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Number of Christian martyrs every 24 hours:

1900s: 90

'70s: 1,030

'00s: 440

2011: 270*

2025: 410*

* projected

Church Life

1,600: Christian denominations worldwide in 1900.

18,800: In 1970.

42,000: In 2011.

400,000: Christian congregations worldwide in 1900.

1,433,000: In 1970.

3,500,000: In 2011.


5%: Among Christians who are involved in a church, those who say their church holds them accountable.

7%: Small-group attenders who say accountability is one of the functions fulfilled by their group.


Protestant pastors who think the following are Christians:

Barack Obama: 23% of pastors who are Republicans, 80% of pastors who are Democrats.

Glenn Beck: 24% of pastors who are Republicans, 37% of pastors who are Democrats.


23.4%: Global population that is Muslim.

26.4%: The world's Muslim population in 2030, if trends continue.

0.8%: U.S. population that is Muslim. It is projected to be 1.7% in 2030.

400,000: Christian congregations worldwide in 1900.

1,433,000: In 1970.

3,500,000: In 2011.


Church Foreclosures in the U.S.

2006: 2


2008: 24

2009: 61


71%: Megachurch pastors who said in April-May 2010 the economy is having a minimal impact on their church and its ministries.

58%: Megachurch pastors who said this in October 2010.

15%: Pastors of megachurches (2000+ attendance) who say offerings decreased between 2009 and 2010.

34%: Protestant pastors overall who said, in a separate survey, that offerings were down.

39%: In a third survey, churches overall who reported a decline in giving in 2010 from 2009.


22%: Protestant churches that do not have a website.

42%: Of Protestant churches with websites, those that update them monthly or less often.


13%: Public high school biology teachers who explicitly ...

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