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The Bible TV miniseries, created and produced by husband and wife duo Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, was a 2013 sensation, raking in more than 100 million views. It was nominated for three Emmy awards, and a sequel title, A.D.: Beyond the Bible, has been ...

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Jim Bartlett

March 03, 2014  8:20pm

As an evangelical I am dismayed that CT [!] and para-groups gave Roma Downey a naive "pass" for Heavy Mkting on this film! >> Focus on Family/ Liberty Univ./ Rick Warren./ Not to mention(ahem) Joel Osteen! Major red flag. Didn't anyone vet her beliefs in New Age/mind metaphysics etc? As if, anyone with unbiblical "complementary" beliefs could oversee an intimate portrait of the real Jesus! Satan is difficult to fit into popular spirituality that believes in "light within",inner secrets,channelings...b/c then How would someone know if they were from (an angel) of light or a deception!? I have worked within New Age media, know how practitioners use "truth-gaps" to insert their spins on what is NOT told. We've seen crazy ideas that "update" Jesus from the likes of Buddhism, Sufis & enlightened spiritual masters. See New Age concerns(many): Search "roma downey new age spirituality" in Bing/Google -- and: [the-son-of-god-movie-is-not-what-we-think]

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Donald Davenport

March 03, 2014  3:26pm

In 1 John 3:8 we read "The reason the son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work". If we leave out one of the characters of the story, have we told the whole story or just the part that won't get us persecuted?

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James Johnson

March 01, 2014  7:07pm

AS we step back and take off our holy-colored(sic) glasses. We see in the original what is the perception of many so-called Christians. Evil, the devil, is a black man. By omission you strengthen their belief because you are trying to avoid the truth of their belief. That person, however he looks has well orchestrated the evil of prejudice.

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March 01, 2014  1:26pm

Rick Middleton- O please! Obama has typical/common facial features and there is no way in hell (pun intended) that Mark Burnett was going to risk his favor with the Hollywood crowd to produce some sort of inference that Obama is Satan! Good point William Goldman! Without Satan/Devil, where would sin come from? (Eve was tempted by him). The devil is mentioned very often in the NT Satan works through people (e.g. Jesus rebukes Peter by stating "get thee behind me Satan!") in Matt 4:10. Another key concept is that hell (yes, there is mention of this bad place in the Bible) was prepared first for Satan: (Matthew 25:41) "Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

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March 01, 2014  3:39am

In the spirit of political correctness, wasn't the deletion simply an effort to avoid a perceptible affront to President Obama once the resemblance was noticed? Or, was it done so as not to offend the devil?!

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February 28, 2014  5:55pm

Without having seen: If the picture brings honor to Jesus, and faces the human condition and its remedy from sin, go for it! Also wonder where the 'simplicity' of faith and Christian thinking enters becoming as a 'little child'. We sophisticate ourselves out of a lot truth, in my opinion.

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melissa tarver

February 27, 2014  2:06pm

It is more likely that Jesus resembled the actor playing the devil than the sexy European actor. Face it folks, Jesus physically was an olive to dark complexioned man. If we can't get past this reality then how can we call ourselves good Christians?

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Rick Middleton

February 27, 2014  9:59am

Cutting out the Satan scenes is not a theological whitewashing so much as it is an admission that the original actor was a terrible, distracting choice. A production aimed squarely at the Obama-hating Bible Belt featured an Obama look-alike as Satan, and we're supposed to see that as a coincidence? Please. It looks like the production company came to its senses and just cut the visual. Of course, that won't stop a new round of outrage.

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William Goldman

February 26, 2014  3:25pm

Neither the writer of this article nor any of the commenters so far have mentioned the striking fact that Jesus talks about hell far more than anyone else in the NT.

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Kevin Brownlee

February 26, 2014  1:55pm

I have not seen the movie yet, but this seems like another example of the trend sweeping Christianity, many churches, and many Christian educational institutions to minimize Satan's influence, sin, and the requirement by God, Jesus, and the Gospel writers to repent of your sins. Brilliantly played by Satan, and accepted by gullible non-confrontation loving Christians and Christian leaders. What a shame.

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Jay Lamborn

February 26, 2014  6:15am

I didn't see the mini-series. I have the wrong cable package, I guess. This article was my first glimpse of Satan as portrayed in the series. My first thought? "If you're into the gritty Satan look, this is good." I didn't even think of Obama when I looked at him. Why? Because Obama isn't on my mind when I'm thinking of the Bible. Lest I be misconstrued, the Bible is on my mind when I'm thinking of politics. Second, I've always adhered to the thought Samwise Gamgee had about Aragorn -- a servant of the enemy would look fair and feel foul. I'd want a Satan that looked like being tempted was a good thing. Anyway, removing Satan from the story is a mistake. Reshooting, as someone has already suggested, isn't a bad idea, and really should have been considered. Then again, we're all armchair quarterbacking.

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February 25, 2014  7:14pm

A significant portion of the public (including me) senses that the "Satan" actor was made up to resemble President Obama. If true, it is despicable and disturbing. In light of the ridicule (e.g., Daily Show) and other negative backlash against American Christianity, it seems reasonable for that segment to be removed. I don't see any real theological watering down of the doctrine of Satan. Indeed, I wonder if this whole article is not intended to mislead or redirect from the real debate.

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e 8305

February 25, 2014  5:19pm

While I do believe that God can/will use this movie to reach people, I just have to say - only in America would we feel that it's ok to completely cut out the mention of Satan in regards to Christianity. What then do we have Victory over because of the Cross? It's almost diminishing the true power of what the Gospel is.. The HOPE we have in Jesus.. Granted, this is a movie aka entertainment, and so they can go whichever route they want to on this. I am just really surprised because this movie has been heavily endorsed by many Christian leaders, and conferences & to not add Satan out of fear of public response is incredibly ironic.

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David Buyna

February 25, 2014  3:41pm

The facts are; that there is a devil and he is duly recorded in the Bible which is the written word of God. Hollywood can edit the truth to their liking but they cannot change the truth. You can paint a stone any color but if it is thrown at you, and hits you, it will still hurt. Good and evil will co-exists in this world until the last day when things are brought to order as written. Further more to edit the truth as done here is like cooking on a grill with out coals. How sweet would the savor be of meet cooked with out fire? If there where no evil what would we have to be saved from? The emphasis should not be pleasing the diverse audience or avoiding critics. but rather on THE TRUTH about THE SON OF GOD and WHY WE NEED HIM. I have not seen this film, yet I am certain that it will be a fantastic presentation but all that glitters is not gold. It is possible to like something even if it is inaccurate. I would love it if Hollywood would get one right.

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February 25, 2014  3:25pm

Satan has been a part of the redemption story since God's promise that the woman's offspring's foot would crush his head. That Jesus faced Satan in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, just after Jesus was baptized and the Holy Spirit alit on Him, is integral to the rest of the Gospel, and indeed the rest of the New Testament. We have a high priest who can sympathize with our struggles because he was tempted in every way as we are. This is not only a short-sighted approach on the producers' part, but it seems more like caving under the pressure of those who wish to complain about the resemblance of the actor to Obama. Why not spend a few thousand dollars more to reshoot with a different actor in the role? As I remember, there weren't many shots where Jesus and Satan appeared in close-up together.

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February 25, 2014  2:02pm

I really hope we can believe that this "look-alike" was accidental. When I saw the series, I was stunned at the resemblance, and deeply grieved. Wow.

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Felecia Clarke

February 25, 2014  1:57pm

The producers short-sighted decision saddens me because when I was trying to determine if Jesus was the Son of God and whether or not I wanted to follow Him, the clincher was the fact that Satan and every demon Jesus ran into identified Him as the Son of God or Son of Man and indicated a "fore-knowing" of who He was. It would have been a perfect time for Satan to have discredited Jesus, and yet, he didn't. Have we played into Satan's hand by telling a story of Jesus without mention of the evil influences in this world?

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