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During his three years as president of Regent University, Carlos Campo never walked away from controversy. He spoke out frequently about immigration reform, the lack of civil dialogue between Christians and the LGBT community, and his passion for ...

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audrey ruth

September 24, 2013  6:21am

Sarah, your comments are a breath of fresh air to me! Yes indeed, anyone (even a Christian) who speaks out about the modern American holocaust of abortion is often chided and condemned as "ignoring" other issues - and the implication is that those other issues are more important. However, the Lord is very clear in His Word that this is not so. Hitler's holocaust cost the lives of 6 million people, and the world was rightly horrified at his deeds, condemned him and his cohorts. Yet our own country has killed 10 TIMES MORE innocent children, and the nation as a whole (even the church) looks the other way, pretending not to see. As for T. D. Jakes, he has "brought Hollywood to the church" - I read that headline today, in reference to his MegaFests which feature Jesus-denying and Gospel-denying celebrities. He proposes to solve serious culture issues without honoring Jesus, yet he is a church pastor??? How much better it would be to bring the reality of Jesus to Hollywood!

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September 22, 2013  10:31pm

I am saddened that nowhere in this interview did Dr. Campo mention the Church! Without the connection with the Church, and without the Church setting the agenda and boundaries for Regent, it will just be another entrepenueral enterprise of Pat Robertson. Dr. Robertson's "ministry" over the past decades has been very divisive to the Church, which is certainly not Christ's command. While the internal politics of Regent may make for sexy headlines and salacious intrigue, the fact is that Regent is not about the Church, for the Church or by the Church. As such it is not worthy of my attention, and I confess that I have already placed way too much energy into analyzing this article. There are more important things to do, like construct the Liturgy of the Eucharist with the Sacrament of Baptism for a newborn member of our Lutheran congregation. May God bless Regent U and place her into the service of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!

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sarah farrar

September 20, 2013  8:22pm

Tim : I know many, many Christians who simply do not care about the abortion issue. They consistently voted for Obama and other Pro Choice candidates whose stand on abortion is in the extreme. They "say" they're opposed to abortion but do nothing to stop it.....calling it a "Johnny One Note" issue (Hal). To me, that's like saying anyone in Nazi Germany who spoke out against the holocaust probably was considered a bit of a bore and a Johnny One Note citizen who needed to shut up and concentrate on something else. The deception within the Church on this matter is mind boggling. But then, we ARE living at the end of the age so what can we expect?

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September 20, 2013  5:30pm

Mr. Nickels: Very well stated. I have a very difficult time taking "Johnny One Note" Christians seriously.

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Tim Nickels

September 20, 2013  6:13am

@sarah If you never hear anything about abortion, then I don't know where you're listening. I can't imagine anyone in America doesn't know the Church's view on the subject. I'd imagine it's not in this article because it's not a subject of controversy - Regent, Robertson and Campo all agree. He doesn't talk about the love of God, the Trinity, atonement or Heaven either. I'd think these are all more important subjects for the Church to talk about than abortion (again). But this is an interview not a sermon.

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sarah farrar

September 20, 2013  3:04am

Immigration reform. I'm cool with that. "Reaching out" to the LGBT leaders---I suppose so. T.D. Jakes on board. Sure, why not? The thing that never ceases to amaze me these days is that we never hear anything--at all-- about a subject that must matter to God's heart above all else. Abortion. The issue has faded from the Church's conscience. Infanticide in the millions. Not just abortion but infanticide----late term abortion, Born Alive abortion---we just do not care. LGBT, Immigration...whatever is the hot topic of the moment; whatever the culture deems momentarily important ...the PC culture transcends legalized murder. The Culture has invaded the Church, not the other way around. The Culture leads the Church by the nose with spineless Christians afraid of being mocked or ridiculed. Blows my mind.

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