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Subscriber Access OnlyJesus and 'Jingle Bell Rock'
For my family, there's no dividing line between "American Christmas" and "Christian Christmas
Subscriber Access OnlyWhen Punishment Isn't the Point
An excerpt from 'True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World'
Subscriber Access OnlyHow We Forgot the Holiness of God
He may not be cruel and capricious. But don't pretend he isn't dangerous.
Subscriber Access OnlyJesus Didn't Tell Us to Shun Politics
Why his teachings touch on more than matters of theology.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Right Way to Give Someone a Blessing
Use the Bible's words. And make it personal.
Subscriber Access OnlyIs Your Faith Slipping into Maintenance Mode?
Maybe you're not crashing and burning. But it's dangerous to stay stuck in neutral.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Beauty of Trauma
When the prospect of death comes close, we learn that life is precious.
Subscriber Access OnlyConversion or Death
"You know what happens to anyone who attacks the holy Prophet Muhammad."
Subscriber Access OnlyStruggling on the Streets
My glimpse into the hopes, anxieties, and regrets of the homeless in Harvard Square.
Subscriber Access OnlyIt's the Thoughts That Count
Why Christians can't be careless about the consumption of popular culture.
Subscriber Access OnlyWe Have to Touch the Problem
Discomfort is the price of making a difference in the world.
Subscriber Access OnlyTaking Action Through Radical Kindness
One great agent of healing is showing love to those who have hurt us.
You're Probably More Like Judas Than You Think
We all want a Messiah whose plans mirror our own. But a true disciple surrenders to the Master's will.
Subscriber Access OnlyJesus Doesn't Need Help
Well-intentioned impulses can lead to modeling ourselves after the wrong Christ.
Subscriber Access OnlyHow Should Christians Get Rid of Garbage in their Hearts?
Dealing with the source of sin is a staggering commitment.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhy Everyone Needs Theology
All Christians—not just academics—must care deeply about theology.
Faith-Based Medicine for Fractured Nations
Where conflict has torn a country apart, religion can play an important role in bringing it back together.
Go Overboard Celebrating Christmas
A godliness that won't delight in fudge and eggnog is no godliness at all.
The Hidden Purpose of the Hobbit's Adventure
Gandalf promises Bilbo Baggins a "profitable" quest, but the wizard has a different sort of treasure in mind.
The Foolish Wisdom of Bilbo Baggins
There is "more of good" in the hobbit than is apparent at the outset of his adventure.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 133 ARTICLES
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Stockpiling Treasures in My Junk Closet
Stockpiling Treasures in My Junk Closet
How I got rid of 1,000 things and finally found shalom.
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