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Subscriber Access Only Hope for Women in Hell
Rescued from the sex trade, Anny Donewald now seeks to rescue others.
Subscriber Access Only When Punishment Isn't the Point
An excerpt from 'True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World'
The Softer Face of Calvinism
Reformed theology is more irenic and diverse than you think, says theologian Oliver Crisp.
Subscriber Access Only Why Your Bible Was Made in China
Does it matter that the Good Book is printed where many Christians lack one?
How Culture Shapes Scientists' Thinking About God's Planet
Former Harvard astronomer Owen Gingerich challenges the notion that religion and science inhabit separate spheres.
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8 Books for Parents Who Need to Know They're Not Alone
For moms, dads, single parents, and married ones.
Subscriber Access Only An Experiment in 'Going Saint'
Richard Foster's son gets acquainted with the spiritual disciplines.
"You Was a Jerk Mommy?"
What to do when your two-year old convicts you. An excerpt from my new book, Small Talk.
Three Reasons Why We Should Read Books Instead of Blog Posts
Books cost money and time, which is why they are worth it.
I'm Celebrating by Giving You Free Stuff
Pre-order a copy of Small Talk and receive a free subscription to Christianity Today and more.
The Deeper Draw of YA
Grown-up readers find a necessary reminder of our brokenness and vulnerability.
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My Top 5 Books for Reading in the Wilderness
Leslie Leyland Fields chooses five books best read away from the comforts and conveniences of modern life.
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New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
Subscriber Access Only The Case Against 'Radical' Christianity
Michael Horton's message to restless believers: Stay put, and build the church.
What Kind of Sinful Are You?
A spiritual personality test, the Enneagram takes an honest look at our weaknesses.
From Midriffs to Social Media: Parenting Teen Girls in the 21st Century
Don’t let the topic fool you. ‘Enough’ is full of substance and wisdom.
The Bible Is More Than a 'Mystery'
Peter Enns makes the case that Scripture doesn't tell us everything. So does it tell us anything?
Why Men Should Read Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In
Change depends upon women and men working together to transform the social structures of work and family life.
The Right Way to Think About Giving to the Poor
Theologian Gary Anderson shows how acts of charity embody faith in the goodness of God and his creation.
Six Books on How Kids Learn
Books to help you stay informed about the national debates surrounding character education, knowledge, and grittiness.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 1667 ARTICLES
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Our Bodies Were Made for You, O Lord
Our Bodies Were Made for You, O Lord
We've been designed, right down to the DNA, to love and serve our maker.
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