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The notorious erotica trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James, has sold more than 60 million copies worldwide since March. Of note: Digital versions are outselling print more than 2 to 1.

The discretion offered by digital content has boosted ...

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M Adisu

February 01, 2013  1:30pm

Jonathan, the issue is not whether or not to engage our culture but how to go about doing it. Aren't you closing the door to creativity when you say "that's just journalism?" Should the market define how the believing community interacts with each other and with the rest of the world?

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February 01, 2013  8:58am

I think the title is defensible. It is a hook that gets more people to read this article than might otherwise click on a story about digital Bibles. That's just journalism, linking this article to a well-known publishing news story. There is nothing offensive in the article itself. We need to be aware of what is happening in this fallen world, and to be so squeamish about the phrase "fifty shades" will not help us engage our culture.

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Janet D

January 31, 2013  9:25am

I am also perplexed by title of this article. As a new subscriber, the reference to "that book" it is not something I expected or wanted to see on my first day of visiting this website. I think the point of this article could have been easily made with another book reference.

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audrey ruth

January 31, 2013  3:46am

"Sarah, Could you not have talked about benefits of digital bible without reference to Fifty Shades of Grey?" AMEN. This was my exact thought; the very title of this article is offensive to me. The Lord says that we should not even speak of things which are done in darkness. IMHO, speaking of things like this book is the equivalent, and mentioning the "good Book" in the same sentence is doubly offensive. Please, please, please change the title of this article and do not mention the book in it either. I ask you in Jesus' matchless Name.

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M Adisu

January 30, 2013  4:43pm

Sarah, Could you not have talked about benefits of digital bible without reference to Fifty Shades of Grey? Just wondering.

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