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The late Christian philosopher Arthur Holmes proclaimed confidently that "all truth is God's truth." Holmes's epigram came to mind as I was tallying up our judges' rankings, encountering one surprise after another. Would Christianity ...

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Jim Ricker

December 28, 2012  6:49pm

Hi Howard, Your impression of Douthat may very well be accurate but, interviews and articles are generally speaking (and by design) 'skimmings' and short outlets to make certain points. So, his book may bring far more to the conversation than you may read/hear normally. If you don't wish to buy the book, the library is a good way to find books (ILL maybe). Personally, I'm thinking about the Plantinga book. Although I appreciate and was taught apologetics well, I usually don't purchase apologetics books. Plantinga is a philosophical monster so to speak and is always exceeding my expectations with his writings.

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Howard Pepper

December 28, 2012  4:45pm

I understand fully where "Christianity Today" is theologically/culturally, so on that level the inclusion of a book like "Bad Religion" makes sense. I've not been very tempted to read it because the articles by and interviews with Douthat I HAVE read/heard indicated a serious over-simplification and misunderstanding by him of the broader scope of theology beyond traditional Catholicism and Protestantism which also influence our culture, and not always in detrimental ways, nor are the "bad religion", if he includes things like process theology or other progressive theologies... perhaps he does not.

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