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On New Year's Eve, Atlanta's Philips Arena throbbed with the music of Widespread Panic. A few days later, the faint smell of marijuana still lingered as a different crowd gathered for its fourth day of loud, demonstrative worship. At center stage, Matt ...

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J. Karls ( )

March 28, 2007  6:13am

Thanks for the informitive article, great writing, great movement. The influence of the Passion agenda gives me great hope for our future leaders. Praise God (once again)!

brent from Spain

March 27, 2007  6:22am

This is great news. I am however somewhat concerned that the choice of speakers is a small like us thing. Frankly, I don't agree with the calvinistic views of many of these people yet I appreciate the music and the conference. I am willing to bet that over half those who attend don't agree with the Calvinistic stance of most of the speakers and worship leaders. Maybe when the get out and see the world they will more fully realize that the vast majority of evangelical and charismatic christians in South America, Asia and Africa do not share their views on calvinism and predestination. I wonder if these speakers will be challenged by being in an atmosphere that is different from them or will they just come to impose their way of doing things.

Abiams Pete

March 26, 2007  2:17am

A very good article indeed! A programme like passion conferences that reaches out to the youths of our days cannot be less commending because then we can be asured of a better tomorrow with our youth living for God.


March 24, 2007  3:27pm

Well, the question is, does the piece puff man or GOD? The stats and quotes are what they are, the people and songs and issues are what they are, but is GOD who they claim he is? Is the message of Passion believable? If it is, and a world movement has truly come to witness a great "reality", this piece is not nearly puffy enough. If it is not, and a world movement has truly come to witness a great lie, this piece is nothing but shoddy, snaky, sordid lies. My take? God, from eternity past, has set called Louie and crew to reflect, or echo, the goodness of the glory of the grace of God.

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Bob Stanton

March 24, 2007  11:28am

Thank you. This was new information for me.

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March 23, 2007  1:49pm

Nice article, although it barely stops short of a puff piece.

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Sawak Sarju

March 23, 2007  11:12am

Very good indeed!

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