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Passion & Purpose: Believing the Church Can Still Change the World

Jimmy Seibert (Clear Day)

Antioch Community Church opened its doors in 1999, hoping to advance the gospel in one of the most impoverished and crime- and drug-ridden neighborhoods of Waco, Texas. Since then, Antioch has grown into an international network, planting churches in every corner of the globe. In Passion & Purpose, Seibert, founder of Antioch Ministries International, shares the story of how simple devotion to Jesus and love of neighbor bore astonishing fruit in the unlikeliest circumstances. "We learned to live with people instead of ministering to them," he writes. "Sure, we learned they had needs, but we also had needs. We learned from and loved one another."

How (Not) to Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor

James K. A. Smith (Eerdmans)

Taylor's magisterial A Secular Age is too daunting and scholarly for most readers. But Smith, a philosopher at Calvin College and editor of Comment magazine, believes Taylor's inquiry into the sources of modern secularism has important insights that deserve a larger audience. How (Not) to Be Secular offers what Smith calls "a small field guide to a much larger scholarly tome." But Smith aims higher than a glorified book report. He wants to think about how we should then live, as residents of the world Taylor portrays. Smith invites readers into "an adventure in self-understanding, a way to get our bearings in a 'secular age'—whoever 'we' might be: believers or skeptics, devout or doubting."

The Quiet Revolution: An Active Faith That Transforms Lives and Communities

Jay F. Hein (Waterfall Press)

As director of the White House Office ...

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