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Editor's note: Warren has announced that his son Matthew on Friday, April 5, 2013, died due to suicide after a long struggle with depression.

Rick Warren is going to the moon. Over ten years ago, the pastor of Saddleback Church in Orange County, ...

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Khalil Mansour

April 13, 2013  1:54pm

Rick says "Working in harmony with mission boards, we selected the 12 cities closest to the 3,400 tribes. For instance, we know that 400 of the unengaged tribes on that list are in Sudan. But there's no place safe in Sudan to actually build, so we're doing a base camp in Amman, Jordan" Who is in this base camp? What is the "mission board?" The people that Rick's group will be working with, presumably Jordanian Christians, are not even reaching out to the 97% majority (Muslim) of their own people. And they are going to somehow get their "message" down to Sudan? What's the message, anyway? I suppose if it works in Southern California it should work all over the world. Good old American entrepreneur strategy. And if you throw enough money around, you will find all sorts of indigenous "leaders" to adopt your vision.

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Freddy Heynssens

April 11, 2013  7:38pm

Hi, pastor Warren , I pray that you receive God's comfort in grieving with your son. To the previous comments, we need to be very carefull not to judge other churches. To judge other churches is immature and it is damaging to our witness to them. I pray for the mission of Saddleback that it will be successful to reach the lost, fulfillng the great comission with the greatest commandment, which is loving God with all our heart ,soul , mind and strenght, and loving our neighbour as ourself. Missions is the heartbeat of God, compassion for the lost, the sick, the oppressed and the orphan. We have the good news and woe to us if we do not share it, like Paul would write. Pastor Warren, may God use you and your church, God bless you richly.

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Pilgrim Progress

April 09, 2013  11:55pm

Catholicism is only 1800 years old. It is NOT Early Christian. It's roots are in Politics and warmongering. It has no foundation in Christ, his Disciples, Scripture, or Paul's ministry. Did you think Peter dressed in Red Satin, had limousines, liquor and little boys? Catholicism's ONLY major accomplishment is repression, political intrigue, mayhem, murder, and, oh yes; producing and protecting centuries of Child Molesters, while becoming the richest Crime Sydicate on the planet. OF COURSE they "are still going strong." They do it with fear and repression. Feeding people does not Expiate the extermination of millions of souls that Catholicism tortured and murdered, with impunity, even today. "By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them." True then, true now.

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Jim Ricker

April 06, 2013  7:59pm

My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family Rick Warren. May our King bring your peace and grace through His Spirit and those He has placed around you.

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Jennifer Bowers

April 05, 2013  7:58pm

I'm nervous about what he means to do promoting reconciliation among moderate Muslims. People who have tried that in the past usually never get around to sharing the Gospel with their reconciliation partners. Look at the concept of "dialog" which someone came up with years ago. The idea was that we share about our respective faiths and then the other guy will see how much better Christianity is and want to convert -- no confrontation about sin or any of that. It not only didn't work, it's a popular tool among those of liberal theology today, where it is anathema to try to use dialog to convert someone. (I am not saying that we should not build relationships with Muslims. I live in a 95% Muslim country and most of my friends and neighbors are Muslims. But when they want to say, "Our religions are the same," as a non-fundamentalist will do, I hasten to disagree with them).

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David Savage

April 05, 2013  5:12pm

Rick, you have struck gold again. I think you are on track about replenishing the existing and growing the church. The Bible is the basis for this as it is God's way of telling us how to live for Him. People have been told umpteen ways to live, and they all come crashing down, including our own governments, cultures, societies and beliefs. At 71, I am like you, not too tired to go out and do more or do it again. I spent time in China, a real harvest waiting to be reaped. We are doing some new activity in Africa and it needs support, resources (human) and prayers. It all happens because God wills it. He is with us or it would fail, we haven't failed yet although we have explored some rabbit holes only to come out wiser. If you have another a spot for and older Christian, I'd love to be part of what you are doing, and maybe we can join up and march on together. A 78 year old leader of a seminary in Singapore once told me, that when one works for The Lord - He decides when you retire.

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John Holecek

April 05, 2013  4:45pm

Rick Warren may b loathe to use the label "Protestantism,' but labels such as "Christian," "Follower of Jesus" are essentailly contentless unless tied to a particular theology and practice. The reason the Protestant church has so little effect on contemporary culture is that it has been totally co-opted by that culture: divorce and remarriage, artificial means of contraception, small families so couples can have big houses, etc. The only Church that has stood its ground on moral questions is the Catholic Church, 2,000 years old and still going strong. There literally never has been and never will be anything like it. I'm a convert, having formerly been a Protestant missionary. Home at last. As Jackie Gleason used to say, "How sweet it is!"

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