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When Rick Warren arrived at the Faith Angle Forum in Key West, Florida, in May 2005, the megachurch pastor addressed one of the last remaining groups in America that knew almost nothing about him: journalists. In the room were 20 of the most influential ...

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J Thomas

May 04, 2013  6:19am

JG, our God is certainly able to direct those who are willing to hear his voice to come away from humanism, but we need to be realistic about the state of the media. They are all-in with progressivism and humanism. They have categorized American Christianity as a backward thing of the past needing to be expunged from the public forum and ultimately marginalized to the fringes of society where it can be criminalized in some ways (see gay marriage, etc). Even this website, which aims its content at American Christians, regularly advocates progressive causes. When people not only ignore but work against the will of God (like those in the media are doing today), then they put themselves in a tenuous position. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer the immediate and the long-term consequences along with them. The laissez-faire attitude of some Christians about these issues is a type of laziness and/or fear of of being outcast. Well, we already are outcasts. Stand with God.

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Pop Seal

May 01, 2013  10:18am

When I came to Christ in 1970 (vet' of two Vietnam tours) my biggest challenge was my pride and the misconceptions of Christianity that surrounded me. Fortunately, I had a pastor who directed me to Biblical rather than pop culture concepts of religion. A short 15 years later, I caught on. He really is alive and would express Himself through those that are available to His gracious activity. I am reminded almost daily that the 'religious' landmines remain in place.

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May 01, 2013  9:13am

I prefer HM's view to JT's. Our God is bigger than humanism.

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J Thomas

April 30, 2013  9:23am

We can reach out to journalists all we want to, but they have to be willing to reach back. Lets face it, they are "bitter clingers" to a willful ignorance about Christianity and prefer to use the strawmen they dredge from their own ignorance to beat us over the head with in the course of their staunch advocacy of humanism. While I appreciate the efforts, I see dead ends down those roads until the culture changes at universities to where there is less derision of Christianity in college classrooms.

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Howard Miller

April 30, 2013  7:08am

It was good to read this profile which portrays a less politicized faith in the face of incredible evangelical politicization over the past 25 years. As a pastor I read this article with thankfulness that journalists can be exposed to a more authentic view of evangelical life. However, also as a pastor, I wondered if there is a way to bring a depoliticized message of the gospel to the people. My sense is that evangelicals on the right are more formed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh than they are by a consistent submission to the gospels. At this point it is not obvious to me that a gentler, more humble walk that values dialog and servant-hood will win the day in the pews.

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Cherwyn Ambuter

April 30, 2013  6:53am

Thank God for Michael Cromartie and his efforts to reach out to journalists to present a fuller picture of Christians! As "little Christs," we show the world in real-time what our Lord is like. When the world sees us through the lens of articles written by journalists, this MATTERS. We must present a winsome picture of Jesus while sharing the undiluted truth of the Gospel. For the press to see, meet, and listen to Christians who are thoughtful and reflective is really big. Our reputation isn't what counts; Christ's reputation is. He has already done a superb job on His own to build up His reputation among men. However, what we do, what we say, and how we say it and how these things are reflected in the press are all extremely important to the ongoing openness of hearts to Him.

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