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In an era when many thoughtful Christians struggle to adapt their message to a post-Christian world, without selling their doctrinal birthright for the sake of cultural relevance, Timothy Keller has steadfastly maintained that the gospel can bloom in ...

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Carlos Ramirez Trevino

January 09, 2013  4:45pm

If as the article suggests, we view The Church in terms of degrees of cultural influence, appeal to society, and legitimacy as an exclusive organization interested in the acceptance of its special interest, then culture is an indispensable factor in its survivability. However, Hebrews 10 clearly tells us that if it had been possible for God to abolish sin, evil, wickedness, and corruption through the law (culture), then He would have done so. Instead, God had to abolish corruption through the body He prepared (10:5) before the beginning of time (2Tim1:9) to make things eternally incorruptible (1Cor15:50). As important as a pastor's concern is for numbers, it should be present in our minds that our concern should not be for the growth of the congregation. Our focus should be on proclaiming Christ as God incarnate using a body that was prepared for Him when God drew His plan for creation. The purpose of that incarnation was to abolish corruption, sin, decay and save the instrument, man.

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Rick Dalbey

January 08, 2013  9:55pm

Praise the Lord Brent! My son lives in New York so I pray daily for him and New York, praying that the ancient voices of revival (the Fulton street prayer movement, the great awakening) would be heard again on the streets of New York, our nation's first capital.

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Brent Vermillion

January 06, 2013  4:26am

Amazingly, this assumption is that NYC is a hard place and post-christian. While this is partially so it is not congruent with reality if we were to compare it to Madrid, Spain or Paris, France or Brussels, Belgium or almost all of Europe. NYC is certainly not a hard place when compared to the majority of the Muslim nations. Frankly, I believe NYC has become quite an easy place to plant a church. With the immigrants from around the world plus those who migrate from around the US alone added to the massive demographic changes due to gentrification the city has become a much more gospel open place. Tim Keller has been a significant part of the changes that have taken place in NYC as regarding it having become an easy place to plant a church. It used to be terribly difficult. Now it is relatively easy.

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J Thomas

January 04, 2013  5:20pm

To experience true growth in America, it may be necessary for the church to retract and consolidate its message nearer to the scripture. It's not fun to think about, but as the culture becomes increasingly more secularized, it will become more hostile toward Christians because Christians form a large voting bloc that stands in the way of many of their political goals. I'll contend that they'll even create political wedge issues to pit secularists against Christians and foment cultural enmity...its the Alinsky way, and Alinsky rules the day for secularists/progressives. If we continue down this path, the cultural pressure will inevitably cause many luke-warm folks to turn their back on the Gospel and the church. My prayer and hopes are that this cultural pressure would cause the church to grow in response.

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Rick Dalbey

January 04, 2013  2:25pm

Almost all biblical revivals started with healings or the miraculous. From the sermon on the mount, which used healing to gather the crowds, to the 12 sent out, the 70 sent out and the great comission. 3000 were saved in an afternoon after 120 spoke in tongues and prophesied, 5000 were saved after Peter healed the crippled man. The city of Samaria was saved after they saw Philip heal the sick and cast out demons. Peter’s shadow healed the sick, Paul’s handkerchief healed the sick and the church expanded like crazy. I like this revival prayer; “And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. Stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the word of God with boldness.” These are the ways and means by which God brings gospel renewal.

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