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Audrey Assad was in her early 20s when her parents told her they were considering divorce. An hour later she was at a sound check for a church worship service. Be happy, she was told. Smile!

"They wanted us to be bright-eyed. To smile and be perky," ...

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audrey ruth

July 14, 2013  5:37am

I'm not familiar with Audrey Assad's music, but I like her name. :) I've spent years in music ministry, and I absolutely believe we have to be real, not unnaturally perky. Real joy doesn't depend on outward circumstances anyway, and Jesus said, "Blessed are those who mourn." We know "The joy of the Lord is our strength", and He strengthens us with true joy in the worst imaginable circumstances, as He did Job, Paul and Silas, and Habakkuk (his conclusion in chapter 3 is one of my favorite passages in the whole Bible). Laura Story's husband, like Audrey's, went through severe physical circumstances not long after they married for quite some time (I'm not sure if that's over yet), but when I had the wonderful opportunity to hear her in concert, she expressed true joy in the midst of it all -- her song "Blessings" is very, very moving. He was there too, as a witness. I find it interesting that both Assad and Story have a connection to Chris Tomlin.

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george mendonca

July 10, 2013  3:29pm

I have loved Audrey Assad since I first heard her on Chris Tomlin's Christmas album. I think one of the things I loved most about her music was was how authentic it was. So many Christian artists have to fit their music inside this made for CCM box that it all starts to sound the same and it becomes banal. I hope she will find much success going on her own, I will certainly be listening.

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Vic Christian

July 10, 2013  7:42am

Two points - First - I don't see anything mentioning Audrey Assad's fait - other than the church of which she is a member. Second - what does her music have to do with the scriptures? I guess I may missing the main point as to why CT is bringing this up - certainly not for edification or worthwhile news - please help me understand.

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July 09, 2013  12:54pm

Thank God for the Audrey Assad's in the Body of Christ! Anyone who has ever read the Psalms knows that all sacred music is not "happy clappy" praise songs. In fact, the story of salvation as revealed in Scripture is often downright frightening! Yes, the plan of God wins in the end, but the journey to the New Jerusalem is fraught with heartache, disappointment, tragedy, and a host of other less-than-pleasant experiences--and the music Christians sing along the journey needs to reflect all of these aspects. It's no wonder that African-American gospel has often been referred to as the only true gospel music of this era of the Christian church. It was borne out of a dark, horrible chapter of Western history. Of course, knowing that the ultimate destination was heaven gave the writers hope; nevertheless, the songs acknowledged that this life has its share of soaring highs and and abysmal lows: a lesson today's Christian songwriters would do well to remember.

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