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But the real question for Christians interested in influencing Washington is not whether they desire a seat at the table, but just how prominent a role they’ll want to play. As Graham learned from Nixon, and Wogaman to a lesser extent from Clinton, the risk of scandal is real. The more heightened media focus is on the relationship, the more significant the possibility of personal sacrifice becomes, welcome or not.

Meanwhile, DuBois said he is committed to praying for the new President: “We need to seek God’s face for these men that are in this role, and pray for them frequently, even when we disagree with them.”

“We believe in a God that is even bigger than presidents.” DuBois said.

While the eyes of the media glare elsewhere, DuBois continues to send devotionals to Obama every day. He still identifies as a progressive and is active in social justice issues through his business Values Partnership, but he too seeks to influence Trump.

“If there are ways we can work together on strengthening human dignity for people who are vulnerable and marginalized, then I’m all for it,” Dubois said.

“I have deep concerns for where we are right now, from immigration to criminal justice reform to the environment. So, I’ll look forward to being a part of a coalition that will hold the new President accountable on these issues. But when he gets it right, we’ll let him know.”

Linda W. Perkins is a freelance writer whose career has taken her from interviews with Henry Kissinger and Chinese acrobats, to meetings with top technology executives and the FBI. She lives in Houston with her husband and daughter, and is the author of Spring Sight, a Christian devotional blog offering hope to people with chronic illnesses.

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The Precarious Task of Praying with Presidents in a Media Age