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Note: This is the latest in a series of articles on ChinaAid's report on persecution in China. Earlier this week, China Source's Brent Fulton and Open Doors's Jan Vermeer countered some of the conclusions of the report, noting that most ...

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audrey ruth

March 03, 2013  5:05pm

The current issue of World magazine gives firsthand accounts of women (and their husbands with them) enduring incomprehensible pain and suffering because of China's persecution of their unborn children who are not their firstborns. One woman is profiled in this issue telling of how she was forced to undergo an abortion at 7 months gestation. She has had severe physical consequences as a result, which continue to this day. There are other horror stories, too. I know this is not exactly persecution of Christians, but it's unimaginably horrific. It seems there's not much a society which is this cold-hearted wouldn't do. Once murder of nascent children in the womb becomes acceptable, the slippery slope becomes very steep indeed. Not only in China, but in America as well.

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Ted Marr

March 01, 2013  11:30pm

Having been doing business in Hangzhou China for 10 years, I totally agree with the two authors. Ted Marr

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Steve Skeete

March 01, 2013  6:28pm

Irrespective of which of our brothers have the true or full story about Christianity in China, three things seem clear. First, that Chinese authority is suspicious of anything that is aligned to, supported by or even seeks to emulate the West in any way. As long as Christianity is regarded as a foreign import of Western origin and derivation, the Chinese government will remain hostile towards it. Secondly, Chinese leaders are wary of anything they cannot control, and protestant House Churches have no intention of being controlled. Thirdly, Communism suffers from a peculiar brand of paranoia which leads it to fear all opposition, criticism or deviation from the party line. Given these three features of life in China it would be impossible for there not to be persecution to a greater or lesser degree and from time to time. Communists, being atheists, have a built-in animus towards faith, but most particularly Christianity which refuses to acknowledge its state-sponsored deities.

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