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Derek Minor
Hip-hop artist
“The only way our nation will heal is if people begin to empathize with one another. We don’t have to agree, but we can hear each other out. We don’t have to understand each other’s hurt, but we can be there to console one another.” (Source: SoundCloud)

Joshua DuBois
Author, The President’s Devotional
“Please assume, for a second, that we may be right. Give us, for a moment, the benefit of the doubt that justice is this country is unequal. If we’re even partially right that the state does not protect us like it protects others, ask yourself: what can I do to change that? White friends, GOP, evangelicals: reach out to your electeds. Say you’re disturbed by this. They hear from us; they need to hear from you. Do not talk about reconciliation if you are not willing to take a reconciling step. Don’t pray for justice if you won’t work for it. (Source: Twitter)

Fred Sanders
Professor, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University
“I’m especially encouraged by the fact that more Christians, and more kinds of Christians, are paying attention. Even people who think Michael Brown was being a thug and Eric Garner wasn’t perfect have been stunned by the back-to-backness of these two stories of legal processes following the death of black men at the hands of the police. It’s a punch in the gut followed by another punch in the gut, with no time in between to catch a breath: ‘I can’t breathe.’ Think about how the one-two punch feels, and then imagine yourself feeling it as a one-two-three-four-five-six-when-is-this-ever-going-to-stop sequence. This is a key opportunity for empathy, for sympathetic imagination, for looking at things from the perspective of another group of people.” (Source: Scriptorium Daily)

Samuel Rodriguez
President, National Hispanic Convention Leadership Conference
“Eric Garner should be alive today. The silencing of his voice and termination of life must be addressed with conviction and compassion. Law enforcement officers place their lives on the line daily and for that we stand with gratitude. Nevertheless, as Christians we must repudiate any and all abuses, engagement of excessive force, and actions that harm rather than ‘serve and protect.’ May the shalom of God rest upon all of our communities as we address these issues with truth and love.”

Gabriel Salguero
President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition
“In the recent days, what is increasingly clear, is that there is an entire segment of society who feels that the justice system has continuously failed them. Whatever people feel about the individual cases in Missouri, New York, and Ohio we can all agree that the church must be at the forefront of repairing the growing chasm between law enforcement and communities of color.”

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A United Evangelical Response: The System Failed Eric Garner