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When I was 17, I was in a car crash that would change the course of my life. It brought me to nothing, and then God made me new.

It was July 5, 1995, and I was throwing a party at my parents' house. After years of anxiety and depression, a recent ...

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robert Boe

August 09, 2013  6:52pm

take what Casey wrote in the best possible way.. don't trust the dust !!! Trust Gods word and you will be filled to the brim with Gods goodness in Christ..

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Kelly Fisher

August 08, 2013  8:33pm

I had the honor of meeting & hearing Casey share his testimony when my son was in middle school. The impact his story had on my son (and many of his friends) was deep. The reality of drinking and driving can be harsh. His message still resonates with my son (who is now in college). He has shared Casey’s story with several of his friends who are living a lifestyle full of depression & drinking. And, I’m wondering if it occurred to anyone that the reason more details about his friend and the family weren’t included in this article is out of respect for their privacy and/or because this is NOT about the details of a crime. It’s about the redemptive love of Christ. Joni – I too am embarrassed at some of the comments here. These types of comments are the reason so many believers are hesitant to share their own stories – knowing that there are fellow believers out there waiting to find fault with the “problems” – rather than rejoicing together and celebrating God's grace.

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John Sherrill

August 06, 2013  4:58pm

Joan, I'd encourage you to grab Casey's book. That way you can read his story instead of the article about his story. His testimony, & his life work, is a living example of the manifest grace of God through the past 18 yrs. Steve and Le Tigre, wow. really? Your comments are the reason I remembered I couldn't stand blogs or 'anonymous onscreen experts', for that matter. It's only because of Casey's article that I even read this. I've known Casey a long time. You have NO idea what he has walked through emotionally, spiritually, mentally, & physically. I don't even know what he endured in the immediate aftermath of this horrific story, but since I've known him-I've watched him, heard him, and have seen his heart on full display in how he has dealt with and continues to deal with this story. It is only by the grace of God for any of us. Casey admits to his darkest hours and exposes them to the light of Jesus, so to help others rather than sit in judgment over people and condemn.

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Dallas Taras

August 06, 2013  4:42pm

I've heard the story in it's entirety and I would encourage you all to read his book 'Tragedy to Truth' that goes into full depth about the tragedy. Given the fact that we know entire life stories cannot be shared in a limited format like this we should be even more careful to guard our assumptions (me included). If we hold to the sovereignty of God in all things (even earthly justice) then we can see the orchestration of things that led to the salvation and outcome. How many lives were potentially saved by allowing Casey to speak to students about the potential outcomes of such things. Grace was displayed through the friend's parents in forgiving him soon after and wanting Casey just to see the forgiveness of Christ. Were they too soon to forgive? True forgiveness from Christ or individuals is not conditioned on the level of earthly justice or level of "anguish". If we were honest, even our repentance needs repenting of b/c it is not perfect. Praise God for the gospel.

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Joni Byrd

August 05, 2013  12:24pm

Hi, Casey. I want to thank you for your honesty and humility. As I read your depiction of your years in church, it made me wonder how many other people are dealing with the same kinds of struggles behind their exterior smiles? It made me want to look deeper than the surface when I encounter young men and women who may be in their own internal battles just to keep moving forward every day. I am embarrassed by the responses to your article. Please, fellow Christians--PLEASE--examine yourselves. Constructive feedback is one thing; tearing down a brother in Christ is unacceptable. 2 Corinthians 13:5, "Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. Test yourselves. Surely you know that Jesus Christ is among you; if not, you have failed the test of genuine faith." Do you truly believe Jesus would say to Casey, "Oh, you found brokenness too soon. Sorry. Try again later when you have wallowed in devastation long enough to satisfy My sense of justice"? He does not.

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Joan T

August 04, 2013  1:32pm

This is a difficult article to digest, perhaps because of the limited word count, or the way the piece was written. Indeed, none of us can walk in your shoes and live with the knowledge of taking a friend's life. I'm sure this is an ongoing battle. I wish the piece would have focused more on that end. From a reader's perspective -- at least this reader's perspective -- you skimmed over the horror of the act and its aftermath. Indeed, I imagine many lives were changed from that one decision and yet that fact seemed diminished. Honestly, the testimony came off as self absorbed... I believe due to the limited word count coupled with your writing style, and perhaps the distance you have with the event. I would have appreciated hearing specifically how God's grace manifested through your processing the last 18 years. Possible in 1,500 words? Not sure. Maybe the story and the work God has done in your life is not best served in this format

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Casey Cease

August 04, 2013  12:06am

Thomas - I am donating the royalties from the book to the education of pastors in Kenya and to a school in the slums of Limuru, Kenya with a ministry called Christ-like Kenya. You can read more about it here:

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E Cow

August 03, 2013  11:40pm

I appreciate that you're willing to expose yourself to man's judgement in order to spread this message about God's grace.

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Casey Cease

August 03, 2013  10:16am

Thank you all for your feedback and concern. For the sake of this article, the focus was the grace of Jesus Christ offering forgiveness of sin and the promise of making people new (2 Corinthians 5:17) in 1500 words or less. This tragedy happened in 1995 in the State of Texas and due to several factors, including the decision of my friend's parents, I was placed on Deferred Adjudication for a State Jail Felony (4th Degree) for Negligent Homicide. This was prior to the Zero Tolerance law that was passed in the state a few years later. While on the 5 year probation, if I had any slip ups, I would be sentenced to 2-10 years in the State Jail. There were years of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), much counseling, deep guilt, but God in His kindness has brought healing over the past 18 years. I assure you, the reason I am so grateful for the grace of God through Jesus Christ is because of the hell I found myself in. He rescued me.

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steve bastasch

August 02, 2013  9:41pm

I can only add my agreement to the outrage of this guy finding forgiveness without first going through the Hell of full acknowledgment of stupidly taking his friend's life. "Jesus the Savior" seems to have entered way too soon, before the recriminations of remorse for having taken an innocent life began. Did they begin? If so, how long did they last? From the article, it seems as if the author convinced himself of Jesus' saving love in a hurry, without even attempting to absorb the horror and own up to the destruction of lives for which he was responsible. His "Jesus" seems far too easily acquired.

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Le Tigre

August 02, 2013  7:31pm

Wow...5 years probation...I'm with Jeff Scott...the legal system should have made enough of an impression on this guy that he would have mentioned the deceased friend as something more than the inspiration for a book! Forgiveness is always an easier subject to the one who is to blame than to those who bear the severest effect of that person's sin. He took a life...he didn't destroy a fire hydrant. What is his relationship with the family of the deceased friend? And...does he still have a driver's permit?

Jeff Scott

August 02, 2013  9:13am

In would have been tried as an adult for Vehicular Homicide and given a jail term most likely exceeding 10 years. How does the victim's family feel about the individual getting Probation for what is considered Murder up here in Canada? Grace and the presence and awareness of the Lord is one thing....but what about Justice? The article speaks a lot about the author's relationship with God. What about the Family of the boy he killed? What do they feel? I'm feeling very unsettled about the tone of this article......

Crab Grass

August 02, 2013  1:19am

@ Le Tigre. The guy who wrote the article said at the end, "Because of Jesus, I learned to face the consequences of killing my friend—which included five years of probation and community service—with courage."

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Le Tigre

August 01, 2013  2:56pm

No legal penalties for driving drunk & killing someone?

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