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Hundreds of Kenyan youths who converted from Christianity to Islam—and then went to fight alongside jihadists in neighboring Somalia—are returning to their home churches. But these prodigal sons are not being welcomed back with fully open ...

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January 18, 2013  11:12pm

This is a difficult situation and no simple solution. However, as Christians, we know that this is Spiritual Warfare. And since our weapons are not carnal but spiritual, we CAN pray. We pray from a position of victory. We DO know that our God is the only God, He is sovereign and all powerful, and there is nothing too hard for Him. I think He would have us support our brethren in Kenya by prayer and personally encourage them with love, words and scripture. Those under persecution's lives are interrupted & practical, financial assistance may be needed. For practical purposes, I believe there was wisdom in what STEVE SKEET and JAMES had to say. And, as individuals, we should bring this battle to the awareness of all Christian brothers and sisters, using whatever platform we have for communication. This will not be published on the American main stream media - so we need to be a voice for those who need help! Thank you, Anna

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Steve Skeete

January 14, 2013  9:12pm

'Nowadays it is common for churchgoers to be frisked and have their cars checked for explosives. Armed policemen have become part and parcel of almost all Kenyan church services'. I am in full agreement with the idea that Kenyan believers in Christ should consider meeting in House churches. These would have several advantages over Church buildings in that leaders would have greater control over and more familiarity with those who attend services. House churches would be less conspicuous, and being smaller and more informal less likely to be attacked. The House Church would minimize infiltration. This article also highlights the deceit and totally bankruptcy of Islam. Conversion of Muslims is forbidden, yet it is somehow good to pay Christians to convert and then turn them loose on their own spiritual communities. Muslims consider their mosques sacred spaces that must be respected by all, yet they show no regard for churches which can be destroyed with total abandon and impunity.

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Frank Keefe

January 11, 2013  6:53pm

The battle has always been between Christ and Satan ...Satan knowing he hath but a short time will devour whom he can and that's Christs followers....for atheists reading this its nonsense but for those of us of the Christian faith its a sign of Christs soon return.

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Robert Brooks

January 10, 2013  4:20pm

Maybe if we employed the the same tactics, these attacks would stop. During the DS1&2, any military action that came close to a mosque, would be closely scrutinized, and halted. If a target was close to a mosque, it would be halted. When the mahdi army was cornered, facing certain destruction, they retreated into a mosque, which the Marines recognized as "out of bounds". Why should we respect their religious shrines, even when they are being used for military purposes(storeing weapons, building bombs, tactical and logistic centers), but we don't raise an eyebrow when they destroy Christian churches and shrines, that have nothing to do with waging war? Why do we view pislamic values above our own? SO yes, it is time to employ the same tactics that our enemy does. Not to so much become them, but this is simply how we speak their language. So what if they scream about a mosques getting bombed, korans get burned and women and children get killed? That seems to be the way they operate.

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james .

January 09, 2013  9:28pm

It must be a challenge for Christians to meet and worship in safety under these conditions. It may mean turning to house fellowships where Christian groups are smaller, can identify members easily, can introduce new believers and easier to do background checks. The Kenyan church needs our prayers.

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