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We live in an age deeply suspicious of institutions. Pastor and performance artist Rob Bell spoke for many of his peers when he asked pastors at Duke Divinity School in 2010, "Do you ever feel like you signed up for a revolution [when you went into ...

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Martin Jacobs

July 11, 2013  9:46pm

"The modern bureaucratic organization is relatively new." I suggest the author look up the adjective "Byzantine".

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Patrick Johnson

July 11, 2013  12:09pm

This is a terrific and balanced look at the role of institutions in shaping culture. In my job I work with churches from all walks of life and I see both extremes - the "free-wheeling movement-type" churches and the "too-institutionalized" churches. The key is leadership - having the wisdom to lead in a balanced fashion without making the senior leader the superstar. Churches like Sun Valley Community Church in AZ, Perimeter Church in GA and Antioch Community Church in TX come to mind as great examples of churches that lead this balance well. Thanks Andy for your insights.

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