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When I was a swimming instructor, I spent a lot of time trying to get little kids to float. I would tell them to put their ears in the water and their belly buttons out of it, and I'd say, "When I count to two, you won't feel my hands ...

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Annie Oliver

March 23, 2013  3:01am

I have been without work for two full years now. It IS terrifying. And yes, it seems sometimes (make that daily) that those of us in this lonely, lonely boat are faced with the trials of Job - without his steady certainty that we WILL be saved. And that, I think, is what the author is trying to get across: that somehow, even when there is no rent money, no job in sight, no new shoes for the kids when they outgrow the old ones - no bread to eat, as it were - we must, more than ever, REST in the faith that God will provide for us. It is scary, it is hard to explain to others (even to family), but faith holds us together. Our souls, our hearts, must REST nonetheless. As counselors and doctors will tell you, the human body is not designed to endure unrelenting stress. Faith helps us continue on, where all earthly hope is gone. Hope without hope: it's an odd, miraculous thing. It gets me by, daily. The Sabbath refreshes. God bless you all.

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Rob dyson

March 18, 2013  2:31pm

I love how your article starts out, with resting being the key instead of flailing. I don't get the connection with the Sabbath. God specifically said the day was for rest, and I take that literally. When the Israelites didn't receive manna on the 7th day, they already knew they had gathered enough, per instructions, on the previous day. I think 'wilderness' may be a better analogy. There are plenty of wilderness experiences in the bible that had a maturing and refining effect on the individual - Abraham, Moses, Israelites, John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul. I can certainly see unemployment as being a wilderness experience. I can also see the Sabbath as being a reminder to rest in God's provision rather than mans.

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Kelly E McClelland

March 18, 2013  2:14pm

As a Christian Career Coach specializing in ministers and missionaries in career transitions, this is a familiar topic. Yes, even clergy can experience the throes of unemployment and studies show about 1500 or more a month choose to leave ministry. Economic cutbacks in churches and ministries have sidelined many for a time. In his ground-breaking book, STUCK!, Dr. Terry Walling says, "Transitions are what God uses to move us from where we are, to where HE wants us to be!" That is good news and the underlying message is the same as this article. This is a time to trust in the God Who created you, learn more about yourself and how to grow as you remember His hands are there to catch you when you need it most! Good word Susan and timely!

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March 18, 2013  1:03pm

There areas of pain related to this whole issue that the author either omitted due to lack of space or maybe lack of life experience. We have personally discovered that a large part of the Christian Community doesn't know how to deal with the jobless, especially those who are without jobs for an extended period. It almost seems to be an embarrassment to believers when they keep telling you they are praying for you and week after week you have to tell them no job in sight. This doesn't fit their concept of God and His goodness, so after awhile, they stop asking. It is just too spiritually painful for them to deal with. We have already had friends avoid telling us what good things are going on in their lives because they feel guilty. They don't understand that we truly rejoice with them. These past two years have been a real walk of faith - in our area pastors are considered self-employed, so no unemployment insurance. This is not a a walk for the faint-hearted.

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March 13, 2013  3:47pm

I enjoyed this article so much, I am too a swim teacher. I am a Lifeguard instructor, WSI (Swim Instructor) as well as, just a lifeguard. I am unemployed and patiently waiting in faith. God is our Lifeguard who walks on water.

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