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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty confronts that age-old question—does a movie get its drama through its plot or its characters? Its answer is to shrug indifferently, try to do both, and do neither.

It's the complete opposite of Robert Frost's ...

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Robbie Becker

February 03, 2014  11:46am

Completely disagree with this review. This is the best movie I've seen in a few years. It doesn't praise a life of normality in the end, it praises character and hard work that has gone unnoticed. As a Christian, it makes me think of how much of life goes unnoticed because we are dutifully yet joyfully serving our King. One day, we will be rewarded for our years of service to Him. If you want to feel good and be motivated to do more with your life than whatever it is you're doing now, see this movie. You won't regret it.

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Sheldon James

December 29, 2013  11:04am

The reviewer, as many reviewers do, missed many of the points of the film. Mitty's fantasy sequences slowly disappear as he matures, and reality eclipses his need for "zoning out". Going to Greenland is the start of his maturation - it is in no way a gratuitous departure for the character. Wow - how could the reviewer fail to see that? This film is subtle and sweet, and the irony isn't in any way mean spirited. See this film, you will be glad you did!

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Daniel Gorski

December 28, 2013  7:23am

It strikes me that the reviewer of this edition of Walter Mitty either read the Rotten Tomato reviews or seeks to be one of them. I've seen both movies and read the book. I really like the Ben Stiller release (he directed it, too). His Mitty is humble, gentle, and praiseworthy -- even amidst his adventures. It's a great date night movie, or take the kids, too, since its PG rating is due only to one well-place s-word and some ridiculous and absurd stunts of peril or violence. This movie is all about the Ben Stiller character. But his attraction to Katherine Wiig's character drew out his humanity -- much like my wife does mine. That touched me. Sean Penn and Shirley MacLaine add some star power, with MacLaine serving as the sage mom (think Betty White sans the obnoxious elder-cool) and Penn as the ever-elusive photographer, as hard to find as the snow leopard. Penn has the line of the movie in the Himalayas. This gentle film will move you, Bob. The pros have their quibbles; enjoy it anyw

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David Mathieson

December 27, 2013  9:29am

I haven't seen it yet. I'm not a huge Stiller fan, although I liked Tropic Thunder more than I figured I should have. I'm not a Danny Kaye fan, either, but I know how good the original is. I think disagreement with this review, while valid, doesn't need to be a personal attack. I didn't intend seeing the movie, now less so, even though some friends liked it. Special kudos to Mr. Morefield for mentioning Nick and Nora, showing the height from which movie dialogue has fallen.

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David Howlett

December 26, 2013  9:16am

Couldn't disagree with this review more. Go see the movie and judge for yourself. I loved it and am adding it to my favorites. I agree with Lisa. I was saddened to see the lack of critical thinking in this review and the fixation on some of the details. It reminds me of reductionism, missing the point after deconstructing the details. Anyhow, I expect more from Christianity Today. One rotten tomato for this reviewer.

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Anastasia Mather

December 24, 2013  1:37pm

Or we could watch the original version of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Danny Kaye, who went from fantasy to reality and true romance. It had humor, adventure, and a shy, seemingly bumbling man who actually did come through in a crisis.

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Lisa Hess

December 24, 2013  12:37pm

I haven't seen this movie yet -- I plan to, especially after reading this review. I feel compelled to suggest the following: next time you send someone to review a Stiller film, make sure they have a sense of humor.

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Grady Walton

December 24, 2013  11:29am

Well, with that resounding endorsement, I guess our family will have to stay home and (gasp!) talk with one another. Or perhaps we'll watch Duch Dynasty reruns.

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