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Last week, CT released its editors' picks for the top 10 religion news stories of 2012. CT decided No. 1 was the controversy—and lawsuits—over the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act and its narrow exemption for employer-provided ...

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J Thomas

December 31, 2012  5:03pm

Just as a correction to your article...I am formally educated in Biology and can professionally attest to the fact that so-called 'abortifacients' do indeed produce a chemically-induced abortion. The conception stage has already happened, creating a genetically unique and self-functioning biological entity, and the abortifacients kill the developing child. It's not as grotesque as partial birth abortion where labor is induced, the child's head is exposed, the abortionist stabs the child through the skull with scissors, chops up the child's brain, and then vacuums its brain out before throwing it into a garbage bag to be processed with biological waste...but it is every bit as much of an abortion, killing the growing child when it is at its most vulnerable. There is no reason to qualify the description as being anything other than abortion.

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