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It's Time to Talk About Power

There will always be a power differential between a pastor and a church member, and the temptation to conceal this is a slippery slope. Andy Crouch is right, the way faith leaders use power "will either reflect or distort the image of the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords." As a survivor of clergy sexual abuse, I have great difficulty trusting any pastor, and so often this has bled into what I believe about God. It's been a battle that I should've never had to fight.

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Open Question

I was perplexed by "How Can Churches Best Support Parents Who Adopt from Overseas?" At times, it seems the church views international adoption as an exotic, special calling, while failing to understand that adoptees from our own neighborhoods also face identity issues, racial prejudices, prenatal or postnatal abuse or neglect, and inherited mental or physical disabilities.

Families who adopt domestically are not spared the "complaints from teachers" or the "annoyed glance from down the pew" simply because their child was born ten instead of a thousand miles away. The church would do well to stand up for all families who embrace this journey.

Carla Rodriguez
Rockford, Michigan

An Old, Old Ethic

I was delighted to see David Neff point out that the early church had a consistent objection to taking human life across the board.

As president of Consistent Life, I have been delighted to see how this ancient Christian message is now being recovered across an increasingly broad spectrum. I hope Neff's piece will inspire more evangelicals to prayerfully consider how the principle of opposing bloodshed upheld ...

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