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Frustration. Fatigue. Failure. These emotions overwhelmed me as I stumbled toward the finish line of completing my first ministry term in Bangladesh in 1967.

And exactly what did I have to report to our friends and churches—faithful supporters ...

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Salaam Corniche

March 10, 2013  4:56am

Madam Lewis: Unfortunately you have conflated multiple categories. Regarding the Biblical view of Rome, see the Apocalypse where John addresses those who have gotten far to cozy with the whore of Babylon, i.e. Rome, and have made theological justifications for this compromise, i.e. the Nicolatians. He calls such to "come out of her." If they are insiders they are such due to compromise. He also addresses those who are living in paralyzed fear due to Rome's aggressions. He calls them to be overcomers who will get a prize. Due to your pre-commitmnets you have looked for insiders and voila you found one in Polycarp. This is sheer historical revisionism. Might I ask you to read the excellent and very recent thesis of Wonjoo Hwang A CRITICAL EVALUATION OF THE INSIDER MOVEMENT AS A CONTEXTUALIZATION MODEL AMONG MUSLIMS 2012 Southwestern Baptist Seminary? It is a challenging read and is very thorough in his analysis. He also examines how insider movment proponents like yourself make far too hasty jumps of analogy between Judaism and Islam. Let me know if you read it. Shalom.

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rebecca lewis

February 13, 2013  1:30am

How Much Roman Context Is Too Much for the Gospel? A concern about "insider movements" is the ongoing identification with Islamic communities by Muslims who have faith in Christ alone for salvation on the Last Day. The early Jewish believers identified with an anti-Christ Judaism---a unique case. So Paul retained his Jewish affiliations, but why did he also retain his Roman citizenship? Before the ministry of Christ, Augustus Caesar declared the Roman Emperor to be a god. Hardly a "secular" state, the Roman Empire had a pagan religious hierarchy and identity that remained in place until the time of Constantine. Had Paul told the Romans coming to Christ to reject this affiliation and become Jews, they would have been exempt from the requirement for Roman citizens to "confess Caesar as Lord and sacrifice to him." Polycarp, Roman disciple of John, lived 70 yrs as a Roman "insider" believer-in-Christ before being killed for refusing to do this. The Gospel: yeast in the dough of pagan Rome.

Salaam Corniche

February 04, 2013  7:13am

Mr. Parshall: I just wrote the following to Mr. Travis. May the statement made about the C5 people cause you to weep. Thank you for attempting to set up some checks and balances. Strange that you never mentioned the movie Half-Devil Half Child to your readers, as it was in Bangladesh where your perhaps neutral ideas about innovation were taken to an extreme. Anyway love to hear from you. Here quote from my note: Mr. Travis, I have a question for you. Someone who worked in your area and documented trends in a paper kept confidential due to reasons you are aware of, interviewed an expat who observed the fruit of your C5 labors. What did he say? "If you cut open the heart of a local person, what you find is Islam." How do you live with such an observation of the fruit of your labors? Shalom

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audrey ruth

January 19, 2013  12:00am

The second page of this article shows much evidence of syncretism and contextualization. IMHO, every example cited is "too much", because I believe that is Biblically evident. A monument erected in front of the main mosque at Mecca declares: "There is one (g)od and he has no son". How clear is that? Muslims believe Jesus to be a 'lesser' prophet and Muhammed the greatest prophet of all. Several years ago a missionary whom I know personally traveled to India and presented the Gospel to thousands of people in many cities. In every instance many of them were very willing to add Jesus to their existing pantheon of many gods. The missionary had to explain to them that Jesus is THE way, THE truth, and THE life, that no one comes to God except through Him. ALL must forsake all other gods and related prophets in order to become a new creature in Christ Jesus. God is no respecter of persons.

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robert Boe

January 18, 2013  8:11pm

Martin Luther learned from scripture "if men could come to faith using their rational facilaties their would be no need of the holy spirit." God never promiseed only the finest human articulation of his gospel message will be bring people to faith, If God had most christians might as well not even try to tell any one ,about what jesus has done to win heaven for all people. what God says is his holy word and the telling of it is what bring people to faith/ WHY BECAUSE ITS THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT WORKS through gods message enabling the unwilling to be willing to beleive even when things seem so impossable to be true.. Yet God did not make his grace found only in christ Jesus to be irrisistable,, As jesus reminds us when he said to some jewish leaders "you Always resist the Holy Sprit"

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Ed mac

January 18, 2013  6:22am

No matter how it is said or forwarded Jesus is the center of the Gospel. His saving grace is the key to all presentations of the scripture.

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Arthur Shippee

January 16, 2013  9:36pm

To Eldon Orr: the whole topic is more complex, as Jesus is quoted in the Synoptics using the mysterious Son of Man (perhaps, oddly, the more divine title). But in any case, the NT clearly calls Jesus God: look at Matthew 1, and the phrase Son of David, including the Isaiah citation: they shall call him Emmanuel. "Figurative" is prob. misleading in this context. Mt., John, Heb. at least are quite clear: Jesus is a bi-partite being, as fully divine as fully human, and the Nicene Creed is correct. I would be counted by many as "liberal", yet all this seems plainly descriptive to me.

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Eldon Orr

January 16, 2013  3:30pm

If you think about it without the Christian interpretation, the term "Son of God" is a misunderstanding IN ITSELF! You know how many pagan religions are crawling with "sons of God", most of them "begotten" by degradations of Gods, so Christians should emphasize the FIGURATIVE nature of the term so as to overcome the most apparent meaning "begotten Son of God" conveys. Sons of God in the Bible were never physical offspring of the Most High, but righteous men who reflected the character of the Almighty and worshipped Him accordingly. That is the essence of Jesus (peace be upon him) and the essence of EVERYONE who believes that Jesus is the Christ, Muslims included, according to 1John 5:1 and many other NT passages. Yes, genuine Muslims are all "begotten of God" IF you believe the plain statements of the book of 1John. "Take heed therefore what ye hear: for whoseoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have." Luke8

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