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There are plenty of books describing the rapid growth of African churches. Those who can't travel to witness this growth firsthand, though, can find it difficult to grasp. But now we have a set of impressive films: James Ault's new series, ...

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Velma Mitchell

October 01, 2013  4:32pm

To Konstantine Michailidis: Hallelujah!

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Konstantine Michailidis

September 25, 2013  7:46pm

I can't wait to see these DVD's!. It may give a good counter-balance to Dr John MacArthur's recent conference where he questioned whether the Christianity in Africa is real Christianity. Dr Michael Brown wrote an excellent article in Charisma magazine in May this year in answer to some of their concerns that evangelicals have about the charismatic/pentecostal excesses and how the enculturation is debasing the gospel. I just love the idea of Presbyterians casting out demons! Almost as much as I like what Dr Brown reported that the pentecostal/charismatics are having to curb some of the excesses in the mainline churches. God wins!

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