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Talk to Calvary Chapel pastors about their theology, and they appear the epitome of evangelical balance and moderation: neither Calvinist nor Arminian, neither Pentecostal nor cessationist.

Talk to Calvary Chapel pastors about their vibrant network of ...

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len sterling

March 02, 2007  1:05am

I can see the importance of truthful disclosures when it comes to faith based organizations. I however think that this article was reaching to make points which seemed to have little substance. I have news for anyone who has overlooked the obvious here...we are imperfect and fallen human beings (aka sinners!). There will never be a perfect church here on earth until Jesus sets up His 1,000 year reign! A real manifestation of the Lord is how He uses us (very imperfect implements) to produce perfect results! How about getting out there in the streets and among everyday people and living true to the Word of God! CC has been a vehicle God has utilized to bring countless smelly hippy, pot smoking, speed dropping freaks (you know...the ones most 'believers' pretended not to see as we looked down our noses at them in public) to Jesus. How much better off they were than many pew warmers of their time! Let’s not forget the purpose for which He created us…to bring glory to Him!


March 01, 2007  9:44pm

left, You are right. Phoenix Preacher is a pointless read now. It's pretty worthless and doesn't serve purpose anymore because the CC pastors all befriended and bewitched Newnham. They force strong views to be marginalized and do the typical "we're the authorities on God" routine to the same people that escaped the CC cult. I'm sure this post will be considered for posting over there, and it will be derided thoroughly.


March 01, 2007  9:22pm

I was there too years ago when Chuck spoke of Richard Nixon as God's man. It used to bother me too that he promoted his political agenda during his preaching. One thing important to say is that the person responsible for "reaching the hippies" during the Jesus Movement was really Lonnie Frisbee, the hippie preacher. That's been swept under the carpet, since he later died of aids. Calvary would not have "exploded" like it did without Lonnie, and I can't believe it when he is not given credit as the person the Holy Spirit used to reach the young people back then. Even Greg Laurie came to know Jesus through Lonnie's ministry. Thousands came in , but thousands left. It was definitely like a "cult" for me, not as extreme as alot of them are, but like a cult never the less. I lost touch with myself. And those of you who don't like Phoenix Preacher - hey you may now because it's become occupied with Calvary Chapel pastors ( and their agenda) who have befriended Michail N. there.

Bobby Taylor

March 01, 2007  9:09pm

It does appear that this article has a slight edge to it that may not be needed. Folks we need to pray for Calvary Chapel as well as every church in America/the world! What is happening here does not undo all of the work God has done through this movement. God is bigger than any lawsuit, radio network, friends falling out, or ministers dealing with power or lust. I understand they are having an old fashioned tent revival at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, lets pray for a huge revival! Let's pray that God does it again in Southern California, we all need revival, start praying now!!! God Bless Calvary Chapel.

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Glen- Day of Ridiculous Christians

March 01, 2007  8:20pm

Joe, if you are still on staff or attend CCH, I am absolutely shocked and disgusted!!! You should be given the right foot of fellowship immediately for brining such a reviling accusation against Pastor Chuck and jumping into the fray of this ridiculous smear against elders in the church! If not, where is YOUR god using you today Joe? In some areas of the church and "Christianity today", we need Church Discipline, but still in others we need more and more Grace; What we don't need is devisivness and false accusations before the ungodly world! You are devisive man Joe and so are you Rob Moll! Along with every other person out there who calls themselves a believer in Jesus Christ but has taken to bringing accusations against pastors and leaders of the church (any church), without having a shread of proof and not in the mouth of two or three witnesses. Consider yourself rebuked!!! 5 stars for trashy journalism at its finest!

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To Neil

March 01, 2007  6:27pm

"There are huge pride issues and blind spots,people are left no other choice but to leave." There you have Neil...... "Leave".. If the leadership is blind in a particular area that you believe is important why would you stay??? I've left more than one Calvary because of critical issues with the Pastor. That doesn't give me the right to slam all Calvarys. You have to at some point vote with you're feet and trust that the Lord will handle the problem.

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March 01, 2007  8:42am

Chuck Smith praising Richard Nixon as a man of God? hahaha Sounds just like Chuck Smith being used as a government shill when he came out and said that the war in Iraq was of God and whoever opposed it is committing treason. Chuck's beloved Republican party hasn't done anything to stop the merciless slaughter of millions of unborn babies. Now that Bush wants a third war in Iran, will Chuck tell everyone to go get their guns and be killed? The more I've heard Chuck speak about political things, the more I believe the old allegations that he's a favorer of those constructing a New World Order.

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March 01, 2007  7:49am

It is obvious satan wants to attack and divide us. After all that is the most efective form of battle. But why do we allow him to do so? The media is used by satan so much, look at the "Jesus family tomb" and the da vinci code, he knows his time is short and is pulling out all he stops. Yes there may have been mistakes made, who hasn't made them? It is wriiten that the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. This applies to all does it not. Beyond this point we must press on, for we are in a spiritual battle, a battle to spread the Gosple on this side of the second comming. So get busy for the harvest is great, but the laborers are FEW!

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March 01, 2007  7:29am

As a former member of Calvary Chapel from about 1970 when it was a little church that kept extending itself until it bought nearby land and put up a big top tent, I am troubled by the allegations. My spirit did not bear witness with Chuck's teachings ever since Chuck preached that Richard Nixon was God's man. I moved to Hawaii where God used me to co-found what is now Calvary Chapel of Honolulu. Our beginning was as a home bible study on the North Shore of Oahu in Bill Stonebraker's home where I played Chuck's tapes to initial skepticism. Perhaps it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff and for Chuck to retire.

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Samandi Elizabeth

March 01, 2007  7:14am

The Lord Jesus is coming for a Church without blemish. I wish each of the individuals involved in this compromising ,self defensive, finger pointing ,shameful situation would sit back and allow the Holy Spirit to x-ray him,acknowledge wrong as revealed, confess, and move ahead. BROTHER , do not allow the Lord to give you over to a hardened heart.I fear this for myself. Would you trade your crown for worldly fame, pleasure, and wealth?

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February 28, 2007  11:09pm

You probably won't post this because it is critical of your magazine and reporting. How do articles like this build up Christ's church? CT is as I am before the Lord - a filthy rag! Stopped receiving your magazine because I couldn't tell where the 'world' ended and your 'Christian' publication took over? Shame on you! Christ said to follow Him, not any man or church. Calvary's are still made up of men last time I checked? Like the article stated be careful with God's own. They're still men, but men appointed by God. As it was stated, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

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William Ebling

February 28, 2007  10:55pm

There is a problem when people who believe in Original Sin forget that i8t napplies to them as well as everyone ele. Here is another sad tale of the corrupting effect of power, unched by accountability. Sin checks in. Sexual sin has an effect of blindi9ng the sinner and those who pklace power above all else.

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February 28, 2007  1:23pm

I have personally witnessed the dealing of two adultery cases with staff members at our church and the handeling was as close to the biblical model as possible. I am not convinced that the article has given enough facts to support this as a systemic problem. I think the title "Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel face an uncertain future" is a little misleading here. Calvary Chapel has grown to many churches and made a positive difference in many lives, including mine. I believe the growth of Calvary Chapel is only possible by the work of the Holy Spirit which continues to bless the many congratations around the world. Is adultery a problem in America today? Absolutely - is it a problem in the church, unfortunately yes. Regardless of our human weaknesses, the Word is still preached and it will not return void. So is the future uncertain - no I don't think so. Let's us all pray for our pastors and that they would be protected from adultery.

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February 28, 2007  10:38am

Richard, Calvary Chapel is a cult because Chuck Smith teaches that you can lose your salvation. That's another Gospel! And it means Chuck teaches a false gospel that can't save anyone. He got that, not from the Bible, but from his days in the Foursquare crowd. His dangerous teachings are the worst kind of false teachings, because anyone can read through the Bible "line by line" and then twist and falsely present it, to the eternal destruction of the hearers.

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February 28, 2007  10:22am

CC is a cult? Really? Based on what criteria? I've been to several CC churches and I've always been impressed by their faithfulness to teaching the WHOLE word of God, methodically and systematically. That's a lot more than can be said for most evangelical-ish "feel good" churches these days. Duane, why do you say it's a false gospel? Have you read Hebrews chapter 6? Don't be so blinded by 5-pt. Calvinism that you have to attack CC and Chuck Smith. "In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty, in all things, charity[love]." This article seems to take too much joy in criticizing CC and Smith. (BTW, I've never been a CC church member, in case you wondered.)

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February 28, 2007  9:21am

Notice Chuck Smith's statement about "touching the Lord's anointed"? Didn't Jesus rebuke John the apostle for such calling down of fire on the heads of others? Cults always use intimidation tactics to promote themselves, and that's why CC is a cult.

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February 28, 2007  4:47am

Chuck Smith is a viper. Protect your family from this cult.

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February 28, 2007  1:05am

The Los Angeles Times has posted an article on its Web site titled "God's Word, plus static." More sad news about the Calvary Chapel movement. Looks to me like the Chapel needs a Reformation! Time to clean house. It's sad when things are so bad that a secular newspaper has to do the exposing.

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February 27, 2007  11:49pm

Puzzletop please, the PP blog is not a place of healing or prayer on most occasions. Mention a pastor Michael doesnt like and you will be treated beyond rudely. Photos are posted of pastors Michael has a problem wth, and things are added to them which are disrespectful, to say the least. Give me a break.........People are checking their brains at the blog door, and their discernment too.

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February 27, 2007  11:40pm

When I was first told about this article I was perplexed. After reading it for myself I am even more perplexed as to why CT would even publish it. It is full of holes and very one sided. The title is ridiculous and contradictions are rampant through out it. It appears to borderline on "gossip" with no real purpose other than to tear down. It would be interesting to see the real reason why Rob Moll wrote it and previous poorly written articles that attack CC. As CC continues to take a stand on the emerging church and the importance of teaching sound Biblical Doctrine we can expect such feeble tabloid like reporting to continue to occur. One thing is for sure, God is continuing to do a mighty work through CC or Satan would not be attacking us.

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