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Wilson's Bookmarks
From the editor of Books & Culture.
Subscriber Access Only Hope for Women in Hell
Rescued from the sex trade, Anny Donewald now seeks to rescue others.
Subscriber Access Only The Difference between 'Platform' and Pastoral Leadership
Australia pastor Mark Sayers says influence has to be about more than book sales and retweets.
A Booklist for Grownups Who Wish They Could Go Back to School
Thirteen stories for those of us who miss high school English class.
Subscriber Access Only Slow and Steady Builds the Church
Slick programs and efficient business models are no substitute for the patient work of discipleship. A review of John Pattison and C. Christopher Smith's 'Slow Church.'
How Theologians Have Failed Asian Christians—and How They Can Do Better
Rather than forcing “elite” agendas upon grassroots believers, says Simon Chan, we need to take their concerns seriously.
Michael Lindsay: Go Where Decisions Are Made
A Christian college president’s take on power, influence, and the habits of highly successful people.
3 Things to Do to Guarantee You Won't Get Published: A guest post by Selma Wilson
What does it take to get published? First of all, don't do these things.
The Next Chapter for Christian Publishing
Instead of saying goodbye to the ‘Golden Age,’ it’s time for us welcome a new era.
The New Catholic Novelist You Need to Read
An interview with Christopher Beha about his latest novel.
Thirteen Books For Kids With African American Characters
Recommendations from parents, teachers, and librarians for kids ages 3 through 12.
Searching for African American Protagonists
Why I want my kids to read about lives that seem different from theirs.
Beyond the Echo Chamber on Gender Roles
Our notion of male and female begins with a robust understanding of creation.
Subscriber Access Only How to Avoid the Church's 'Hero Culture'
Chuck DeGroat reveals his strategy for spiritual health while ministering to difficult people.
When Our Desires Disorient Us
Recognizing what we want allows us to stand exposed before God.
America's Founding May Not Have Been Christian, but It Sure Wasn't Anti-Christian
An atheist philosopher ignores religion’s place in Revolutionary America.
The Great Big Her.meneutics Summer Reading List
Beyond chick lit: Books actually worth reading and savoring during lazy summer days.
Subscriber Access Only The Forgotten Side of the First World War
Philip Jenkins remembers the religious passions that set the world ablaze a century ago.
Hillsong Church at a Glance
What is Hillsong Church like, beyond the music that just about everyone sings?
Displaying 21 – 40 of 1646 ARTICLES
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Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Christians’ misguided fight for football devotions isn’t working.
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