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Just seven years ago, if someone had told me that I'd be writing for Christianity Today magazine about how I came to believe in God, I would have laughed out loud. If there was one thing in which I was completely secure, it was that I would never ...

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January 19, 2014  4:41pm

Thanks Kristen for sharing your personal life story which I read with huge enjoyment. Our PCA pastor Scott Brown told the congregation your story today & I looked up your article here to read the full extent of the testimony. I found a lot of resonance in your story with my own encounter with Christ in real life. I was raised in a legalistic religious environment with no personal encountering with the true God. In my teens I fell away for demand of evidence and effects of poor witness from people who identified themselves as religious. Later in my college years some of my close friends challenged me with belief in Christ to a relationship. As an iNtuitive Thinker type, all I needed to do was to seek the Truth, whatever that might be. I did encounter Jesus too in a vision, in broad daylight and the experience turned my world upside down and from that point on. I work in the space comm sector. Being a highly educated man in science only makes me appreciate God's science even more. PTL

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audrey ruth

December 21, 2013  5:34pm

Jeyachandran Karunakaran, what a blessing it was to read your testimony! What a powerful story of God's love and power. It's wonderful to meet a brother in Christ who lives so far away. I agree with you that we should always keep ALL of God's Word in mind and not ignore anything He has said. I haven't seen anyone here "throwing stones" at Kirsten. Some have wondered if she still supports unGodly things since she has become a Christian, and I think that's a fair question. Yes, Jesus told the Pharisees to throw the first stone if they had not sinned. He also told the repentant adulteress to go and sin no more.

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Jeyachandran Karunakaran

December 13, 2013  10:06pm

It is absolutely true that Homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God!But so is adultery too! Adultery redefined by Jesus should place most of the "Jesus Loyalists" under the scanner! ( when you look at a woman with lust -YOU HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED THAT ACT!! TERRIBLE!! I find my self in that 'fallen' state many a times!) - Abortion is OUT RIGHT MURDER . NO DOUBT ! BUT JESUS the great ,loving, magnificent and MAGNANIMOUS JUDGE , sets the punishment for ANGER at the same level for a Murderer ! why on earth has He made such SO GROSSLY UN JUSTIFIABLE VERDICTS? ' I presume that it only to keep our mouths shut and simply Love every one and pray unceasingly that He be revealed through you and me just by THAT AMAZING LOVE THAT SAVED EVEN A WRETCH LIKE ME ! We are to Accept the aberrant thinkers , never to approve of the aberration. The story of the lady caught in the act (John.8 3-11) reveals that when He asks the sinless one to cast the first stone ALL THE ACCUSERS LEFT-NOW?!!!

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Jeyachandran Karunakaran

December 13, 2013  9:33pm

Great news from a news caster! I am an Indian living in India miles away from you all, but I can not but marvel , how the Blood of Jesus unites us while the waters of oceans might separate us! I have crossed 70, but can identify with Kirsten in an instant- surrounded by umpteen faiths, I just could not digest that Jesus was the Only way, until I challenged Him straight and was humbled by His love and unable to escape from His all pursuing love IN SPITE of many of my short comings!! He has time and again endorsed the idea of not to be bound to ' living by rules' but to never to 'loose the relationship' and just let Him rule- then He sets the 'rules' that is always centered around harmonious relationship with every one that we encounter. I find it ssssoooo strange that many 'republicans' are so 'estranged'! The two masters Christ mentions is clearly that of God our creator (Master) and Money( the Material) - When Christ accepts some one what if even the whole world rejects us!!

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audrey ruth

December 08, 2013  5:37am

J G, I'm not a fan of Fox News, but the Obama-worshiping "mainstream" media is the worst Faux News of all.

Terry Anderson

December 04, 2013  5:28pm

After reading the article I have to say that she sure found religion. Now even Jesus himself called the religious crowd whited Sepulchers full of dead men's bones. In her testimony she talked a lot about experience and feelings, but never once about how she realized that she was a sinner who deserved to go to hell and repented and confessed her sin by praying unto Jesus and asking him to forgive her sins all the while believing that Jesus is God who through the virgin birth came to earth and was crucified on the cross for the sins of the world and risen from the tomb to give eternal life. Another thing is suspect if she still thinks that homosexuality is acceptable which is an abomination to God, and only late term abortion is wrong which abortion is murder, and that marriage is just a religious institution instead of the fact that God himself instituted for all mankind and not have any conviction of the Holy Spirit saying these political views are totally against God and the Bible.

David E Beebe

December 04, 2013  12:18am

WOW, what a great story! The Lord can use this lady to bring others to Him. Praise God!

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Greg Smith

December 03, 2013  10:33pm

And Audrey Ruth hits another homer. I always liked Kirsten and thought she was one of the saner Dems around, but I never saw anything that looked like of biblical fruits of salvation. Nothing would thrill me more. Time will tell, though six years IS a little while. Audrey's right ya know. A cool story does not make for a transformed life which is the evidence of being brought from death in sin to the holy risen Christ by itself. She will be in my prayers. I pray that the Lord HAS begun a good work in her that He will indeed bring to completion in the day of Christ Jesus. I always ask myself: "if this were just somebody in the neighborhood and not a celebrity, what would I think of their fruit?"

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Jonathan B

December 03, 2013  12:53pm

Thank you Kirsten for your testimony! This shows how much He truly loves us and does not want to let anyone go. He is truly amazing in every way. I'm so happy for you Kirsten.

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Susan Williams

December 03, 2013  12:05pm

With tears in my eyes, I am always blown away by the King of the Creation and how He alone transforms us! Thanks for the story! God bless you Kirsten for sharing your story.

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audrey ruth

December 02, 2013  10:44pm

Yes, faith in Jesus is about just that - believing in Him. If believing in Him does not change our hearts, minds, and lives, do we really believe in Him? There is a real difference between mental assent and vital faith which transforms our lives from the inside out. The Lord says, "If anyone be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creation. Old things are passed away; behold, all things are new." The Democrat platform does unfortunately defy God at every turn, and Dems even booed God at the DNC last year. If anyone be in Christ Jesus, will he defy His definition of marriage? Will he defy Jesus on His view of children in the womb? Will he defy the Lord's definition of immorality, and His condemnation of it? These are real and valid questions which deserve consideration. I have older relatives who voted Dem for decades. They say they didn't leave the Dems; the Dems left them.

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bill kaufmann

December 02, 2013  8:32pm

Kirsten, welcome to the "Family of God". So thankful you've accepted His Gift of Salvation, His Son, Jesus Christ. We Born Again Christians are not perfect....just forgiven :) Proud of you for writing the article and I'm sure you will encounter both positive & negative feedback.....Just stay close to HIM.

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Brent Bridgeman

December 02, 2013  3:03pm

I guess my definition being a Christian would have to come from Jesus' mouth. I think John 3:16 might do. The only verb in there is "believes". I don't see "vote for", "don't do", "condemn them", or any other action in that verse whatsoever. There was a sect of Judaism a couple of thousand years ago that added a bunch of restrictions and rules to God's Word and were more concerned about how people acted than Whom they worshiped. Jesus tended to castigate them with invective descriptions such as vipers. And, of course there are "professing Christians" (although for the life of me, I can't see the advantage there), but it is not up to you, me, or any other person to try to make that judgement. We can judge a person's words by scripture, but the minute you claim you know their heart because of those words, you claim divinity.

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Robert Delp

December 02, 2013  3:01pm

Welcome Home, Kirsten. I congratulate you on having to the courage to stand up and proclaim your faith in spite of the peer pressure you must feel. When can we get started in expanding your understanding of economics and related human behavior?

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James Shearon

December 02, 2013  1:07pm

I find it interesting that Democrats can believe they are truely Christians. How can you support a political platform that promotes abortion (murder) and homsexuality and same sex marriage? God created marriage and defined it as being between one man and one woman. The Bible calls homosexuality an abomonation. I believe during the DNC they even tried to remove God from their platform. Sorry Kirsten. Your definition of Christianity does not line up with the Bible. As my pastor has said you can't be a sold out Christian and be a democrat. It's an oxymoron.

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Anthony Theodore

December 02, 2013  10:58am

Kirsten, many of us have similar stories about finding Jesus. My friend went away on a business trip for several months. This guy was a "hell raiser". While he was gone he met a woman in her 70's. She invited him for dinner, and being polite, he accepted. She preached to him that night, and for some reason he agreed to meet her again. He met her many times over the trip. One night, he agreed to eat dinner with her but felt too sick to show. He called her, but she told him if he came over she "had something for him that might make him feel well again." During dinner, she laid hands on him and healed him (his words.) He told me about this experience when he got back; and if it had been ANYONE ELSE who would have told me this, I would not have believed it. Instead, I listened to my friend introduce me to Jesus and the Bible. I prayed my prayer of salvation with her on the phone. That was 1985. Jesus has worked many miracles in my life since then. Praise God.

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Stephen Pekera

December 02, 2013  10:57am

Welcome Home Kirsten. Keep asking, seeking and knocking and Jesus will continue to reveal himself to you. God Bless.

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Richard Michael

December 02, 2013  7:28am

Err, sad to see a number of Americans on here putting politics before faith. We are citizens of an eternal Kingdom first and I can assure you there will be no Republican / Democrat separation in heaven, so how about growing up and praising God for a wonderful testimony and call of God on this lady's life. Great testimony. Thank you.

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John Gentile

December 02, 2013  7:17am

Welcome home, Kirsten.

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Karl Woods

December 02, 2013  1:39am

Great article! Kirsten, you have the makings of a best selling book. Expand this testimony to about 300 to 400 pages, and imagine the joy of pushing Bill O'Reilly out of the Number One spot on the bestseller list like Charles K did! Your whole story can easily be several hundred pages long, for example: Tell us more about when Jesus came to you and said, “Here I am.” Those three words are in the Bible at Revelation 3:20: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.” That has to be a whole chapter or more—please, describe all of your feelings. Did you get back with you Christian boyfriend? How do you parents, family, and friends feel today? Tell us more about how the “Hound of Heaven” pursued you and caught you! (“Hound of Heaven”—Shakespeare could not have beaten your imagery or written that better!) Details, details, and more details. Finally, imagine how your journey can impact others on all sides of the aisle. Thank you.

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Gregory Davies

December 01, 2013  9:10pm

What a wonderful testimony. I've followed Kirsten on Fox News for years and she has been the rare "liberal" that I enjoy listening to. She always seems thoughtful and sincere, not ideologically blind. Now I understand her much better and I admire her even more. And in response to Ron Nance's comment, you need not say more. God takes us just the way we are and He will change us in His way and time. We can trust the Holy Spirit to do His job. You who are without sin...well, you know the rest.

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Raphael Napolitano

December 01, 2013  9:10pm

As a conservative Christian, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kirsten being interviewed on Media Buzz this morning on FoxNews. I have always felt there was something "different" about her, but wasn't sure what it was. She seems open-minded on Fox...she doesn't 'throw bombs' like a lot of others. During the interview she said that she wishes she had a nickel for every time a Christian has asked her, "How can you be a Christian AND be a Democrat?" I must admit, a part of me wants to give her 5 cents. But I'm not here to criticize. Heaven is rejoicing because Kirsten is united with Christ. God bless her...and her boyfriend, for sharing the truth with her, and NOT giving up. To God be the glory!

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Alan Hale

December 01, 2013  9:00pm

What an inspiring account of belief in Jesus! I felt the joy of the Lord repeatedly as I read it. Here is part of a song inspired in part by MediaBuzz today, with thanks to Kirsten for her testimony: Stand Firm and You Will Win Life “Stand firm and you will win life.” Jesus was talking about eternity He was telling His followers of things that were to come He said that some of them would be betrayed by family and friends But He was telling them the truth and giving them words of wisdom CHORUS “Stand firm and you will win life.” These are the words of Jesus Christ These are some of the words our Savior spoke to His disciples These words are Jesus Christ our Lord’s We need to engrave them on our hearts Words of the Son of God that we read in our Bibles BRIDGE Eternity with God in heaven Has to be the highest of our goals God made us and He will save us Because Jesus died to save our souls Thanks again, Kirsten! Please refer to Luke 21 for the whole story. ENJOY!

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scott downey

December 01, 2013  6:24pm

Reminds me a great deal of C.S. Lewis' conversion from a militant atheism recounted in his book "Surprised by Joy". "the steady, unrelenting approach of Him whom I so earnestly desired not to meet. That which I greatly feared had at last come upon me. In the Trinity Term of 1929 I gave in, and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps, that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England. I did not then see what is now the most shining and obvious thing; the Divine humility which will accept a convert even on such terms. The Prodigal Son at least walked home on his own feet. But who can duly adore that Love which will open the high gates to a prodigal who is brought in kicking, struggling, resentful, and darting his eyes in every direction for a chance of escape? The hardness of God is kinder than the softness of men, and His compulsion is our liberation."

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Herb Maxey

December 01, 2013  5:34pm

Kirsten, praise God for your salvation! You are a very well known person and your testimony will effect many people. Your experience with Jesus was special. I pray that you exhibit the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and your witness will remain strong.

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Ron Nance

December 01, 2013  5:24pm

I wish it were true but she said she's got saved 7 years ago. There's absolutely NO way you can reconcile being a liberal democrat with being a Christian. That party is so diabolical and demon controlled, Christians can't be apart of it and walk in the spirit. God is the light, satan is the darkness democrats love abortion and gay marriage. Need I say more?

Karen Stone

December 01, 2013  5:08pm

Kirsten: I enjoyed reading your article and believe it took a lot of courage for you to write this given the current climate when it comes to Christianity. I came across this quote recently in a novel I read and thought I would share it with you as I think it is appropriate for those who want to belittle persons who chose to believe in God. “Pity the fool who thinks the boundaries of his mortal mind are the boundaries of God the Almighty.” From the book “The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi”.

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December 01, 2013  5:02pm

Nowhere does Scripture authorize civil government, Andrew Mole, to give anybody healthcare. And if Scripture does not authorize a given activity then civil government may not do and fund that activity. Not authorized = may not do. Doing things your way has bankrupted civil governments all across our country where they are TRILLIONS of $$$ in debt. John Lofton, Recovering Republican Director,The God And Government Project 14250654693?fref=ts

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John Webber

December 01, 2013  4:57pm

Kirsten, welcome to our Christian community. There are not many Democrats here; but trust me there are many liberals. First among them was Jesus himself. He always reached out to poor, the harlots and the hated tax collectors. He himself encouraged paying taxes, "pay Cesar's things to Cesar" you're in a family of love and there are many among us with a liberal heart. So know that your liberal loving heart is welcomed here too! ~ Peace

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Emmie O'Neill

December 01, 2013  3:40pm

Thank you for such a wonderful article, Kirsten! I have to admit that of all the FNC contributors whose politics I don't always agree with, you're my favorite. I deeply respect your views, and I have been very drawn to your calm and honest demeanor for quite some time. You always seem to have that "something" that I could never quite put my finger on. Now I know why. (Yes, I'm one of THOSE Christians who couldn't imagine a liberal Democrat could also be an evangelical Christian - sorry.) Isn't God wonderful? There are so many beautiful flowers in His garden, and we are still so small that we can only see the ones that look like "us". Thank you for reminding me to stop being so blind. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. It made my day.

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Norrin Radd

December 01, 2013  11:18am

This is great to hear. I have very little political common ground with Kirsten, but I appreciate her honesty and objectivity on FNC. I'm glad to see she's part of the Family.

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Lee Ann Jahns

December 01, 2013  11:11am

All walks with Christ start somewhere and must continue to grow. Many conversions come with emotional as well as mental anguish. That she was able to overcome this is a testament to her passion for Truth. I find her comment that one of her initial fears was that Christians would try to make her a Republican very telling. I'm very glad she has opened her world to see that Christianity is so much larger inside than it looks outside. I very rarely make reading recommendations because everyones experience and understanding is different, with one exception. I recommend to all persons, Christian or not, Love and Responsibility by Karol Wojtyla.

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Andrew Mole

December 01, 2013  8:54am

Great article. - - @John Lofton "We must pray that she comes to understand the true, Godly purpose of civil government which is, basically, to be a terror to evil people but not to give health, education, or welfare to anybody." I have just read the passage you quoted and there is no sense of government being limited to "holding terror" "for those who do wrong". You may disagree with her about health care, but there is nothing in scripture that prevents government from providing it. However, there is plenty that prevents Christians from supporting war, and I would have thought that torture was not permissible either...

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Andrew Mole

December 01, 2013  8:39am

@ Frank Keefe "Tell me Jeff didnt you know that the previous ArchBishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams believed the resurrection WAS spiritual not physical he also wasnt sure about the virgin birth." You should never forget that Rowan Williams is an academic, and as such his comments should rarely be taken for what they first appear to be. If you take a look at the following link you will find that he does indeed believe in the virgin birth. Unfortunately there are quite a number of ministers who do not. I don't think that Rowan would actually approve. He only thinks that it is OK to not be sure when you start identifying with the church, but he seems quite clear that it is something he has "committed to as part of what [he's] inherited". He goes much further than this though... virgin.mary.affirms.williams/15723.htm

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audrey ruth

December 01, 2013  3:18am

The Christian life is indeed a relationship to the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord. The key question is, What Jesus are we talking about? In 2 Cor. 11:1-4, Paul speaking by the inspiration (literally: "in-breathing") of the Holy Spirit expresses his grave concern for people in Corinth who he said believed in "another Jesus", "a different spirit", even "a different gospel". THE only Jesus who can save people from sin and grant eternal life is THE Jesus who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, overcame the devil, died on the Cross and rose from the dead, thus sealing the victory for all who put their trust in Him. Any other "Jesus" is a pale imitation who cannot save, heal, deliver, or restore anyone, period. I don't know Kristen Powers' heart; God does. I pray she will continue in God's Word. Those who do so will know the truth, and the truth will set them free. (John 8) I pray she will no longer be conformed to this world, but be transformed by God's Word. (Rom. 12)

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Dan Bailey

November 30, 2013  11:16pm

I think this is an awesome story of God's pursuit of us! The Hound of Heaven is a great visual. We are all on a journey of God revealing more truth to us over time and as we can handle it. I think Kristen Powers has incredible courage to share her story. And she did it in such an engaging way! Love it! God is good, kind and gracious to his children. Blessings to you Kristen!

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Frank Keefe

November 29, 2013  6:44pm

Im amazed at some on here who criticise other Christian posters who point out that though its wonderful that someone should accept Jesus as their Saviour yet as they go on with their walk with Christ there are fundamental truths WE ALL have to adhere to otherwise we might as well ignore the words of Jesus the disciples and Paul. Tell me Jeff didnt you know that the previous ArchBishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams believed the resurrection WAS spiritual not physical he also wasnt sure about the virgin birth. Ive seen many vicars in their dog collars on tv having more in common with atheists on the panel than the born again Christian.You are naive if you believe there aren't "professing "Christians who reject many of the fundamental truths of the bible.Kirsten Powers has been a Christian for a few years and I think its right for other Christians to ask where she stands and any other Christian on gay marriage abortion etc.....why you and others get so het up about it seems a puzzle to me

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November 29, 2013  1:34pm

Praise God for her salvation! Still, I see her advocating many programs having to do with things God does not authorize civil government to do (Romans 13:1-7). We must pray that she comes to understand the true, Godly purpose of civil government which is, basically, to be a terror to evil people but not to give health, education, or welfare to anybody. That is the role of God's people, the Christian Church. John Lofton, Recovering Republican Director,The God And Government Project 14250654693?fref=ts

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Ken Davis

November 29, 2013  11:54am

This is my first and last comment! I was thrilled with Kirsten's honest account of her conversion and then deeply saddened by the anger and mean spirited nature of so many of these comments. No wonder it takes people so long to know come to Christ. Thank you Kristen, for your brave and honest telling of the account of your journey and thank you Christianity Today for continuing to report the power of Christ's redeeming grace in the midst of the complex and frustrating world views challenging Christianity today. I must confess that my spirit is better served never reading the comments again. I thrive on stimulating debate, but somehow what exists in many of these comments quickly descends into the darkness that once paralyzed me. It makes my eyes cross and I lose sight of the joy that Christ brought to my life in the first place. God Bless you Kristen Keep up the good work CT Ken Davis

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Jeff VanEtten

November 29, 2013  9:15am

Ooops Tom, I'm sorry I didn't emphasize the words "THROUGH JESUS" in my statement! I don't know any Christians that believe Jesus didn't rise from the dead, or he that wasn't sinless, or that he didn't preach good news. Maybe there are some, I just don't know any! Happy holidays!

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Frank Keefe

November 29, 2013  5:52am

Jeff Someone who at the start of their Christian journey when they accept Jesus as their Saviour is the most essential thing BUT you just CANNOT ignore doctrine especially the fundamental truths such as the Virgin birth His sinless life Jesus as part of the Godhead etc.. other doctrines eg the Rapture baptism by immersion the inerrancy of the bible will always be debated but will not affect the truth of a persons salvation thats all Im saying. Jesus not only preached the Good News to the people who accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour but warned them against falsehoods and deception by the pharisees.Tell me Jeff how would you react to a newly converted Christian who believed Jesus didnt rise from the dead physically but spiritually would you ignore it or show them their error from the bible? The Christian walk is a difficult journey in a secular world and the reason why churches like the Church of England is in decline is because they have watered down Gods Word.

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Jeff VanEtten

November 28, 2013  7:55am

Kirsten, great article!! I only hope many of the people commenting on your article understand that true Christianity is not a religion, rather a relationship with God through Jesus. A religion follows creeds, doctrine, and laws; humans will fail every time. Our Lord freed us from that! He wants a relationship with us and it sounds like you started a walk with Jesus seven years ago. We all need to quit judging each other because every one of us has sin in our life. In 1 John it tells us if we say we don't have sin, we make God out to be a liar. So I hope we stop looking at the speck in our brother/sister's eye and start encouraging each other to grow!

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November 27, 2013  5:13pm

First, Kirsten, thank you for sharing this wonderful account. I have not read all the comments. I got so far with them and began to feel revulsion and embarrassment as a result of reading some of the comments. Please, people, let the Holy Spirit work. Back off trying to make her into your image. To Brent Bridgeman, thank you for a breath of fresh air in this conversation.

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Jan Lazo-Davis

November 27, 2013  4:59pm

Kristen, for years I've prayed for God to make Himself known to you. I've followed your career on Fox, listened to your intelligent comments, and believed that you are an incredibly talented woman. May God continue to bless your life, your relationships, and your ministry for God.

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Frank Keefe

November 26, 2013  5:25pm

Im afraid there will always be this problem of being truly born again if you are into the political mainstream.You will be confronted by those things Tom Nash mentions eg abortion gay marriage homosexuality etc and will in the end be a choice of her serving God or Mammon.Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery like the baying mob that surrounded her BUT did tell her to go and sin NO MORE in other words leave that profession which is the sin of the flesh.Kirsten Powers has confessed with her mouth that she accepts Jesus as her Saviour are we then the baying mob calling for her head because of her political views re,abortion etc. If she is truly converted then I know she will heed the words of Jesus and go sin no more leaving behind what she once believed was freedom of choice when in fact they were contrary to the will of God.

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A Patriot

November 26, 2013  11:31am

I wonder if those revelations will prompt Kirsten to drop her support for secular humanist beliefs.

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Brent Bridgeman

November 26, 2013  10:23am

The terms "professing Christian" and "genuine Christian" always irk me. It's not up to us to try to discern what is in a person's heart, we are absolutely incapable. That is up to God. Faith in Christ's finished work on the cross is what "makes" one a Christian. Nothing more, nothing less. One can have non-biblical political views and still be a member of God's family. Salvation isn't based on our understanding of how we should apply our faith, that is discipleship and is a maturing process. If we start looking at our fellow Christians and try to decipher whether or not they are "really" a Christian, we are doing exactly what the enemy would like. That is how the Pharisees operated, being concerned with ritual and action, but not with having a heart for God. If we distract ourselves by looking at the backs of the heads in the pews in front of us, then we aren't looking at the One who should be the focus of our lives.

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Tom Nash

November 24, 2013  10:55pm

Hello, Tony Hargrove. Just thought I'd ask about Powers' beliefs, since I didn't notice anyone else on this site asking. My tendency is to question prevailing opinion, right or wrong. I would imagine that Kirsten Powers is a genuine Christian (for seven years?). Perhaps celebrity Christians should go into hiding for the first few years after their conversion, so they can get established in Biblical truth and make needed changes from the error of their old life. Let's say a professing Christian, celebrity or not, ten years after conversion, continues to believe that abortion is okay and a gay lifestyle is okay. Is that faith for real? Are they really ambassadors for Christ? I'm not picking on Kirsten Powers, and I really don't know what she believes. Rather, I'm critical of a compromised evangelical church that too easily disregards Biblical truth.

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Tony Hargrove

November 24, 2013  9:12pm

A great article, but specifically I comment to Tom Nash. We have the freedom to comment here and ask questions, however, what if when you find her "specific" beliefs, if they don't jive with yours, will you then believe she's not really a "Christian" Christian??? Abortion, homosexuality, a high of religious experience? To carefully enlighten you, did you forget these: "Does she gossip, murmur, complain; does she tithe, etc. etc." Give her some time to embrace truth or not. I think of those times of true conversion when we try to be the Holy Spirit and rush folks to change . . . perhaps to make us feel more comfortable. Many years ago a witch went to a church to curse it and the preacher, but came to know Jesus . . . a great miracle of conversion. But she continued a while in drugs, prostitution, while the members loved her out of it. Gradually, a cleansed vessel emerged. I hope Kirsten does not fix her eyes on religion or a set of does and don'ts . . . but on Jesus. TH

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Tom Nash

November 24, 2013  5:34pm

Just curious about Kirsten's specific beliefs. Is she an advocate for abortion? Does she believe homosexual lifestyles are okay? Is her faith simply based on "the high" of religious experience, or has she embraced Biblical truth? I don't watch Fox News, so those of you who do can perhaps enlighten me about her positions on the above issues.

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Jim Kaufer

November 24, 2013  2:42pm

OK, I know this was written over a month ago so there's no way Kirsten would be looking at these comments, but I have been impressed with her since she first started appearing on FOX because its not often you hear an open minded Liberal who is actually thoughtful and kind ~ she is both ~ and that led me to a term that I made up for myself, because, as a Conservative, I try to be as well (not all) but many are too, and that term is an OMC *Open Minded Conservative* to which my Lib friends laugh because they don't believe there is such a thing. I have a weekly webcast I do with some friends and that's what I always strive for. ****Now, for the article she wrote here? .......... I'll just go ahead and admit it ~ my eye's were welling up as I read it ~ not sure why ~ they just were. I knew there was something about her, and that's it. Big ups to Kirsten Powers and much continued success ahead :)

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Van PastorMan

November 24, 2013  12:47pm

I am being dead serious when I say this. I have noticed a difference in Kirsten Powers,and it was before I read this article. So the Holy Spirit is alive and well in my sister. Welcome to the Family of God Kirsten. And just think, you've got a right wing conservative as one of your spiritual brothers. I'll make you a deal. You claim me and I will claim you. Does anybody know if Bob Bekel is a believer?

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LARRY L Thomas

November 23, 2013  12:25pm

Dear Ms. Powers, It was such a blessing to read of your coming to know the Lord in your article. Please continue attending your church, get involved in a small group for discipleship, and may I be so bold as to suggest that you find a group doing The Truth Project and join them. This is done by Focus on the Family, written and presented by Dr. Del Thacket and it will change your life. May God bless you and keep you!

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Nathan Garmatz

November 23, 2013  11:41am

Dear Ms. Powers, Thank you for sharing your experience. It makes me very happy and hopeful for others to hear it. I find you remarkably well spoken and well reasoned when I watch you in debate-style programs. You have in fact swayed my opinion and opened my own thoughts on more than one occasion. Please surround yourself with Christians who are open minded like yourself and neither entrench yourself in a side nor be swayed by tradition. And continue to read and learn to interpret your Bible, it holds more meaning and guidance than men (or women :-). Your identity will change. Positions held through meaningful and heartfelt experience and conviction ought not change. A Christian need not wear any other label. Welcome and I will pray for you. Sincerely, Me

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Cassandra Douglass

November 23, 2013  6:17am

Kirsten, Thank you so much for sharing your journey to Christ with the world! It is my prayer that those who continue to struggle with the same issues you did, will see themselves in your writings, and begin to 'warm' to the "Good News"! May God continue to provide you with opportunities that honor Him!

Report Abuse

David Alan Gorton

November 23, 2013  5:49am

I watch Fox religiously, [pun intended], and no matter the show format you always hold your own with the heavy hitters in debates! You and O'Reilly knock it out of the park. One thing that struck me was when your boyfriend broke it off, it sounded like the Holy Spirit stepped into the void; things that make you go, mmmmm !/?

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November 22, 2013  11:40am

I loved this and it gives me hope for my son who has asked God to reveal Himself but has seemingly not felt a thing. In God's good time He will, I pray. This article also articulates why I love Tim Keller. He is one of my most favorite authors and pastors -- of of the best of our time in my opinion. Thanks for a great article.

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Howard Pepper

November 21, 2013  4:04pm

A fascinating story of conversion. To me, that need not at all imply coming to eternal salvation, being "saved", etc. As a matter of fact, what would be a wonderful follow-up would be Ms. Powers describing the changes she went through on the conceptual, cognitive level; what her view of the Bible and key theological points of one or another strand of Christianity became and how/why that developed. The article touches only very lightly on that area and it is a crucial one. Dramatic conversion (or other "peak" spiritual) experiences are relatively common, but after decades of my own Xn experience, hearing many such stories and studying related phenomena in fair depth, along with the Bible itself in great depth, etc., I don't see that conversion experiences are usually tied DIRECTLY to the adoption of specific concepts, including that of the atoning death of Christ... Indirectly tied, yes, very often, but not a connection that can say genuine conversion = [any certain set of doctrines].

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Ray Stell

November 21, 2013  12:00pm

Hope and change beyond our wildest dreams. Gotta love the hound! The most encouraging thing I've read in a very long time.

Report Abuse

James Dorman

November 20, 2013  6:07pm

Kirsten - as with many of those who have made comments, I have appreciated the reasoned way you have approached the various issues addressed over the years I have watched you -- and, I am pleased to know the God who loves all became the God of your life. As an evangelical pastor for over 30 years, I cannnot tell you the joy of a new life in Christ always bring to my life. Finally, Tim Keller is a poscast companion of mine over many walks in our Flagstaff forests. What a treasure he is and I know God will continue to use you to His glory in your journalistic pursuits! Happy Thanksgiving!

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James Stevenson

November 20, 2013  4:56pm

Kirsten - I applaud your testimony in this article. I am afraid that I do not watch Fox News or MSNBC for that matter since neither gives me news but instead a political rant fueled by a bizarre misinterpretation of the facts designed to attract gullible viewers. I originate from the UK and we have had to endure the blight of Rupert Murdoch for quite a bit longer than viewers in America. The Sun newspaper and the News of the World sold sex openly and unabashedly. The Sun had a daily nude in its center pages while the News of the World would dig up or make up news of sexual immorality. Let us pray for Murdoch and Fox News and trust that your witness there will bring about a fundamental and Christian change to this person and to the News Corporation organization he represents.

Report Abuse

David Wesley

November 20, 2013  4:04pm

I concur with Jeffrey Snyder. Some time ago as I listened to you debate political topics I began to notice a change. You seemed to listen more closely and be less strident while still holding onto your point. You became more compelling because I felt like I was hearing you and not just a prepackaged sound bite. To some that may make you seem more vulnerable to attack, but to me I made you a stronger debater because you seemed more reasoned and less preachy than your counterparts. Keep following God and he will continue to lead you into wisdom (which is not confined to one party or the other).

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November 20, 2013  2:46pm

I have never been a fan of Fox News nor any of the cable news outlets. But I am a big fan of people who listen and engage in critical thinking. While I would not downplay the nastiness of some Christians, I read and hear a lot of vitriol from atheists. To come out from that circle and embrace Christ is an act of intellectual bravery. Your testimony speaks to all that Christ loves all.

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Nelson Davis

November 11, 2013  10:07pm

Kirsten, I'm a fan of yours. Leading up to the 2008 presidential race, I watched you providing regular commentary, I believe, on MSNBC (or CNN). I thought you had keen, well-reasoned insight on the politics of the moment. Being a reader of a wide diversity of magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc., I later discovered you were in the editorial pages of the New York Post, the newspaper version of Fox. I'll reserve commentary on what I feel about both Murdoch-owned enterprises. I'm glad to see you still provide thoughtful analyses on the political arena, but of most importance, your salvation into the Kingdom.

Report Abuse

Robert Civile

November 11, 2013  5:34pm

Ms. Powers: I have been a Fox News viewer for many years and you were always/are one of my favorite commentators. You always come across as classy, thoughtful, smart, eloquent and patient (the latter attribute especially noteworthy considering O'Reilly and Hannity). Although I shouldn't be shocked at this article, I have to admit, I was. But it makes sense as those attributes are in line with someone who God obviously has big plans for, and who He has touched in His usual mysterious and wonderful way. I am happy for you and please keep up the excellent work. As for party affiliation, based on my reading of the Scriptures, I am fairly confident God is an independent - that's how He stays fair and balanced. Loved "the Hound of Heaven" reference. My mom gave me that to read when I was a young child. God bless.

Report Abuse

Ernie Laubacher

November 11, 2013  12:03pm

Dear Kirsten, Welcome to the family. One the most joyful days for me was reading your compelling journey in finding our Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. I've had you on my prayer list from when you first came onto Fox. Reading this in Christianity Today was for me a tearfully joyous testimony. I'm thankful for your boyfriend, the Keller's and Eric for their witness and for helping you to grow in knowing the Lord. I'm a seventy-eight year old conservative evangelical Christian that accepted Jesus Christ at twenty-five, I was watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV in my den in Los Angeles when I said yes to Jesus that night and never looked back. Kirsten, one of the things I'd like you to be aware of is that now that you have said yes to Jesus, Satan is not happy. He will try and discourage you and to give doubts about your decision. I love your statement the Hound of Heaven has caught you. Amen to that! What has already or will happen is that family, friends and whoever will attack you for this new life in Christ. I'd like to give a couple of verses to support your new belief: Deuteronomy 31:6 (New International Version) 6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." Matthew 28:20 (New International Version) 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." John 10:28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me, God Bless you Kirsten, and I will continue to hold you up in prayer. Your older brother in our Lord Jesus Christ, Ernie

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Jeffrey Snyder

November 10, 2013  3:32pm

Kirsten, I am an avid follower of Fox News and I have defiantly noticed a change in your tone over the pas year-and-half, and while I don't agree with you on most things politically, I am more than delighted that you have found God, he has great plan for you and I pray that God continues to show you the way. Welcome to the family and may god bless you!

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Sally Smith

November 09, 2013  11:04pm

I must be one of the few readers of this website who is not a devoted viewer of FOX News, so I did not know much about you, Kristen, but I so related to your testimony as a fellow Christian, Democrat and journalist. I totally get the "feeling weird" about this Christian thing but at the same time knowing somehow this is the truth. God bless you my sister, and it is great to have you in the Family.

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Ron Kruis

November 09, 2013  10:38am

Kirsten-- I praise God for what He has done in your life. Yours is such an inspirational story.

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Mary McKinney

November 09, 2013  9:20am

Kirsten, you're in great company! C.S. Lewis likened himself to a "Prodigal who is brought in kicking, struggling, and darting his eyes in every direction for a chance to escape." His best friend Tolkien was credited for doing the "dragging"! He was never the same, as you now understand, and it's the most amazing, life-changing, and lasting transformation you will ever be blessed to experience!

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James Hayden

November 09, 2013  1:11am

Kirsten, I'm so glad you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Thank you for writing this article as well I must confess that I was shocked to read this. A person in our "home group" sent out a link to this article because of your writing about "Tim Keller". I clicked the link and up came your picture as the person who wrote the article. I was shocked. Not that the Holy Spirit "Chased" you down and showed you the real love of Christ. Shocked because I've watched you on O'Reilly and can't believe some of the positions you hold. I must admit that I've also thought of you as one of those "Left Wing Loons" Bill talks about. I've wondered if that is why he has you on his show, although you seem sincere. How did you become such a left leaning Liberal? Why are you on Fox? Your views seem like those we would see on MSNBC if we watched it. I've wanted to write Bill and ask him why he has you on his show. You can make me so mad with some of your comments. All this aside, God Bless You!

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November 08, 2013  4:27pm

I really appreciate this article. A few years ago, I was corresponding with a friend who lives in Washington, D.C. and is affiliated with a conservative Christian organization. In one of our exchanges I happened to mention that Kirsten Powers of Fox News is the most intellectually honest liberal out there. This individual agreed with me, paying Kirsten a very nice compliment along the same vein. Kirsten's testimony, in my opinion, helps explain why it is always a pleasure to hear her comment on the current political goings-on. Even though I might disagree with her somewhat utopian perspective on how much good is achievable through political means and the reach of government, I know that her opinions need to be taken seriously. I am delighted that she has risen to be one of Fox's most astute political analysts, and I wish her all the best.

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David Fuchs

November 07, 2013  1:45pm

Kristen when are you going to start that book he was talking about???

Report Abuse

David Fuchs

November 07, 2013  1:41pm

Kristin Thank you so much for your experience and for truy keeping an open mind.. and showing tolerance It is not about a political party nor is it about peer pressure of which candidate to vote for.. Your faith is about a relationship not even a religion For some it comes hard and fast out of no were some it comes slowly over time and then there is the combination like yours of coming to the faith...knowing something is different something is changing but not sue what...that said there is a saying "G-d puts people in your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime. Each person brings you growth in an area G-d needs for you to grow in and each person has a hammer and chisel to break through the rough edges to expose the masterpiece he wants you to be...Thank you for sharing this.. I knew in watching you something was changing and was sure when you and Megan Kelly had an explosive disagreement on her day show. In the back of my head there has been a niggling of something is different

Report Abuse

Mike Woodliff

November 07, 2013  12:34pm

How I wish for a similar experience. I've studied the Bible, attended study groups, gone to church and invited Christ into my life many times. For some reason, I'm being left out. How I wish I could attain the belief and level of peace that so many Christians seem to have. I envy you.

Report Abuse

Joan Safriet

November 07, 2013  7:12am

Kirsten, as a fellow Christ follower, I am thrilled to read your story. Many people have come to faith in Christ, kicking and screaming. It's a beautiful picture of redemption. It took a lot of courage for you to publish your story. I pray that you will get much encouragement from other believers when the problems of life come your way. At times other believers may disappoint you, but Christ will never disappoint. (Romans 5:1-5 NASV) I have admired your honesty as a Fox Contributer and have declared you and Bob Beckle "my favorite liberals" even though I may not agree with you many times. God bless you as you grow in your relationship with our Savior.

Report Abuse

Stephanie Tucker

November 07, 2013  12:46am

Wow Kirsten, I totally relate, but I can't believe it!!!! The girl I used to scream at on Fox News is my sister in Christ! Lol. Welcome to the family of God. He'll transform you into conservatism in no time. Lol.

Report Abuse

Greg Dean

November 06, 2013  7:43pm

Very similar to my experience. I vacillated between atheist and agnostic for 38 years (4+ years go) truly believing I had "all the data" to make an educated decision on the matter. So wrong. I notice the comment above from the Athiest - this is common. Most non-believers have simply not put much serious thought into this. Either that, or the "I don't want people thinking I'm weird" factor holds them back from truly researching the matter. Instead, they stay on a superficial level and repeat sound bytes from those in their microcosm. I pray for them the most. Those I admire: Those who have truly dug into it, looked at all the data, and come to a logical conclusion based on where the facts (yes, facts) have lead them. Those for whom I hurt: Those (both self-labeled "Christians" and non-believers) who have never REALLY done the research. My story: Thanks for the article Kirsten. Very brave.

Report Abuse

Timothy P

November 06, 2013  6:19pm

@jason resh: atheism, anti-theism, agnosticism, gnosticism, call it what you will it stems from nothing more or less than the deadness and hardness of fallen man's heart which only God, the Sovereign, alone can quicken and soften, as it did Kirsten's, CS Lewis's, Stalin's daughter, or a communist rebel born and raised in the rebellion movement amid the hardness of men who kill with no compunction a daily witness to the cruelty of man, but now pastors a small congregation of believers in the very area he operated in as a communist assassin. God is great, and I do not say that in the same spirit as those who shout the same in a different tongue while beheading their enemy. God is great, He is good, and He is sovereign. To Moses He declared I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy, and compassion to whom He will show compassion and to Paul He revealed that He chooses those whom humanity often scorns whether that scorn is because of his/her social position or because of faith found.

Report Abuse

D Wash

November 06, 2013  4:17pm

I always perceived you, Kirsten, as highly intelligent, but also as a woman who was fully distracted with the world and your inside understanding of it. Please forgive me if I was wrong. By your own admission, you are now a member of a community you once thought to be, let's say, not fully informed. I/we are glad you're here Kirsten. I hope that you will remember that each layer of this onion is likely just as naive as the one you recently shucked. And, if you haven't ventured very far into the bible yet, you better strap yourself in. Hurry, please.

Report Abuse

jason resh

November 06, 2013  3:28pm

"Each week, Keller made the case for Christianity. He also made the case against atheism and agnosticism. He expertly exposed the intellectual weaknesses of a purely secular worldview. I came to realize that even if Christianity wasn't the real thing, neither was atheism." I stopped at this part above and skimmed the rest because it seems you have a misconception about what atheism is. Atheism is simply a disbelief in God, nothing more or less. It is not an alternate belief system or religion. Typically, the disbelief results from a lack of evidence. I'm not sure how you drew the link between "if Christianity wasn't the real thing, neither was atheism." It seems your belief in Jesus/Christianity comes from the fact that you had a dream where he spoke to you? If that's the case I could understand why you might believe, but I'm sure you can understand why others would be skeptical of your belief. I cannot verify that Jesus spoke to you...I only have your word to go off of.

Report Abuse

Chuck Harris

November 06, 2013  3:00pm

Great article Kirsten.... I remember back to the summer of 1978 when I dealt with many of the same confusing thoughts and feelings. When I accepted Jesus in August 1978 life made sense. It wasn't perfect but the foundation that God put into place when He formed the world all started making sense. The decision I made change my entire life... Who I dated, my decision to finish my education at a Christian College and who married in 1983.... I encourage you to continue to trust and be strong and God will direct your path.

Report Abuse

Ian McKerracher

November 06, 2013  12:50pm

I still remember, very clearly the episodes in my life that constituted the steps from a complete anti-God state to one of acceptance in the Beloved. 37 years ago but I remember...i remember.

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George Crudo

November 05, 2013  9:17pm

WELCOME Kirsten! I saw the difference in you on TV before ever reading this story.

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Jenni Whitefield

November 05, 2013  7:34pm

Beautiful Kirsten. And, did you know "HERE I AM" is exactly what God says to his true followers in Isaiah 58:9? I have no doubt you heard the voice of Jesus. So thankful for you and your faith!

Report Abuse

Robin Wieland

November 05, 2013  6:17pm

Great article that brought back memories of how God worked in my life to bring me to himself. It doesn't matter who you are and how resistant you are to God, if He wants you you will become His! Wonder if Kirsten ever got back with her boyfriend! The world is in spiritual darkness, and only the grace of God can change a person's heart.

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Ralph Shumaker

November 05, 2013  2:19pm

Welcome, Kirsten!

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Michael Hill

November 05, 2013  2:17pm

What a great article, Kirsten. Becoming a Christian doesn't mean everything will be peaches and cream from now on. It is a daily thing, but it's so great to know we have a God who loves us and cares for us and answers prayer. Don't get discouraged when sometimes the answer to your prayers is "No". People say life is hard and announcing a faith in God doesn't often help, but once you get to a place where you understand getting to the end of our lives is not the end, it's the beginning, things seem to become a little clearer. It was for me. I consider myself a conservative, but I dislike the animosity between political ideologies and feel Christians of my political stance do ourselves more harm than good when we become rigid in our political beliefs and come across as hateful. That's not the way of Christ. I may not understand why "bad things happen to good people", but I don't need to understand just now. It will become clear one day, to me, when my life is finished. God bless you.

Report Abuse

Andy Black

November 05, 2013  2:16pm

Kirsten, thank you for your bravery, for sharing your testimony. I, too, know what it feels like to wonder if I am going crazy. I also recognize the look of, "you must be delusional," because GOD revealed HIMSELF to me 9 1/2 years ago. HE talks to me constantly. HE amazes me. HE directs my path. I've come to realize that the Holy Bible is absolutely true and absolutely accurate. It is the only thing that gets me through this crazy life. And, by the way, if you haven't realized this yet, although this world looks crazy, random and haphazard, it is actually wonderfully, perfectly ordered and planned by HIM. GOD bless you.

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Rodney Wright

November 05, 2013  12:29pm

Thank you for sharing your story. I love how you how your fear is being eliminated as you let the joy Christ brings replace it. When you walk fully in your story and in your faith it will not always be easy (Christ never promised that, just ask Job) but there is a fulfillment and power that comes from the bold and open walking out of our beliefs in our savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you will continue to be bold so others can see what joy and peace we can have knowing there is something better than this world has to offer. May His love and grace abound on you!

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MaryAnnie Hughes

November 05, 2013  11:40am

I appreciate Kirsten sharing her conversion. In her political circles, that took a lot of courage. God uses many venues to draw us to Himself. He mostly speaks thru His Word, the Bible. He may personally appear, as He did to Saul (later Paul), on the road to Damascus. We have to stop trying be God, second guess Him, and put Him in a box. When we allow God to be God and approach Him with an obedient spirit, the result can be surprisingly joyful. May God bless Kirsten and her family. I pray others will come to Christ because of her testimony.

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Jenny Lee

November 05, 2013  11:24am

To Lance Brown- I believe the Lord comes to each of us as we personally need. I don't believe Kristen is following a cult, I believe she has found a person who can speak to her where she is and the Lord has specifically placed her there for His Glory! And you know that as long as you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Instead of preaching to us about Kristen's place of finding Jesus - why aren't you rejoicing with the Angels that she is a Believer in the Salvation of Jesus?!

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Donna Schleif

November 05, 2013  7:37am

I have seen Kirsten on FOX news for a couple of years now. I do not know when her relationship with God began but I have to say I have noticed a difference in her for some time now and am happy to hear that she has developed a relationship with our Creator and Lord Jesus Christ. Always happy to hear of someone's soul being saved.

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Stanley Baldwin

November 05, 2013  5:09am

I cannot tell you how blessed I am by your account, Kirsten. It's moving, self-evidently authentic, and glorifying to God. Redemptive! I apologize for the few nay-sayers who wrote comments to detract from your experience and its fruit. Sadly, there are those Christians who contribute to people having the same negative impressions of Christianity that you had. But let's forget them. Thanks to God. Thanks to your former boyfriend. Thanks to Tim Keller. Thanks for your testimony. My heart is full.

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Lance Brown

November 05, 2013  5:08am

And yes, I know Powers says that she eventually came to real Christianity when Jesus visited her in the night. Well, as I started out saying, I am going to demonstrate my lack of sufficient intellect AND spirituality. Jesus has never visited me and spoken to me like that. So maybe the problem is that I'm not really a Christian. But as I understand the faith, it isn't really about Kellerism. Or Warrenism. Or having spiritual visions. Some people have visions. Great. Some people are really into art and history and philosophy and 18th century French poetry. Super. I don't think that's church.

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Lance Brown

November 05, 2013  5:08am

If the point of church is to find the smartest, most intellectual, best public speaker and then pay him to come up with some amazing sermon that no one has ever heard before, each and every week, then why on earth would we have more than one pastor per language in a given country? Seriously, why have so many? Why not just have the best guy give his "sermon" and then send it out to everyone? Like TED Talks.

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Lance Brown

November 05, 2013  5:07am

I'm going to demonstrate my lack of both spirituality and intellect by saying that this not only doesn't appeal to me but sounds like an awful church: "But then the pastor preached. I was fascinated. I had never heard a pastor talk about the things he did. Tim Keller's sermon was intellectually rigorous, weaving in art and history and philosophy. I decided to come back to hear him again. Soon, hearing Keller speak on Sunday became the highlight of my week. I thought of it as just an interesting lecture—not really church."

Report Abuse

Joe Carraro

November 05, 2013  1:00am

You always sounded like a true Christian to me. You're a beautiful person and I have always admired you for your honesty and intelligence.

Report Abuse

Gregory Weber

November 04, 2013  11:15pm

I have always liked you, even though as a very conservative Baptist and strong conservative thinker and voter, you have made want to pull my hair out with your lame defense of liberal positions. I became a Christian(saved) after graduating from college in 1974. I hope what you have described includes receiving Christ as your savior. A head knowledge of Christ does not save. Repentance and faith is mandatory for salvation.(Acts 20:21) I hope that is what you have tried to describe. I like you more today.

Report Abuse

david taylor

November 04, 2013  11:07pm

The question is what has she placed her faith in. She list people that have influenced her, that do not believe in faith alone in Christ alone, these people are false teachers that promote a false belief system in either emotions or in works by front loading the Gospel or back loading the Gospel with a performance based salvation. The Bible is clear eternal life is by faith, belief, trust in Jesus as the promised Messiah (Christ) and that by placing your faith in Jesus that He is the promised Messiah and by His Life, Death and Resurrection He has the authority to give eternal life to all who will trust in Him for eternal life. The Gospel of John the one book written to tell people how to have eternal life John 20:30, 31 only mentions faith, belief, trust, as the only condition given when a condition is given for a person to have eternal life (salvation from hell) John 6:47 I tell you the solemn truth, the one who believes has eternal life.

Report Abuse

Brian Carley

November 04, 2013  9:53pm

Kirsten, I knew it! Welcome to the church of Jesus Christ, you don't have to become a repub, God picks the leaders and we pray for whoever it is, no matter if we disagree or not, you are right where God wants you, it's amazing when the veil is lifted and you can see for the first time isn't it? Glad to hear this, go convert Washington, just kidding, we don't convert anyone, we just tell the Truth and the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting, see you on the other side on that great day!

Report Abuse

Dennis Finley

November 04, 2013  8:38pm

Kirsten, You're not going crazy! You're going SANE in a crazy world!

Report Abuse

Steve McClaine

November 04, 2013  8:33pm

"When he came to his senses, he said, 'How many of my father's hired men have food to spare, and HERE I AM starving to death!" The great exchange! From one who was spiritually starving to death and coming to the one who said to you "Here I AM" and has food to spare! Luke 15:17 NIV

Report Abuse

Dave Thrush

November 04, 2013  8:12pm

Very similar to my own story...I can relate.

Report Abuse

Carol Burnett

November 04, 2013  7:32pm

This article is very real and moving.....It just shows the power of God and how He loves you enough to chase you to the very end.....This is love to the max. There are many comments here and I know what God has begun in you, He will complete it .... And, the place He will take you will yet surprise you again. You might be not only a new Republican, but a new and better party. (Who is to say when God leads.) You will begin to grow and see things even more differently. I am so happy He caught you and will take you many, many places. I pray for you as you have to face the democrats and the abortion loving folks that think they are doing themselves and God a service. You have many battles ahead of you, but, now you have the King of Kings on your side and who can stand against you? No one. May God keep surprising you and may your walk grow sweeter and sweeter and may you always be ready to give a reason for this new hope that is within you. You are now a winner!!!!

Report Abuse

Linda Newnum

November 04, 2013  6:33pm

Kirsten, I pray continually for God to reveal Himself to my children and daughter-in-law. They refuse to hear anything I have to say about Jesus. Christianity is totally absurd to them. They are (3 of them) atheist. My children grew up to a certain point in church and even professed to be saved and baptized. Now, they don't believe. Please pray that they have the veil removed from their eyes too. I would love for you to talk to them. Maybe hearing from your point of view would do them a world of good!

Report Abuse

Steve Bradshaw

November 04, 2013  5:27pm

A very good testimony. It appears that Kirsten has genuinely experienced our present, living Lord Jesus Christ. How wonderful! Without this Living Person we would be empty and our lives would not have any real meaning. My hope for Kirsten is that she will more and more come to know Jesus as a living Person by having an honest talk (fellowship) with Him everyday, as she continues to read His Word. Just focus on Christ, getting to know and experience Him more. Fellowship with other genuine Christians who also are hungry to know and follow this Christ. Let His Spirit and His Word guide you in everything, not the opinions and persuasive speech of others. Remember He told us His Kingdom is not of this world. As the Ruler of the Kings of the earth, He is far above all politics and human government on this earth. The day is soon coming when He returns with His overcoming believers to destroy the fallen human government and rule with His overcomers on this earth. May we prepare for His soon re

Report Abuse

Kristin Thomas

November 04, 2013  5:05pm

Kirsten, first of all, thanks be to God that you found that path that has lead you HOME to Him. Understand He never left or forsake you, He was always there waiting patiently for you to find your way back to Him and His never ending love for you as our glorious and loving Father. And how wonderful that you have accepted His Son Jesus as your Savior. Understand something that often confuses people though. RELIGION is vastly different than being a TRUE Christian. Anyone can claim to have religion, believe in religion, belong to a religion, whether they have a TRUE and DEEP relationship with Christ and an abiding faith in him and our Father, that is a different story entirely. I hope you continue to seek Him out, and do not allow those on your political side ever discourage you from it. Sadly it is common & I can guarantee that you WILL receive opposition, disbelief and yes even disgust from some of your political friends who do not understand and even FEAR your faith! God Bless!

Report Abuse

Jason Cole

November 04, 2013  4:30pm

While I am so thrilled that you have come to find Joy in your life, it is important you continue to learn and study because after 30 years of study I have come to one very important point. You can not be a Christian and a democrat. Before you go crazy here, this is why. You do not fully understand one or the other. If you did you would see that the vast majority of democrat policies go against the very nature of God. Its not myth its just reality. I'm sorry to be the one to break it down for you but its true. There are just far to many places where those policies don't line up with biblical teaching. I know this will get blasted but if you take some time to be objective and actually dig in you will see I am correct. There are some on the republican side who are just as ugly and misguided in their politics and they have also distorted what Christianity is in their life. The extremists on the right are just as bad as the ones on the left.

Ale Cardenas

November 04, 2013  4:14pm

Very inspiring. This is so true for so many people. I hope more and more people feel identified with Kirsten and how she kept her mind and her heart open to let Jesus come into her life. She will never regret it!

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Laura Salata

November 04, 2013  4:11pm

Kirsten, May God bless you abundantly for being bold and telling your story... I love the honesty. Not only did you glorify God but you did an excellent job of explaining the perspective of someone not interested in religion, in a real way. I doubt I will have the opportunity to meet you on this side of Heaven so I'll look forward to meeting you there. Hanging with Jesus, Laura

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Gail Palladino

November 04, 2013  3:46pm

Dearest Kirsten ~ while I do not agree with your fellowship in the Democratic Party, I have always respected your clarity of thought and open-mindedness, as evidenced on Fox News. I read something not long ago that spoke of your conversion to Christianity and was thrilled. May God continue to bless and use you in His own way.

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Frank Johnson

November 04, 2013  3:39pm

Christians do not believe we can earn our way to God. We believe Jesus knocks on your door, as he did with Kirsten. How else could it be? God's vision is timeless. You cannot earn your way with a God who already knows your whole existence. He choses you. But Kirsten will have a problem being liberal. The Bible teaches we are all born as sinners, but a liberal believes people are good by nature. Liberals believe if a person commits a crime, then rehabilitation is needed to make them good again. For Christians/Conservatives, our sinful nature requires punishment to compel us to obey the law. Capitalism turns good people greedy. Or to the contrary, laws direct our self-interest towards serving others. Good people will not take advantage of aid. Or, sinners will take advantage and need deadlines. Your politics start with your belief in human nature. Kristen will need to reconcile our sinful nature with liberalism, which is at odds with the concept.

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Linda Shoemate

November 04, 2013  3:33pm

Even though my political views are very often different from Kirsten's, I have always liked her and appreciated her willingness to be open-minded to the opinion of others. I am pleased to read of her decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ. Her article is uplifting and encouraging to me and gives me hope for a left-leaning friend of mine.

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Thomas Marshall

November 04, 2013  2:32pm


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William Dale

November 04, 2013  12:34pm

I always respect your views on FOX and the heart you reveal when you express them. I have not heard your Pastor speak but I will make an effort to hear his word. I am in Atlanta and have Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church as my pastor. He is an excellent teacher as well. I will pass on the link to this story. YBIC

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Paul Wyher

November 04, 2013  12:10pm

Having the Spirit of God speak to your heart is something that is very special. Even when you have been brought up in a church and believe the completeness of the experience in Christ can be interrupted dynamically and you can find yourself in an experience on life's path which is terrifying and wonderful at the same time. I am so glad it happened to me. Having my own root of bitterness chopped at by the Spirit of God I have a confidence that I never had before that. I still have challenges in my life, but who doesn't? I love to hear testimonies of people who know they are saved in Jesus Christ. I would love to tell you my story! Paul Christian Wyher

Report Abuse

Paul Wyher

November 04, 2013  12:10pm

Having the Spirit of God speak to your heart is something that is very special. Even when you have been brought up in a church and believe the completeness of the experience in Christ can be interrupted dynamically and you can find yourself in an experience on life's path which is terrifying and wonderful at the same time. I am so glad it happened to me. Having my own root of bitterness chopped at by the Spirit of God I have a confidence that I never had before that. I still have challenges in my life, but who doesn't? I love to hear testimonies of people who know they are saved in Jesus Christ. I would love to tell you my story! Paul Christian Wyher

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Rick P. Scott

November 04, 2013  12:01pm

Acts 16:30,31: And he brought them out and said, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” Luke 15:3-7: So He spoke this parable to them, saying: “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? “And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. “And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’ “I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.

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Tom Hernandez

November 04, 2013  11:35am

Kirsten: I applaud you for going public with your faith! It's never easy; I struggled similarly for years. Like your friend in New York, I was NOT the stereotypical blue state rube portrayed by the media but a highly-educated technical man with degrees from two of the top universities in America who became a Christian at age 30. As you start to view matters from this different lens, you'll find out you are not alone. My alma mater, Stanford, is one case in point. I attend nearly all the football games at home and before each game begins, about 30-35 players, half the team, kneels down in the north end zone for a minute to pray. Other fans call it "doing a Tebow" but I for one know exactly what they are praying for and wouldn't stoop to provide it with such a crass label. Hopefully you can boldly profess your faith in all of your media venues. Perhaps this is God's plan for you! Seek out others in media and ask them about their stories as well. Best wishes & God bless.

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Nancy Lee

November 04, 2013  11:24am

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have many connections with atheists and agnostics from my work in the arts/museum community, and I will remember the question, "Can you be open-minded?" That is a quality that many people who are far from Christ prize . . . and may be an important part of unlocking hearts. I will be praying that your testimony helps other people consider Christ.

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Ron Boto

November 04, 2013  11:12am

Kirsten Power's story just made my day! Praise God.

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David Work

November 04, 2013  11:10am

Atheists lives are not terrible because the deceiver has them right where he wants them. The deceiver does not wage any spiritual battle with them because he has them in his hip pocket. That's why people seem to be happy in socialist countries in which Jesus is not a part of their everyday life. Being a Christian is not easy. The deceiver attacks us all the time. Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same same kind of sufferings. 1 Peter 5:8-9

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Kenson Kuba

November 04, 2013  11:02am

Thank-you for sharing about your life and faith, Kirsten! I am a retired water microbiologist and personally, the Bible is the only Book of faith that makes scientific and historical sense. I am not surprised that you have come home to Christ, because I have always seen in your reporting an integrity that is lacking in so many journalists. Though I did not always agree with your views, I appreciated your lack of dogmatic loyalty to them and your willingness to be fair. Now I have another reason to appreciate your work for you now have the mind of Christ with the spiritual wisdom that comes with it. May God bless you! Will be praying for you, too!

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M Barns

November 04, 2013  10:48am

Praise God! This is very heartening to hear of God working directly in a person's life. I had a similar experience many years ago and continue to walk with God. I pray that many more may experience the love of God and be called out of this present system which is so dominated by evil. I pray also that the reality of Kirsten's faith will touch many around her.

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B Brown

November 04, 2013  10:42am

Jesse, if she says she's a Christian, then she is. The only one who can say she's not is God. But people have noticed from my church, 2500 miles from where she attends, that she is a different person than she was 2 years ago. God is working in her life. The truth is that salvation is a mystery, and that belief in Christ is the only way to salvation, but remember, that God has a myriad of names in the scriptures, and that the name of Jesus is savior, or literally "the one who saves." There will be myriads of people in heaven, both pre and post Christ who will be saved because of the one who saves, whether they knew that actual name or not. The basics of belief are this - "Lord, be merciful to me a sinner." The simple knowledge that one is not God and is in need of help, whether or not one understands who they are praying to, will be the basis that many are in heaven.

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Jesse Tomblin

November 04, 2013  10:32am

As I was attempting to say but ran out of space is .If you believe with your heart ,mind and soul in CHRIST'S actions on the cross and ask him into your heart he will gladly come in and save you. Do not do it without giving him all or nothing will happen if your mind is all the believes it won't save you But if you TRUELY believe then you will be saved. Now once you are saved it does not mean you won't commit a sin it does mean however that GOD won't hold that sin against you. Now to the young Lady if you need more help than what you can find near where you live go to this website for help you can get anytime and where you can get online that is my churches website we also send out CD's of sermons and my pastor and his assistant will answer your questions just leave them on the website. If you ever find yourself in Sinking Spring Ohio on a Sunday morning then stop by OUR little Church it is on Washington Street. Have a GOD blessed day.

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Judy Mercado

November 04, 2013  10:20am

Thannk you very much for this beautiful article. I remember watching you on Fox and I could see a change and I said to my husband, she has had a change of heart. Your story was so honest and inspirational..Thank you so much!!

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c r

November 04, 2013  10:13am

I am a Republican evangelical Christian and a Fox News watcher. Despite whatever disagreements I may have with some of Kirsten's opinions, I have always appreciated her ability to be passionate and steadfast in defending her positions while doing so in a way that is fair and shows no animosity toward those of opposing viewpoints. If all of us could model that same type of approach to discourse in our politics and society, this country would be a much better place. Praise God for Kirsten's beautiful testimony of how she came to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is so re-affirming and encouraging to hear stories such as hers. Thank you for sharing this Kirsten, and God Bless you as you continue to shine as a beautiful bright light in the dark world of American media and politics.

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John Dowell

November 04, 2013  9:54am

Kirsten; Thank you for your story. What happened to your boyfriend and why did his prayers lead him to break up? But whatever, the person that Life brings to be your partner will be quite lucky. Anyone; Why is so much emphasis placed on the man Jesus as opposed to the Principle he revealed with his life, that being Christianity. It seems to me that the Spiritual Truth of Christianity is the savior. Jesus demonstrated that Truth in overcoming every human condition. And he expected us to do the same: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also ... If you love me, keep my commandments." John 14: 12,15. God is perfect and therefore His offspring are perfect. Anything appearing to be contrary to that is an illusion, a dream and it is time we awake and start realizing and demonstrating that Christian fact. And this awakening will be fun.

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tyjack2012 .

November 04, 2013  8:29am

The world says see and then you will believe, God says believe and then you will see.

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Diane Hickle

November 04, 2013  8:28am

Beautiful picture of Kristen. So happy to hear your story and to be able to call you a sister in Christ! Your life will continue to change as God's truth and love are revealed to you!

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November 04, 2013  8:18am

Wow. Your story is truly amazing. I cried reading what struggles you went through and how Jesus made Himself so real to you. I can understand how you felt like you were loosing your mind. There have been times in my life where God spoke to me so profoundly that I felt I could never tell anyone least they think I did loose my mind. But since then I have written my story to share with the world and if they think I have lost it that is ok with me. I had no idea how hated Christians are until recently. Atheist and Non-Christians have very harsh words towards Christians and I am sorry to say maybe we deserve it. Most have never felt loved by us and that is our own fault. I personally have asked God to give me opportunities to show his love to those who don't know him. My heart is broken for them and what I believe they are missing out on. I do think they are happy and don't miss what they haven't known, but I know what Jesus has done for me & I want to share it. God Bless

Report Abuse

F Bobbitt

November 04, 2013  5:27am

You never know where or when you will find God and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. I served 21 years as a Marine infantry officer with more than 3 years in combat. Seeing Marines die was a common sight and regardless of your beliefs, you find yourself hoping he was in a better place. I wasn't particularly religious at the time. I tried to put death out of my mind and just do my job. I had close calls, but that was expected. What wasn't expected were so many close calls that it could no longer be luck. I felt a very real and strange sense that something was watching over me--ever since then. Over the years, I have cheated the Grim Reaper dozens of times when the chance of surviving seemed close to zero. I don't know if everyone has a guardian angel, but I'm living proof that some do--for what purpose I don't know. There are no atheists in foxholes. I'm thankful that my guardian angel guided me to God and Jesus Christ. Kristen, your life will be forever better. I know.

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Dana Galen

November 04, 2013  3:04am

Wow. I've been watching Kirsten on Fox for over 2 years and I knew she was changing and that something great was happening in her life. With all due respect, you used to appear very dull and a rather snarly liberal. But over time my husband and I looked at each other and said, "Kirsten is really changing and becoming less combative". But also, we noticed the transformation in your appearance and a radiance that wasn't there before. You've confirmed my hunch. Jesus changes us over time in ways we sometimes don't notice, but others do. Bless you Kirsten. I can call you my sister in Christ.

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Frank Montenegro

November 03, 2013  11:52pm

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, may the lying lips of the devil be shut tight! And may God forever establish His love and salvation in the heart of Miss Powers…And to the spirit that is at work behind the naysayers on this blog, I say to you, remember that your time is short. You have been defeated by the finished work of Jesus upon the cross. You can rant, you can rail accusations , you can try and cast doubt, and mock. But you are finished. Jesus has overcome. Blessed be the name of The Lord!

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Dennis Brown

November 03, 2013  11:48pm

Thank you so much for this story. I shared it on my Facebook page. Stories of "reluctant converts" are always the best. I pastor a church in Taipei, Taiwan so I was interested in your mention of Taiwan. In some ways my story was somewhat like yours. I came to faith young and in college years wandered from the faith (like many). However, I found out that it was harder to walk away from Jesus than I thought. You could leave Him, but he wouldn't leave you. I too came back--reluctantly. It's hard to imagine life without Jesus, but as you said there is a lot of common grace that allows many non-believers to have somewhat fulfilling lives. Dennis Brown Friendship Church Taipei, Taiwan

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Robert Askew

November 03, 2013  10:30pm

I knew that there was something in your commentaries that I liked but could not put my finger on it until I read about your testimony in Christianity Today. You have so many new friends that only by His grace can such an event take place in your life. The Bible Broadcasting Network has many resources for you to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. I have taken many online courses at their web site. May God bless you and never let the fire go out that you have for Christ.

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Susan Gillespie

November 03, 2013  10:21pm

I love your testimony and I'm so glad to hear your site of the hound of heaven. I do, however, wish that it didn't end with you being the commentator on Fox news. We need more intellectually curious Christians outside of the Christian ghetto - going to Fox is exactly what the world thinks would happen to you. In my opinion, it's not a place where truth-tellers flourish, even as the Democratic commentator.

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Kerry Moody

November 03, 2013  9:37pm

Kristen, Your article is comforting to the faithful, however, my story would be the exact opposite of your story. Raised in a fundamental KJV only home, and part of evangelical churches for the better part of 50 years, I finally took on the responsibility of KNOWING for certain the claims of scripture, and I found every piece of evidence lacking. It was interesting that you attribute much of your walk to a visitation…like Paul, or perhaps Joseph Smith. It seems that no amount of resigning can deter those who have had such an experience, but not everyone with such an experience believes the same things. Why is that? In addition, I was and remain a republican, although I am more of the libertarian stripe and support Chris Christie should he run for President. My politics have shifted with my atheism but I still consider myself a conservative on economic issues, but liberal on the social issues.

Report Abuse

Joel Hoomans

November 03, 2013  9:07pm

Kirsten - I SO appreciate your combination of courage and authenticity in relating your faith journey. I am a former atheist a faculty member at a Christian college (having left one of the Best Companies to work for according to Fortune to teach leadership in a place that would allow me to tastefully integrate my faith). A little over a year ago, after some morning prayer time I felt God prompt me to pray for celebrities, politicians and media personalities....that they would have a personal encounter with God directly (like the Apostle Paul). So the fact that you shared this - though I know your coming to faith was in 2006. It is confirmation to me that I need to keep praying. Your Christ-likeness shows in the way you convey your views...never toxic. I hope the more judgmental and legalistic Christ-followers amongst us don't cause you offense. I applaud you and I want you to know how encouraged I am tonight by what you shared.

Report Abuse

Maureen Young

November 03, 2013  8:33pm

I am so happy for all makes sense now to me. I had not seen you in a while on Fox and then you reappeared and you were different. You actually looked even more attractive..softer and much more comfortable in your own skin. I have always listened to your liberal leanings but yours made more sense than others I had listened to but none the less still to liberal for me. You werent a left winger more of a sensible liberal Dem. However since you have signed back on with Fox your stances at times actually surprised me. I too am a evangelical christian and more of a moderate for sure and reading about your coming out I am so thrilled for you. Its a spiritual journey we all take by ourselves but the clarity of the world around us changes. And it takes alot to give your life up and realize he is in control and always has been. As I have evolved I give it all upto worries, my joy and have peace with everything that happens whether good or bad knowing he loves me and knows me.

Report Abuse

Byrd Brownell

November 03, 2013  8:15pm

I am amused, but understand the "Maybe she can also get converted to Republican" thinking in a prior comment here. I don't agree with this, as I believe that People being converted where they are and staying to influence by Gods direction is a perfectly scriptural idea. The Lord has shown us in scripture and throughout history that He knows how to hijack any system that has it's roots in ignorance and false god cultures with imbedded sold out followers. Why not agree with me (in prayer) that the same grace that converted Ms. Powers shines where she is now? It limits God in us (not in Himself, of course) not to think outside the box. This won't make sense to someone more invested in politics as a solution to our problems, than in a revelation of Jesus showing up in unexpected venues.

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Ramon Baez

November 03, 2013  7:29pm

She first caught my attention when she shamed the libs in the case of the butcher of Philadelphia, the abortionist convicted of the death of a woman who died at his hands, altho not of the death of countless babies, the bodies of some which were found in his abattoir, whether in freezers, jars, or plastic bags throughout the premises: Kermitt Gosnell. She was overwhelmed by what went on there for so many years, and all w the full knowledge of 'authorities', which did nothing to bring sanity to the situation. Yet, at the end of this article, it states she is a Democratic voice on Fox. How can that b? She is aghast at the brutality of the abortions that went on in that Philadelphia clinic, and presumably abortion on demand, yet, she speaks for the party that continues to insist abortion at any step of the 9 month pregnancy is allowable, and yes, I know that supposedly late term abortion is illegal, yet we all know what goes on--go back to the doctor she chronicled in Philadelphia.

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Jack Kremers

November 03, 2013  7:23pm

Thank you, Kirsten. You have my prayers that God continues to bless you and reveal His will to you. Yours is a very real, encouraging, confirming and assuring story.

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Travis Tatum

November 03, 2013  6:52pm

***Thank you for sharing, Kirsten. Your testimony is very encouraging!*** I highly recommend the book, "The Normal Christian Life", by Watchman Nee-a Chinese Christian pastor who has since gone to be with the Lord after suffering for his faith for 20 years in a Chinese prison. His, and his co-worker Witness Lee's, work at large focuses on the believer's experience and enjoyment of Christ for God's expression on the earth-the church(the believers as the Body of Christ and not as a building on the street corner), and that, in reality, it is not a Christian who lives the Christian life, per se, but Christ lives the Christian life in and through the Christian(hence, He is expressed), and is enabled to do so through the believer's enjoyment of Him in their intimate relationship with Him. Therefore, the Christian life is impossible apart from the Lord, but effortless in oneness with Him. I grew up in a Christian home, but never knew the riches these brothers brought out in their ministry.

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Mike Bell

November 03, 2013  6:38pm

Way to go Kirsten! What you have done really takes a lotta guts. And it is people like you, who have a media impact, that are so important, and will keep the fire burning. Nicely written too.

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Anita Mayer

November 03, 2013  6:32pm

What a wonderful thought provoking article...I wish she was a Republican.....maybe she will be converted to that also...I always enjoy her sensible, thoughtful comments....

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Robb Cullinane

November 03, 2013  5:46pm

A man is a Christian, and starts a relationship with a woman, and doesn't inquire if she is a Christian, until a few months into the relationship?

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Duane Florschuetz

November 03, 2013  5:46pm

Even as a retired evangelical pastor, I wrestle with processing life as one knowing Jesus as the living Christ empowering my life. I am not a Christian by recitation (repeat after me) or simply intellectual accent, So I have been so positively impacted by a book by Robert Jensen, a U. of Texas prof and identified as a Christian in the Presbyterian community, "All My Bones Shake" published by Soft Skutt Press, a very personal intellectual journey with his doubts. I am confident that you, Ms. Powers, and many commenters would be stirred by his carefully crafted, in depth, sharing.

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Jane Franks

November 03, 2013  5:41pm

I really like Kirsten. I think she is a thoughtful journalist and political critic. I was thrilled to read of her conversion to Christianity. This takes much courage to take this stand in her profession. I applaud her for doing so. And I pray that God will bless and use her life to His glory. Her story reminds me of that of C. S. Lewis who said he came "kicking and screaming, the most reluctant convert in all of England . . . the hardness of God is kinder than the softness of men, and his compulsion is our liberation." This story of Kirsten's "liberation" will undoubtedly raise eyebrows in some quarters and create great joy in others. I, for one, will be praying for her, and I will be listening to her more closely than ever before. I think we need to put aside labels and listen to the hearts of people, and once more again think deeply about issues that affect us, without bias, but with truth. And that truth comes only from one place if it really is truth. It comes from God.

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Lorrie Bennett

November 03, 2013  5:32pm

Kirsten, your experiences are part of what makes Christianity so powerful. As a child I told God I had no plans for my life so I gave him mine...I felt a powerful wave go thru me and out my hands. Later in life (teens) when it was tough Jesus came and gave me the strength to keep going. Then in my 3rd year of Chiropractic School studying for my 5th final in 2 days and at the point of complete exhaustion, I asked God, "why in hell are you putting me thru this shit.". He answered, "Just do my will and heal". I have never doubted the path of my life or Him again. Normally you cuss at someone they ignore you. His Grace deemed the onery one worth an answer. Thank you for your article. Nice to see He is still at His work no matter where we might be.

Report Abuse

Peg Demetris

November 03, 2013  5:16pm

Kirsten Powers - I have zero doubt that our Lord came to you. He will never let you forget it. The key is, not to stop at the "Encounter". Keep moving forward to Him. There will be many "stumbling blocks" place in your way because that is what the "world" does. Don't stop searching for Him. Especially when you are lead to believe you found Him, until you see Him face to Face once more. He did this to me also. God bless you.

Report Abuse

Bill Zipp

November 03, 2013  4:29pm

Kirsten, thank you for your courage in writing and publishing this article. I love your work on Fox as a honest liberal thinker. Thank you! I urge you to look up Andrew Sobel who has a similar faith story as you and attends Redeemer in NYC. You can contact him online at

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Duane Brightwell

November 03, 2013  3:56pm

I always enjoyed hearing Kirsten respond to those others, when she debated them, because she was always so calm when they were emotional. Now I have a whole new respect for her.

Report Abuse

Larry cox

November 03, 2013  3:50pm

Note to Mario- Sir by your comment about wally it is clear that you are not familiar with how a person becomes a christian, or you would never had said some of the things you did. Please understand that believing or sincerity does not make one a child of God, but only when one see's their condition as lost and having been alienated from god because of their sin Coll. 1:12-14. And realizes that Jesus Christ who is both God and Saviour has paid the penalty for those who will trust and call upon him to be saved. What Wally said was right on, and biblical. Wether Ms. powers did this or not the article does not say, but it is of the utmost importance.

Report Abuse

Mario Goveia

November 03, 2013  3:25pm

Memo to Wally Morris - with all due respect, you need to calm down and avoid being so self-righteous. Here is a woman who has bridged a chasm in her own mind and has discovered Christ on her own - whereas most Christians just grow up Christian and live their lives on auto-pilot. She doesn't need to follow your prescription to prove to you or anyone else what she has come to believe. I'm just happy to welcome her to the fraternity of Christians, and hope she continues down the same path which will lead her away from her knee-jerk political liberalism that has caused untold poverty and oppression wherever it has been used around the world.

Report Abuse

Robyn H

November 03, 2013  3:20pm

Praise God that he pursues us even when we have convinced ourselves we're better off without him. Welcome to the family, dear sister!

Report Abuse

Mario Goveia

November 03, 2013  3:12pm

Kirsten Powers is horribly mistaken about the wonders of statism but she is also one of the few honest liberal journalists in the East Coast Bubble. It was heartening to read that she had discovered Christ - the next step is for her to discover how liberals have oppressed minorities and how free market economic policies help the most people most of the time, and that the nine scariest words in the English language truly are, in the words of the incomparable Ronald Reagan, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help!" I write this as a refugee from a previously statist country that discovered its siren song, changed their policies and their economy is booming as a result. What perturbs me is that statism has followed me here and, in just five years, we are beginning to see what I was trying to warn everyone who would listen what we were in for. Now, to the Christian guy who broke up with her - "Sir, are you out of your mind? Where are you going to find another woman like this?"

Report Abuse

Wally Morris

November 03, 2013  2:53pm

Although interesting, her account of becoming a Christian does not mention any awareness/conviction of personal sin against God, the cross, Jesus dying for her sins, or trusting Christ as her Savior. Without any mention of those fundamental principles, what really happened here?

Report Abuse

Jim Talbot

November 03, 2013  2:47pm

Welcome to the family, Kirsten I recommitted as a Christian at 48, and viewed religion, the Bible, and my faith in a totally different way than as a teenager. The important thing is your personal relationship with God, through Jesus, and the life you lead rather than which branch of Christianity you follow. Congratulations on the ability to express that belief publicly and be true to yourself and God

Report Abuse

Lawrence Waite

November 03, 2013  2:42pm

My conversion was very similar to Kristen's. I felt all new, and instantly recognized that the creation was all God's. Kristen, read Dallas Willard's works. Any of them!!!

Report Abuse

Ron English

November 03, 2013  2:37pm

I have enjoyed and respected Kirsten when I would see her on several of the Fox shows. I have seen her on MSNBC. She not only is a lovely lady, but a reasonable liberal. When I saw she had discovered a new life in Christ I could not have been more happy for her. I would like to know if she and the boy friend got back together. She deserves happiness in her personal life. Her article in CT will cause many to consider her journey. Again, thanks Kirsten for sharing your story. May the Lord open many doors where you can share your faith. Ron English

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November 03, 2013  2:37pm

What an account of the Hound of Heaven chasing you down the corridors of time, Kirsten. I am a 74- year old woman who never ceases to be amazed by God's grace and his pursuit of us. Been a political issues "junkie" most of my life, worked in the 60s in politics. But God had other plans for my life in cross-cultural churchplanting iwith my family in post-Christian Europe in the 80s and 90s. What a lifeline Keller's cassette tapes became to us those years. I am so grateful for his/Kathy's ministry in NYC. Change just a few personal facts in your story, and it would be the same one I listened to from a very intelligent young agnostic, who was "found of God" after a year of his sermons at Hunter. She then became my beloved daughter-in-law! Metaxas" Bonhöffer challenged me to even new heights! Your integrity has shown as I've watched you the last few years. "Continue to speak truth" is the best advice an older woman can give you, especially in your chosen career. I will pray for you.

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Linda Coppede

November 03, 2013  2:28pm

Wow! I worked for The New York Times for 20+ years and can so relate to your story. I am a new Christian too and had a very similar testimony that was so strong that I fell all in and embrace the grace of God everyday. I am sure you too found that peaceful feeling in knowing that there is a plan for you. a beautiful and great plan. I explained to my non-believer friends that I almost felt like I was "coming out of the closet" as a Christian . It was scary because I also thought believers were freaks. I am so happy that I finally see what I had been missing all these tears. I appreciate your courage in "coming out." You make it easier for many of us.

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Burt Rosenberg

November 03, 2013  2:03pm

Ahh Kristen, I so understood every bit of your beautiful story, as it chronicled my own. As a Jewish former agnostic/atheist, doing comedy in clubs, Jesus was not an option, period. But, He removed the 'period', and replaced it with Himself. And, moved in. I experienced that in His presence is fullness of joy''. Such that, my life's work became doing "Joy Seminars," combining laughter and spiritual liberation. What better?! --

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Carl Arnold

November 03, 2013  2:02pm

Kirsten, You absolutely have to read "The God Delusion". Richard Dawkins enunciates ALL of the atheist arguments. By elucidating so thoroughly and eloquently their position, one is left to fully comprehend the vacuity for which they contend. I had the same unease reading 'scientific atheism' as attended hearing evolution explained as a 15 year old. But this time I wasn't a callow teen, very willing to rebel. See my YouTube video: "Scientific Atheism"='New Communism' (LOVE your original, incisive political commentaries)

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Chels Chae

November 03, 2013  1:28pm

The love of Jesus is so overwhelming but not coercive. Welcome to the family of believers. I noticed that some of the FoxNews commentators are comfortable sharing their faith on air. That is very encouraging. I am excited about the prospect of all of us following the only thing that Jesus said that sets us apart from others: We love one another, just as Jesus loved us. God bless you, Kirsten.

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November 03, 2013  1:05pm

Welcome to the family, Kirsten! Thanks for sharing your experience, your struggle, and your confident confession of faith in the risen Christ. I often see you on Fox News and thank God for you.

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km inga

November 03, 2013  1:00pm

One of the most often used reasons that non-believers give as to why they don't believe what Christians are selling is because of the way they act. Several of the comments I have read here, so far, will give them the opportunity to once again say "See, that's what I'm talking about!" The fact that some have used this inspiring article to criticize someone else's walk in the life as somehow less than their own, is sad and embarrassing. All Christians know that we are not perfect. Christians included. We are all at different places in our walk with Jesus. The examples of Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, and others as a way to doubt Kirstin's conversion is EXACTLY why they doubt the love, acceptance, and GRACE that Jesus talked about. The day we Christians show that, without judgment, is the day more non-Christians will doubt their positions and take another look at Jesus and his followers. I pray that happens before Jesus comes back for us. If not, some 'Christians' are in trouble!

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Steve Schofield

November 03, 2013  12:58pm

What an awesome story. 1) blood of the lamb 2) word of your testimony are two things no one can question, they can mock, deny they believe. I appreciate her honesty. All I want to say, God talked to me a few years ago and inspired me to write Christian devotionals. It's a genre that chose me, not the other away around. and and another one on the way. Who would have thought 8 years ago. Our culture denies Christ and God's word. All religion tells people what they can't do and not what the blessing Christ is in their life. People have to be willing to accept God, except for a few like God chose her! Enjoy the blessings.

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Jennifer B Hartley

November 03, 2013  12:55pm

I'm so happy for you, Kiristen! I have been following you on Fox News and had believed in my heart that was something different about you! So glad you are my sister in Christ Jesus!

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Susan Phillips

November 03, 2013  12:38pm

Wow, what a lovely story of your slow but sure conversion to faith. Thank you so much for sharing it. May God bless, protect, and grow you always. :) I describe myself as "a conservative with an occasional flash of a liberal and a libertarian streak that scares me sometimes." You don't have to fit into anyone's box. Let your faith inform your politics but never let your politics corrupt your faith. People who mix up the two are often losing integrity in both. You seem to me to be a person who is keeping integrity in both, and that's hard in the tumultuous NYC/DC axis you work in!

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Worthey Brisco

November 03, 2013  12:25pm

Gary and Becky ... you may want to brush up on the scripture where the Lord says we are not to judge the salvation of others. That's God's job, and His alone. While you're at it, the "love thy neighbor" scripture is also a good one to remember and practice. Cheers.

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David Parsons

November 03, 2013  12:21pm

Thank you, Kirsten. I'm a right-wing conservative who's never felt the connection you have and acquaintances have expressed to me. It's nice to know maybe it can happen any time.

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Diane Mills

November 03, 2013  12:00pm

Thank you Kristen for your candid testimony. I so identified with your experience for I too lost my "wrestle with God" in my adult years. Praise God for your open mind and your intellect. Blessings to you dear sister in Christ.

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Geri Ungurean

November 03, 2013  11:08am

Kirsten - I am so thrilled to know that Jesus revealed Himself to you, and you responded!! I am a Jew who met the Lord Jesus in 1983 and I knew that He was indeed the Messiah!! Praise God that you are my forever sister in Christ!! Blessings sweet Kirsten.....

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Amelia Stebner

November 03, 2013  10:44am

Thank you Kirsten for your testimony. Mine is very similar, except I had been raised catholic, but the religion itself didn't do anything for me spiritually. No "religion" did anything for me spiritually. I particularly loved the statement you made after you left the bible study, "All I know is that when I left, everything had changed." Boy! Isn't that the truth! Things that I use to think were okay to do, are now viewed from God's point of view and it makes a world of difference. The misconception about believers and their level of intelligence is worldwide. There are scientists, educators, philosophers, laborers and everyone in between who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There is no "one size fits all". But by now you already know that. Even though I don't know you personally, I know I will see you in eternity! Luke 15:10: "In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

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kevin plowman

November 03, 2013  10:40am

Praise God Kristen, I thought I saw a difference in her as well. And I went through a similar thing with an unsaved girlfriend, uncanny how close to the same story that Kristen told. I ended the relationship because I knew that I couldn't be unequally yoked and now this story has given me a new hope for my X. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless.

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Jim Hardy

November 03, 2013  10:13am

When Jesus said the Holy Spirit would dwell within us, he meant it. There is a defining moment for those who relent of their own agenda and commit to belief in Jesus Christ and his gift of salvation when he actually makes himself real and consciously available to to us. It's his "welcome to your new family" moment and what a comfort it is. You find that his yoke is easy and his burden is light both in word and in reality. It's also that moment when you realize that you've just come into a more clear awareness of how much more depth there is to our existence and our anticipation of what the future holds in keenly piqued. To say it's a good time is an understatement of grand and eternal proportions. The angels rejoice and so should we all. Welcome to the family.

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bill walsh

November 03, 2013  9:31am

Well you made it thru the 1st part now when you realize that liberalism is morally bankrupt and literally making us go broke with dependency instead of responsibility that free instead of earned that helping the poorest is a job not a lifetime of gov programs that even far lefties like Buffet and Gates never gave their money to the gov, rather to charities they thought beneficial you will have been truly born again Pax Romanus

Guitta Dabe

November 03, 2013  9:17am

I pray for God to give Kirsten strength. It appreciate the amount of courage it took her to "come out" for Jesus, especially regarding her current friends and people on her side of the political aisle. It was a big risk as these same people may very well lose their respect for her and treat her very differently. In fact, she will probably see the true "open-mindedness" and "tolerance" of some liberals up close and personal. Because of this, I salute her courage, and recommend that people everywhere support her when support is needed. Kirsten, if you are reading this, I thank you for your courage. While it doesn't take courage nowadays to declare one's sexual orientation, it sure does take courage to declare oneself a follower of Jesus Christ. You are a hero.

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Stephanie Heringer

November 03, 2013  9:16am

Kristen - my journey was similar to yours in many ways. "Born again" was an epithet to me and it took me quite a while to be comfortable with Christianity. God uses people in different ways and I can see that for me, it means being compassionate and patient with people who don't believe. Thank you for writing this. It makes me curious though about what happened to the boyfriend. :-) steph

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Scott Sykes

November 03, 2013  9:13am

It is amazing how when you take that "first step" how God comes running for you. Even if you come from a home where the only time you heard about God was in the form of an explicit expression He has a way of making Himself known to you. Ms. Kirsten Powers all the intellectual knowledge and all the worldly power means nothing and is for naught when you look at eternity. Our finite minds cannot even come close to knowing or seeing what God's infinite mind knows and shares with those who love Him. Trust in Him for all things even when they look the darkest for He is there beside you. Love Him first and He will guide you to the love of a lifetime. God Bless and may your days be filled with the awe and wonder of our Heavenly Father.

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Tamara Cooper

November 03, 2013  9:04am

You had an actual encounter with Jesus! What a privilege and a blessing, that God would come to you and show you that He is real! He must have wonderful plans for your life, Kirsten! That doesn't mean you won't have problems, it just means that He will be with you, every step of the way. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your story with us.

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Michael House

November 03, 2013  8:51am

Thank you, Ms. Powers, for that inspiring and courageous account. An open mind, paired with a good heart, is a powerful thing. True intellectual curiosity allows the Spirit to inspire us in amazing ways and makes us far more useful to our fellow sojourners on Earth. In the end, there is no difference between "spiritual" and "physical" truth - it is all the same. I recently listened to a fascinating interview with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, author of "Signature in the Cell" and "Darwin's Doubt," in which he described how he and others have proven through extensive genetic study that the Cambrian Explosion of animal life cannot be scientifically explained by natural selection - intelligent design had to have guided it. For those like me who have "spiritually" understood that God was our creator, and that earthly science would eventually catch up, this was further affirmation of faith in a loving God who trusts us to make our own choices and lean on His guidance. God bless you in your work.

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Sandy Wakefield

November 03, 2013  8:30am

I love it when God does these things. Praise God Kirsten.

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Vern Kepler

November 03, 2013  7:54am

Kristen, welcome to God's , always present, love. We as Christians, are neither republicans or democrats, only sinners, in of the redemption and love of Jesus Christ. Prayers are answered, and now you know, how he speaks to you in that still small voice. The angels in heaven rejoice, and sing praises, and as a christian, tears joy, fill me. May GOD richly bless you on you journey, discovering the depth of the love of Jesus Christ. ,

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Phil Private

November 03, 2013  7:25am

Awesome story on how God works. God allowed your father to imprint your childhood in a way that kept you from departing from Christianity permanently. He also brought key people, circumstances, and an awareness of Himself into your life. You began to reap a void by dismissing Him. Secular arguments could not fill that void. Similarly, I went through an excruciating wavering process in which the God vacuum or God emotion could not be satisfied by false logic, unbelief, or counterfeit faith systems. Eventually, atheism and agnosticism become less rational and more irresponsible. The "Hound from Heaven" pursued me too--showing me abundant living in simple obedience. I became less open-minded to deception and more open-minded to love. My fear of ostracism from liberal colleagues has faded by becoming more loving of God and others and replacing patterned attitudes and behaviors with God's abundant best. Verifiably transformative!!

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Cameron Larose

November 03, 2013  7:23am

Praise God! I am so happy for Kirsten! Like many others here, I too seemed to have noticed a softening to her. Some of her comments in this article are why I never talk politics with people that I am ministering to, as I do not want them to believe that they have to become a Republican before or after coming to Christ. We should not be mixing the two!!! God can show them His world view, as He moves in their lives. Kirsten, my wife and I will pray that God continues to perfect what He has started in your life! God bless! PS There was a time I was an atheist too. I've been saved by His grace since '87. Col. 3:1-4.

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Greg Rudisill

November 03, 2013  7:07am

Kristen, welcome to the family. I have watched Kristen on Fox and have always appreciated her ability to surprise me by not always taking the political correct position on whatever topic is being discussed. Additionaly, the change in her spiritual life has become apparent in the way she communicates and appears on camera. I will pray for her to continue to grow in her relationship with Jesus and other believers.

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Laura Denton

November 03, 2013  6:44am

I will be praying for Kirsten. Perhaps now she will see why we Christians are so interested in individuals rather than groups. God reaches out to us as persons of worth. It is through these encounters that He impresses on us how very much He loves each and every one of us. Yes, this often influences our politics, but then what good is a relationship with God if it doesn't empower every aspect of our lives?

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Michael Murray

November 03, 2013  6:00am

Kirsten, welcome to walking in the light!

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November 02, 2013  11:39pm

I too have noticed a slight difference, since the ‘Shutdown’ preceding the ‘Roll-Out’ of Obamacare. In the first minute after my Mailman handed me the mail which included the current issue, I noticed the name Kirsten Powers on the Cover. I immediately sat down to investigate the involvement of Ms. Powers in this Issue. I found the article on page 104, read it, got a little teary eyed and, praised God for including me in revealing His works in the life of Ms. Powers. I have watched Fox News Channel since it has been on the air. I have pondered and prayed many times that those that appear well informed and leaned against and supported the ‘liberal’ talking points would be touched by our Lord. We may never see the works that are at work in the lives that influence the viewers on all the communications networks, but I think it is safe to say that as the Day of the Lord draws near, and the speed of the activity increases to accomplish His Plan, many more will declare the Truth that has been revealed to them.

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Jan Garber

November 02, 2013  9:06pm

I had noticed a change in Kirsten's general demeanor over the past few months. Now I know why.

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October 31, 2013  10:08am

Kirsten's story is happening to a friend of my now in reverse. He is a guy who couldn't mention the name Jesus if it kills him. I parted ways with him for over a year because of his negativity against anything christian. Recently he sought me out, lo and behold! He is singing a different tune...I am still in the believers of old who couldnt believe the change in Saul (Paul), I am still thinking maybe he is faking it, but the words coming out of his mouth sounds 2 Cor. 5:17. He is even talking about becoming a pastor! Praise God! No wonder there is joy among the angels over one sinner who repents. Jesus really changes lives, no doubt. I thank God for Kirsten Powers and so many others that the Lord is bringing into HIS kingdom daily.

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DANA A Focks

October 28, 2013  11:05am

My wife and I have made the same observation as Rus Hunt. We too will pray for her.

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October 25, 2013  4:59pm

Powerful. I wish we all could have such "road to Damascus" experiences. Maybe we can if we let it happen.

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October 23, 2013  9:09am

I have seen Kirsten's appearances on Fox News over the past few years. She had seemed different recently and now I know why. I praise God for the gift of faith to Kirsten and pray for deep roots to grow as she works out her faith in a very public and cynical profession.

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