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The decision by Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to postpone any change in policy about gay membership was fueled by an "outpouring of feedback." Much of that reaction came from a sector with strength in numbers: the religious groups that comprise ...

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Jim Ricker

February 10, 2013  8:02pm

Steve Skeete made the central point that needs to be the focus of the discussion for those that think the BSA should keep the ban in place (at least for the leaders). Pedophiles are pedophiles, some are heterosexual and some are homosexual. We see this with school teachers (how many times do we see male and female teachers abusing minors in the news?) and in all of life. The orientation doesn't matter when it comes to policy because the policy is made to maintain the safety of the kids no matter what the sexual orientation of the pedophile is. This is also why the "Two-Deep" leadership has been instituted in recent years - in order to help maintain safety and ensure that the Scouts are not alone with ANY leader. What we should NOT do is put people in a position where there is a far greater likelihood of abuse happening when we can avoid it. No one has ever called me a prude but lets be adults here, we should NEVER, KNOWINGLY put people into that position.

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Jim Ricker

February 10, 2013  3:59pm

Hi Audrey, Once, many years ago, the BSA was an organization that was based on the Christian basics but that is no longer the case. The BSA affirms God yes but, the god that one affirms in Scouting is the god of that person's choosing. As a current leader, I've had to explain this to more radical atheists and believers alike over the past 4 years. The oath speaks to the general concept of god, not the god of the Scriptures.

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J Thomas

February 09, 2013  11:15pm

Rick knocked it out of the park.

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Steve Skeete

February 09, 2013  6:45pm

Yes, Kathleen Mch. Imagine, if it is hard for in your words 'heterosexually married, heterosexual Christian male heterosexuals - like Jerry Sandusky' to keep their hands off young boys, how much more difficult it would be for persons with an attraction to boys to begin with. Or don't you think so? You would not want your daughter girl to be led by someone who is attracted to young girls, would you? Why then young boys?

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audrey ruth

February 08, 2013  9:50pm

Kathleen, IMHO, the most important issue here is that of a private organization which was founded on Christian principles (and still retaining them in its oath and moral standard) being bullied to change said principles. Jerry Sandusky's case is not a reason to promote the normalization of homosexuality. ITA with James and Rick (not sure what happened to Tony's comment?). Yes, the acceptance and normalization of pedophilia is already on the agenda. As with other issues, it's not blatant yet, but it will get there. The slippery slope continues, and the frog is pretty much boiled.

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Kathleen Mch

February 08, 2013  8:18pm

The Boy Scouts should retain their ban on gays; the only Scoutmasters allowed should be heterosexually married, heterosexual Christian male heterosexuals. Like Jerry Sandusky.

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James Aist

February 07, 2013  6:14pm

Rick, I agree with you and with Tony; they should have re-affirmed the ban. The facts about homosexuality, biblical morality and pedophilia will not change by May. Not only does the Bible unequivocally condemn homosexual behavior as sin, but there are solid links between homosexuality and pedophilia: 1) pedophiles self-identify as homosexual at 20 times the rate of homosexuals in the general popoulation; and 2) The practice and celebration of consensual sexual involvement of adult homosexual men with young male teens and boys has a history dating back to ancient times. In modern times, this practice is largely represented in America by an organization called the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). This group openly and proudly practices, and lobbies for acceptance of, pedophilia, claiming that they are doing their under-age victims a favor by having sex with them. More at dophilia/

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Rick Dalbey

February 07, 2013  4:43pm

Unless I am mistaken, the Boy Scouts will cave to public pressure and become homosexual inclusive. We will then have open homosexual male leaders, homosexual boys with crushes on other boys that will be vigorously affirmed. Conservative Christians will withdraw support and participation. Christian presence will be nominal or non-existent. With little resistance Boy Scouts will raise the profiles of its gay leaders and scouts, launching educational and awareness campaigns to normalize same sex behavior in scouting. Boy Scouts will become a stronghold of Gay advocacy. We will have gay scouting awareness week...or month and president Obama will feature their representatives onstage in a celebration of equality. Rainbow badges will be introduced. If Lord Baden Powell had an inkling of what would happen he probably would not have launched scouting, don’t you think?

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