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Just before her tenure ended as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton fainted in her home and suffered a concussion. Unlike in 2009, when she fractured her elbow and returned to work days later, Clinton remained in the hospital for weeks. Her ...

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audrey ruth

August 23, 2013  12:55am

Beautiful, Jen! I am simply astounded at the depth of wisdom in your article here. IMHO, this sentence captures the truth of your article: "When we rest, we remember our limited role as creatures." What a powerful statement. It reminds me of Jesus' invitation to "Come unto Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The Bible says He IS our rest. What a glorious salvation!

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Crab Grass

August 18, 2013  3:43pm

Regarding the editorial's headline, "Working Women - How far will women—and all of us—go to prove we're in control?," I never see headlines that ask "Working MEN - How far will men - and all of us - go to prove we're in control?" Why are men not asked these questions? The fact that a lot of Christians and some right wingers (I am right wing, too, but don't always agree with them on every issue) have to editorialize this, or try to shame or guilt women from trying to achieve in life or career, or shame them from not staying constrained to only being a 'wife and mother' speaks volumes, and what it's speaking is not altogether favorable.

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Kathi Vande Guchte

August 17, 2013  12:46pm

A good point about the Sabbath and work...but isn't cooking a big dinner for the family also work? It used to be that households made the Sabbath meals the day prior so there wouldn't be any work to be done on that day. This is something I've thought of, even as a single person. I admit that I do work on the Sabbath, even in the yard. Then there is the belief that running, swimming, and having too much fun on the Sabbath is wrong...I can see how Christians swing too far either way on the pendulum.

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Becky Fingerle

August 17, 2013  8:40am

Successful women have many of the same pressures as men, but there is an additional pressure to succeed for the sake of the women coming up behind us. I was the first female partner in my CPA firm and I really felt like if I cut back, I would endanger the opportunities for younger women. I have heard other women in my profession say the same thing.

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still learning

July 11, 2013  9:48am

1 Timothy 5:14-15 Titus 2:3-5

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