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James Sire grew up on a ranch near tiny Butte, Nebraska, located on the outer edge of the Sandhills region—a unique hybrid of sand dunes and grasslands occupying nearly one quarter of the state's territory. There he encountered "signals ...

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jay howard

January 23, 2013  9:07am

Back in September 1989 I attended my first cult/apologetics conference in Rockford, IL. Though I have been to many since and even produced my own confernces, I will always believe that the Rockford conference was by far the best. I had read Universe Next Door a few years before 1989 so I was familiar with Dr. Sire's work. I still remember coming into a class room for a workshop and practically running into him as he was leaving after teaching his workshop. After the conference I started to understand what people who go to their first rock concert must feel like because after reading books of some great Christians, I was actually seeing these guys for the first time. People like Wesley Walters, Gleason Archer, James Sire, they were all under one roof. Even Walter Martin was slated to speak but unfortunately he had died in June of that year Though I have yet to hear him in a lecture, I have enjoyed his books.

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