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I spoke with the film’s director, Yael Melamede, at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. She cited Errol Morris as an influence, particularly in dealing with the confessional aspects of people’s stories. I actually preferred (Dis)honesty to Morris’s work, since the latter too often strikes me as trying to make its subjects look ridiculous. Melamede said her first goal was to be “loyal to each person’s story” while condensing the material. She also discussed the film’s role in The Dishonesty Project, which includes educational programs designed to explain the research to students and encourage people to be more honest about their lies.

(Dis)honesty is both entertaining and educational. It is worth seeking out.

Kenneth R. Morefield (@kenmorefield) is an associate professor of English at Campbell University. He is the editor of Faith and Spirituality in Masters of World Cinema, Volumes I, II, & III, and the founder of 1More Film Blog.

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How we watch matters at least as much as what we watch. TV and movies are more than entertainment: they teach us how to live and how to love one another, for better or worse. And they both mirror and shape our culture.
Alissa Wilkinson
Alissa Wilkinson is Christianity Today's chief film critic and assistant professor of English and humanities at The King's College in New York City. She lives in Brooklyn.
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The Long Tail: ‘Marie’s Story,’ ‘The Nun,’ and ‘(Dis)honesty’
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