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Les Miserables is 2012's most redeeming movie, as voted by Christianity Today's film critics. And depending on your perspective, that's either great news—or just grating. Seems that viewers and reviewers either love or hate the movie, ...

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Ronald Steury

January 20, 2013  12:59pm

Glad to see "The Kid with a Bike" on your list. I hope it will encourage more readers to see it. My wife and I have taken in kids somewhat like the one in this film and the movie had so many things spot on. It left an indelible impression on me, and seemed to impact my 9 year old grandson who saw it with me. But, sadly, you did not include "Monsieur Lazhar" which IMHO was much better than several of the films on your list.

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Ronald Steury

January 20, 2013  12:48pm

Man o' Man, Reg Schofield. Were there any movies in 2012 you liked? Easy to ridicule other peoples choices. Let's see yours? (And if you were "bored" by Lincoln you have no sense of history and greatness.)

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David Thigpen

January 16, 2013  9:44am

Moonrise Kingdom gets lot of cred from Christianity Today. It is primarily because of the redemption factor at the end of the movie (with a church playing a prominent symbolic role). The problem it is a spiritualistic redemption Hollywood style, not very close to true redemption. That being said, Moonrise Kingdom doesn't just tell the story of two young runaways: It romanticizes them. It condones their actions. It suggests that puppy love between two 12-year-olds is as worthy and weighty as any noble cause, any sacred quest. And it suggests that adults who'd dare think differently are old stick-in-the-muds who can and should be ignored and circumvented. With that kind of message in mind, Moonrise Kingdom isn't so much a sadly sweet fable as it is a parental nightmare—one where barely pubescent children run away together, fumbling with each other's bodies as any and all adult voices of reason are drowned out by the coming storm. (Borrowed some from Pluggedin, which I agreed with).

Kimberly Tucker

January 11, 2013  3:41pm

Loved Lincoln, but not Moonrise Kingdom--a matter of taste since my husband really liked Moonrise Kingdom. You missed my now #1 favorite movie--The Intouchables. There is little in that movie that doesn't scream redemptive. I even read the autobiography of one of the main characters and had my husband make a frame for the movie poster as my Christmas present. It's a must see!!

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Karen Fahel

January 11, 2013  3:37pm

Reg, you didn't see the same "Brave" as I did. To be honest, the story really hit home with me and the relationship I had with my mother when I was in my late teens/early 20s. I've watched it twice with my daughters and cried each time. The redemption of BOTH the daughter AND the mother was incredible and refreshing (especially since Disney doesn't have the best "Mom" track record). Oh, and for "Argo" being predictable...hello! It was based on a true story that was all over the news! It wasn't meant to be unpredictable!

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Reg Schofield

January 10, 2013  4:59pm

Sorry but this list is a bit of a laugh . Life of Pi , a new age mess .Lincoln , boring and Lewis was Lewis playing Lincoln , you could see him acting . Looper , dumb .Argo , predictable .The Avengers over either the Hobbit or Dark Knight Rises , right , it was noisy , loud and over rated . Brave was so mediocre and Les Mis , that was painful and for my money , it was the best comedy of the year watching Crowe and Jackman singing to each other. Then you have Moonrise Kingdom , ok I'm lost I guess .

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Norma Spence

January 10, 2013  11:51am

I usually don't comment but I must say something. And I take into coonsideration that there is debate and various belief on what should be acceptable for Christians to view as entertainment and to certainly make sure we aren't spending more time on entertainment than with the things of God. But, Looper is a very offensive movie. I could not get past the first 10 minutes and had to squander my digital rental price. I haven't been exposed to all the movies on the list but of those that I was exposed to I think Looper really shouldn't end up on any believer's list. I was excited about the creativity but didn't expect what I saw. I really hope we all prayerfully choose our entertainment and pray for these talented celebrities.

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Tom Nash

January 10, 2013  1:24am

So the CT critics rated Moonrise Kingdom as the fourth most redeeming movie of 2012? What's CT's definition of redeeming? Is it redeeming when a preteen boy is shown fondling a girl?

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Rory Downey

January 09, 2013  11:32pm

Glaring ommission: Where's "The Hobbit"?!!

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January 09, 2013  4:40pm

I concur with Les Mis! My whole family cried. What a perfect portrayal of Law vs. Grace!!

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Tim Ellens

January 09, 2013  12:13pm

Last I looked a movie had to have a 60% critical approval on Rotten Tomatoes, not 70% as you mention.

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