into my past. I kept thinking about my friends [still in the industry]. I am hoping they'll be receptive to the movie because they know that I've been there myself.

You became a Christian at a young age. What happened in your journey along the way?

Moran: When dark times came, I got trapped in worldly ways of thinking. Like, God must really not love me since my parents got divorced, or God must really not love me if my boyfriend is beating ...

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