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Since you've been able to write books like this, do you feel like you made a bigger difference as a Christian in your time as President or in your tenure as a former President?

One of the things that's a little bit embarrassing to me is the Bible that's going to come out with my comments. I'm not a theologian, I'm not a pastor, I'm just a layman. I think my influence on a global basis is probably greater since I left the White House. We've helped cure and prevent disease and promote freedom and human rights in an unrestricted way since I don't have political ties on me anymore. The last 25 years of my life have not only been the most enjoyable and gratifying, but where my influence has been greatest. Part of that is devoted to the little church in Plains where I'm able to teach.

Should evangelicals prioritize their time in areas other than politics, or does politics give them a platform to do other work?

I don't think there's any incompatibility. People who are religious should seek public office if they want to implement the teachings of their own religion and include that in secular life—that is peace, justice, equality, and the alleviation of suffering. The finest teachings of Mohammed, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Protestantism, or Catholicism are compatible where they advocate peace and sharing one's good fortune with those less fortunate. We can't equate democracy with Christianity because the largest democracy on earth is India, which is primarily Hindu. The third largest democracy is Indonesia, which is Islamic. Democracy and freedom are not dependent on Christian beliefs. As a Christian, I don't equate other religions with the impact or influence or supremacy or the Godship of Jesus Christ. Other believers promote similar beliefs in secular life. Our own individual Christian beliefs and the finest beliefs of Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism should be implemented in the promotion of peace, alleviation of suffering, and justice.

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