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Foggily floating around somewhere beneath this mess is a shaky moral of the story (catering supposedly to dudes) that relationships are worth choosing over hook-ups. Oh yeah, and that keeping them a secret is probably a bad idea.

So what is a relationship exactly?

Because the idea seems to be that if these guys could just come to terms with whatever it means, they could figure it all out. According to Efron's interest, it's "being there for someone when they need you. That's all a relationship is, Jason. That's all it is."


When Mikey expresses remorse over his cheating wife in the beginning, Jason says "Man, this is about ALL of us." And then they make their pact, in an effort to surround the wounded Mikey with camaraderie and bar-hopping buddies.

But as Jason's statement hints, being there is, for his buddies, not about serving Mikey's needs so much as allowing all three men an excuse for blowing others off. It keeps them lying to each other and their would-be significant others. When they're not secretly rendezvousing with would-be girlfriends, they're questioning each other about their varietal conquests.

So in that quasi-climactic fight, when all the feelings come out, it's clear that they've done something wrong. It sounds like just "being there" doesn't really constitute a friendship—let alone a relationship.

Zac Efron and Tom Gormican in 'That Awkward Moment'
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Zac Efron and Tom Gormican in 'That Awkward Moment'

Maybe they just didn't know what "being there" should look like in a tangible, healthy way, but they're no closer to knowing by the end of the film. In an attempt to do it right, Jason brings ice cream and liquor to Mikey's apartment after the dust settles, and they sup silently together on the couch.

Whether this was supposed to be funny or satisfying or resolution-bringing is unclear. But on the whole, it was just sad.

Caveat Spectator

There's nudity, sex scenes, and nudity in the sex scenes, none of them adding anything to the already fizzled plot. Three guys take Viagra together and drink every few scenes. Cussing is frequent. Punches are thrown. Many sexual actions are verbally described.

Taylor Lindsay is a writer in New York City. She was Christianity Today Movies' fall intern.

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