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How to Nominate a Book for the 2015 Christianity Today Book Awards

Each year, Christianity Today honors outstanding books of special interest to the Christian community. In the January/February 2015 issue, CT will feature the best books published between November 1, 2013, and October 31, 2014, divided into categories according to subject and genre. The categories are:

  1. Apologetics/Evangelism
  2. Biblical Studies
  3. Christian Living
  4. Christianity and Culture
  5. The Church/Pastoral Leadership
  6. Fiction
  7. History
  8. Missions/Global Affairs
  9. Spirituality
  10. Theology/Ethics


We are offering a special add-on bonus this year. For an additional $15.00 titles can also be added for consideration in our Her.meneutics category.

Her.meneutics is Christianity Today magazine's website for women, where our writers cover news, cultural analysis, and church trends from the perspective of Christian women. Books in this category would do the same. (Learn more about Her.meneutics at, and consider adding titles to the Her.meneutics category.) Titles with the Her.meneutics add-on bonus would be eligible to win not only their original category but also the Her.meneutics category. This is only available as an add-on category and titles cannot be submitted to just the Her.meneutics category.

What and How to Submit:

We are looking for both scholarly and trade works. A diverse panel of scholars, pastors, and other informed readers will evaluate the books. Publishers wishing to nominate books for the awards should:

  1. Fill out and submit a nomination form, noting the category for which the book is nominated. Please see the attached submission form. After filling out the form electronically, click submit and you will be prompted to save a copy to your computer (leave file name as is), send the form via e-mail to, and print out a copy to send along with your check.
  2. Send a copy of each nominated book (galley copies are welcome if the book has not yet been published by the August 8, 2014, submission deadline). You may submit as many titles in each category as you wish at $30.00 per category. A book may be nominated in more than one category. Titles entered in multiple categories are eligible to win multiple awards. You cannot submit titles two years consecutively.
  3. Include one entry fee per book/category along with a copy of the submission form.
  4. There will be no refunds for your entries, so please be sure your submissions qualify for the correct publishing months and year.


Please enclose an entry fee of $30.00 for each title submitted in each category with an additional $15.00 add-on bonus for a title to be considered in our Her.meneutics category. Please include the check when you send the books. The check should be made payable to: Christianity Today Book Awards.

Finalist books:

If your book is one of the four finalists for a category, we will contact you and ask that you send a copy of the book directly to our four (or five) judges in that category. We will provide their mailing addresses.


The deadline for nomination submissions is Friday, August 08, 2014.

Make check out to: Christianity Today Book Awards

Send nomination form, book(s), and entry fee to:

Becky Custer

Christianity Today Book Awards

465 Gundersen Drive

Carol Stream, IL 60188

Thank you!

Becky Custer

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