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The Sunday after President Obama delivered his second inaugural address, my pastor preached on Luke 4:14–21, the story of Jesus' reading from the Isaiah scroll in his hometown synagogue. After reading about God anointing a prophet to preach ...

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Elizabeth Williams

June 26, 2013  12:14pm

I would have loved to been in Jesus' hometown synagogue to hear Jesus' reading the Word, when He is the Word! He gave His inaugural address in just a few words, yet so powerful! Jesus read and quoted so much from the Old Testament.

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Linda Ashworth

May 29, 2013  9:52am

I teach a career competencies class at Northwestern College. I have used Jesus' "Elevator Speech" for years now as I begin the module on creating an elevator speech. It helps the students see the importance of having a clear statement about themselves that reflects the authority that comes from God. It also helps them think more deeply about themselves and make sure that what they say is TRUE and MEANINGFUL. Thank you for your article.

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William D. Taylor, WEA Mission Commission

May 21, 2013  1:49pm

David, so well written. Another way to look at the Luke passage is consider it our Lord's own "Great Commission". Integral mission, Gospel centered, compassion and justice saturated, transformational discipleship. And when he gives the "final" commissions at the end of the Gospels and Acts 1, they understand them in the context of Luke 4 plus the three years that Jesus modeled what ministry would look like. I still have problems with the "elevator" language, but what can you do if you spend so much of your life in the global south?

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