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The Bible miniseries has been one of cable television's top performers of the year, averaging more than 11 million viewers per episode. That success has sparked both enthusiasm and skepticism among Christian media watchers.

Jonathan Bock, whose ...

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Alexey Shumay

May 18, 2013  6:58am

just wait and see when they make Buddha or Krishna movie , or something about Koran(Muhamed) !!!!

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John Hale

May 17, 2013  10:19pm

Like Mr. Warden, I couldn't finish the series because of its many (and unnecessary) inconsistencies with Scripture, although I made it to the first episode or 2 about Christ. An example was showing Herod killing John the Baptist as a political threat, rather than for the real reason of fulfilling a rash vow made in the heat of lust for a dancing girl.

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Bert Warden

May 13, 2013  9:05pm

I must admit that I watched only the first episode. That was enough. For anyone who knows the Bible fairly well there was too much liberty taken with the Holy text. Parts were left out misquoted or misapplied. I had not desire to see any more. That the film has made some sort of hit with the viewing public is almost a sure sign that its teachings do not impinge of the "rights" of men and women to live as they please and not be "bossed around" by anyone, especially a Holy God who insists that there is such a thing as right and wrong.

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DR JOHN Dettoni

May 13, 2013  8:04pm

Talking heads and written quotes from "experts" are no substitute for well designed, executed sociological-media research. Why not ask a randomly select group from all ages from 12 on up if they watched and how many episodes and for how long each time. Much better than speculation as to whether or not The Bible will produce more films. As far as I know, speculation is not reporting, it is guessing from some biased position.

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