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Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop—known for his medical advocacy and his evangelical Christian faith—died today at age 96. This profile, originally published in CT's October 20, 1989, issue, was published shortly after Koop resigned ...

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Sheralee Tonnessen

March 07, 2013  10:06pm

Your ability to present the facts, and let them fall where they may, is commendable. Not only are you a writer that is riveting to the soul to read, you are highly trained and gifted by God. I'm so very glad you introduced me to Dr. Koop.

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audrey ruth

March 03, 2013  7:00pm

"As one Christian lobbyist put it, 'If Koop can announce that smoking by pregnant women endangers fetal health, why could he not also say that abortion by pregnant women is fatal to fetal health?'" Good point. I would love to know how he would have answered that question. Looking back now, more than 23 years later, I do believe that his (no doubt well-intentioned) decisions have surely had unforeseen consequences. I wish there could have been a subsequent interview much more recently, maybe within the last year.

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karen wynn

February 26, 2013  3:57pm

Thank you for this article. Even in death a well lived life offers instruction. thank you again.

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