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On a recent trip, I had a conversation with a man who learned I was from Vancouver. He had lived there years earlier, and after asking if a particular music shop was still in the city, he told me a story.

His wife was a piano major at the University ...

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David Mueller

February 26, 2013  11:58am

Dear friends, I think you are mostly missing her point. *We* don't/can't hallow God's name. Jesus does it for us. That is the point of the Incarnation--He does *everything* for us, for in our sinfulness, we can do nothing Good at all. The Prayer itself makes that clear--"Let Your Name be hallowed!" Or to quote someone, "God's name is indeed holy in itself. But we pray in this petition that it may be kept holy among us also." We are praying that He would work His holy name in us. And the beginning of *our* hallowing of His name is Christ for us. He is, after all, the Beginner and Completer/Perfector of *our* faith. Why do we always want to jump immediately to what *we* do "for" God? Re-read your posts, and see who is the grammatical subject of most of your sentences.

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audrey ruth

February 23, 2013  2:13pm

I noticed not long ago that the word "be" in the phrase "Hallowed be thy Name" in the Lord's prayer is italicized in my Bibles; it was not in the original manuscripts. It seems to me that Jesus was saying there is that God's Name IS hallowed. Immediately after that phrase, He said, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." IMHO, this means that He wants us to hallow God's Name on earth as it is hallowed in heaven. As for the scenario from the movie, that is interesting. Re: "In the shadow of the Cross, did Jesus observe all the wrong -- catastrophic and petty -- we'd credit to him?" This reminds me of people insisting that God created them to do something He Himself declared is an abomination and will prevent them from entering heaven. But we know from His Word that this is not true: He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

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February 22, 2013  5:50pm

Dear Ms. Arends: I realize that our positions on things, even spiritual things, that are fundamental to a person that is a Born Again believer, can often be prompted by a particular situation. I certainly would appreciate authors of articles on such matters as that which relates so much to prayer, a key to Christian discipleship and intimacy with God our Father, would go out of their way to tie that article more closely to what prompted it. I realize that you did some of that. But, the way you presented it, it was as if you were saying that your insight was original to you and your prompting event. In 2000 years nearly of Christianity and countless commentary on such topics of hallowing God's name, I remain baffled at your point. We cannot do anything to God. We can give him our heart, our obedience and acts of love and faith. He is sovereign and eternal. Because I take issue with a person choosing to violate God's new covenant with homosexual lifestyle does not disrespect God

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Vic Christian

February 21, 2013  11:52am

Carolyn - I appreciate your article, and agreed with all except of a part of the paragraph where you listed some of the evils supposedly done in the name of Christ. I challenge you to prove that any of those were done by Christ's followers. Yes, we all sin. However - if you measure a Christian by both their beliefs and their fruit I don't think you would find many done by true Christians. However, to look from the opposite viewpoint, many supposed Christians today renounce parts of God's Word, and as in Romans chapter 1, not only do many of the sins but encourage those that have led to God's abondonment of America.

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February 21, 2013  8:02am

I have often thought that our actions won't be godly, until we learn to delight ourselves in the Lord, and worship Him in words as well as in deeds. All too often, I've been in prayer meetings with pastors who spend about 15 seconds in worship to the Lord before going into their shopping list of prayer. The Lord said that He was seeking those who would worship Him in spirit and in truth. We would do well to learn to spend time in worshiping the Lord, getting to KNOW HIM with his various names like SURE FOUNDATION, HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, MY ROCK AND MY DELIVERER, THE ANOINTED ONE, MY REDEEMER, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, etc. When we magnify the Lord, we begin to get God's perspective, and our plans and ideas don't seem so important, and of course, we see that He is big enough and mighty enough to handle anything we have to face. I think time spend in worship enables us to go forth in faith--trusting Him rather than ourselves.

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William David Troughton

February 20, 2013  4:06pm

Thank you for a powerful piece, Caroline. Actions such as you allude to have an impact, and we do bring shame on the Name we are to hallow. We all do it in one way or another, but with America having such a high profile, what happens in the USA has global effect. To whom much is given, of them much is expected. Giving God the supreme place,and his concerns our primary commitment - above our other political theories and loyalties- is a major challenge to us all.

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Samuel Inbaraja S

February 20, 2013  3:57pm

"That's when we'll begin to exchange our cheap instruments of self-interest and power for the costly cross of Christ—the only instrument worthy of our Master's name." Actually this is what should happen at repentance ,at conversion. Because if we don't deny our self and take up our cross , we cannot follow him , we cannot start to follow him without that decision. Because the beginning of discipleship from Jesus's point of view goes like this , "If anyone wants to follow me , let him deny himself ,take up his cross and follow me". So this ought to be the first thing a person shoud decide upon of he/she really wants to in the biblical sense , truly follow Christ. But we teach and are taught to repent and believe and our repentance lacks this aspect of discipleship which was integral to Jesus and his apostles.

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Bert Warden

February 20, 2013  3:32pm

Thanks Carolyn, for leading us to think seriously about the words of the "disciples prayer" which all too often we say by rote without much thought. Hallowed indeed be His Name!

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