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Colleges deemed not religious enough

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided in May that Chicago's St. Xavier's University cannot prevent its adjunct faculty from unionizing. Federal law allows religious schools to prohibit collective bargaining if it might interfere with their first responsibility to a religious mission. But the NLRB found that the Catholic school is not a "church-operated institution" and lacks a "substantial religious character." The NLRB issued a similar ruling against Manhattan College in January. Both schools argue their inclusion of non-Catholic faculty and students is evidence of church teaching, not secularism.

Court: Explain wave of Christian complaints

UNITED KINGDOM The European Court of Human Rights asked the government in June to state formally whether it believes four British Christians have had their religious rights violated. Two of the four faced discipline at work for wearing cross necklaces; the other two received sanctions for refusing services to homosexual couples. British courts have repeatedly dismissed their complaints. Trevor Phillips, chairman of the UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission, told The Telegraph that Christians do face discrimination but that politically motivated faith groups often blow it out of proportion. The Evangelical Alliance UK disputed Phillips's remarks.

Trial suspended for massacre suspects

PAKISTAN Nearly 70 suspects in the massacre of Christians in Gojra have a year of freedom on bail after the Anti-Terrorism Court suspended the trial because a key witness fled the country. The August 2009 attack, triggered by rumors that Gojra Christians had desecrated the Qur'an, left ten Christians dead and almost 100 homes burned. Witnesses have reported ...

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Colleges Deemed Not Religious Enough, Refugees Improperly Quizzed on ...
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