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It's my own fault, writing a book titled Where Is God When It Hurts? In the more than three decades since publishing it, I've been asked to address the question dozens of times and in daunting circumstances—none more daunting, perhaps, ...

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David Young

April 05, 2013  9:48am

I have been richly blessed by the ministry of Philip Yancey, and I also cringe when I hear some Christian leaders presume to understand the specific causes of mass evils. But, Yancey is wildly wrong to imply that Jesus never offered theories of judgment; no one in the New Testament offers more explicit statements of judgment than does Jesus—on Jerusalem, Capernaum, Korazin, Bethsaida, Rome, and the world, to name a few. American Christians need to cease confusing the God of Scriptures with Oprah or Santa Claus, cease denying that God is a just God, and “behold the goodness and severity of God.” David M. Young Senior Minister North Boulevard Church of Christ Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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March 29, 2013  11:06pm

Wow. Speechless and in awe. Thank you, Mr. Yancey for turning our eyes upon Jesus.

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samuel Shropshire

March 29, 2013  6:50pm

Hey, Phil. I do thank you for your article. Because He lives we, indeed, can face tomorrow--looking beyond death and tragedy to an eternity where war, murder and death are absent. But let us redouble our efforts to limit future gun murders on earth by closing US gun control loopholes and strengthening background checks. While we look to a blessed future of eternal life, may we work to make life better and safer down here.

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Paul Coneff

March 29, 2013  5:50pm

Thank you so much for focusing on the reality of suffering, the difficult questions suffering can raise, along with the necessity of bringing those questions to God - with God giving us HIS WORD as the model for wrestling with Him in prayer. Part of Christ's intentional, willful suffering included losing a family member and co-worker in ministry, John the Baptist, to a brutal senseless murder at the hands of a man trusting in the false form of power. And He did this, as our Suffering Messiah, so He could identify with all those parents in Newtown (and other places, as could His Father), connecting HIS-story to their story. Because Jesus went through this in His own life, trusting in His Father as a Man of grief and sorrows, He has earned the right to earn our trust, so He can fulfill the prophecy where the "Son of righteousness rose with HEALING in His wings," equipping Him to 'heal the broken hearted and set the captives free" (Malachi 4:2; Luke 4:1).

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Christine Thomas

March 29, 2013  5:31pm

Thank you Mr. Yancey. The lump in my throat prevents me from saying more.

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Phil Hills

March 28, 2013  7:12pm

Thanks Phil, for this poignant and deeply meaningful article. I wept at the reference to a parents comfort that her child was safe. I had the same experience after my daughter was in a terrible accident and I had to drive through the night to get to her. I had no cell phone coverage for a while and did not know if she was alive or dead as she was still trapped in the car when I started to drive. The Spirit told me she was safe regardless of the outcome of the evening and I experienced an indescribable peace. Thanks for making Easter so much more meaningful through your wise and beautifully constructed prose.

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