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In a gruesome assault against Turkey's tiny Christian community, five young Muslim Turks entered a Christian publishing office in the southeastern province of Malatya Wednesday and slit the throats of the three Protestant Christians present.

Two of the ...

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May 03, 2007  8:11pm

The murders of these innocent people are horrible. However, what Christian missionaries are doing in Turkey is unacceptable. They go to places where poor people live and promise them money if they convert. The two Turkish converts in this case were actually two mental patients who could not think for themselves. So what do the missionaries do? They find two mentally ill people and promise them the paradise in return for becoming converts. This is why Christian missionaries are not welcome in Turkey. Their tactics are too sleazy. Furthermore, Ataturk the founder of Turkey established Turkey on secular principles. He warned Turks the biggest danger to the young Turkish republic is religion. Christian missionaries please leave Turks alone. They have had enough problems with religious zealots already througout their history and no matter what you do you will have no major number of converts other than mentally sick who can't think for themselves.


May 01, 2007  5:28am

It is sad that Diocletian thinks like the peolpe from his homeland: what the state or the traditions of his country (or leading party) says is more important than what I, as a free person, I believe that is best and plausible for me to believe. Maybe Christianity is better than Islam, or better than Communism or Budhism or Confucianism. Or maybe the Islam or Communism is better that Christianity. Why should I have not the right to evaluate and choose; Why should the other dictate me what to believe? God would not ask me at the great Day of Judgement what the other people allowed me to believe; He would ask me why I did not follow the truth (and good), whatever this truth was. I lived in Romania, Diocletian, and I know what I say (probably as well as you know...).

Dn. Jason

April 30, 2007  2:10pm

On April 24th, the Armenian Christian community commemorated the 92nd anniversary of the genocide of 1.5 million Christian Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1915. Many people wonder why the Armenian community still commemorates this event after 92 years. Last weeks gruesome killings were one reason why. It is hard to believe that Christianity Today could be so ignorant of the direct historical precident in Turkey for persecution, torcher and direct slaughter of the country's Christians. Armenians join together in praying for these martyrs for Christ, and ask Christians around the world to educate themselves on centuries of continued Turkish violence against Christians. How many people must be killed before we become motivated to demand responsiblity and change from our favorite Middle Eastern ally, Turkey?


April 29, 2007  3:48pm

As Bush said that crusade is started from the first day and US and Britain start illegal war on Iraq and killing everyday more the 50 innocent Muslims women and children and nobody said a single word of sympathy even the Muslim world who is responsible of that: A United Nation who only favours US; or US & UN one sided Pro israeli support.... Germany and France only protest but cannot do anything against US weapons supremacy. Justice should be equal for everyone. Mad and dumb Bush start the third World War on Islam & Muslims. See what will happen if all Muslim countries starts and join this so called war on Terror against US & Britains. Blood of Muslims are also red. This can lead to unity of the Muslim and another SALADIN born every 1000 years. Wait for Saladin or stop this discrimintaions against Relgions. Every one is following religions like Sikhs, Christians and Hindus and show all thhis in there movies but when Muslim do this they called them extremist Rubbish.


April 28, 2007  6:00pm

I used to feel the same way about Islam and Muslims until I was in a refugee camp in Germany. A Bosnian woman related her stay in a German hospital and how she couldn't sleep because of the cross hanging on the wall. To her, the cross represented the Christians who raped her and killed her loved ones. Proof that our focus is wrong when it is on either Islam or Christianity (or its symbols)... our focus should only be on Christ and Him alone.

carol muller

April 28, 2007  1:13pm

We are the only religion who is serving a living GOD.Our GOd teaches we must forgive these who murder us just as CHRIST forgave those who were killing HIM .This is truly love in such as GOD came to earth as a baby child , lived and walked among us for 33 years and taught us how to love and forgive and for that HE was murdered .How then can we question when others die for following CHRIST ?They are not dead , only their bodies are dead .They are now in Heaven with our Saviour .The bible tells us not to fear those who kill the body and can do no more but to fear HIM who has authority to throw people into hell after death.Yes. I say unto you,this is the one to fear. luke 12.4-7

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Jeremy S.

April 27, 2007  10:35am

In response to "Diocletian" saying "do Muslims show up at meetings of the South Baptist Convention ??".... i ask you one thing, these three killings were horrible. If a muslim was at a southern baptist convention, would the baptist tie him up torture him and then kill him like he is some kind of animal??...... I think not. We as christian have a greater understand of God. We as christians are not lost because we are the only religion in the world that can offer a Savior that can save us from our sins. We have more compassion than this.

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April 27, 2007  6:11am

One more response to Diocletian, though what has been said in resopnse so far is articulate & true. Diocletian, I am arabic and I respectfully disagree with your viewpoint expressed in April 20's comment. If you think strictly in secular terms, should Christians in a primarily "Christian" area be permitted to abuse and or kill any minority that comes into their presence? Of course not, that would be a violation of human rights (any secular Human Rights group would tell you that). Likewise, when a Christian minority lives / works in any area, muslim, hindu, buddhist, etc. - it is a violation of human rights for that Christian to be abused and murdered. Not that they may not expect it, but it is still wrong. That is the point of reporting such a story to the general public. Separate from the secular viewponit is the spiritual one: if a Christian were to perpetrate such abuse to another, they would be blatantly disobeying/disregarding the teachings of their leader, Jesus Christ.

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April 25, 2007  1:29pm

May our Lord Jesus Christ help us to forgive those that hate us!

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Osahon Alexander Idiaghe

April 25, 2007  8:59am

It's really a pity that such a thing happened, I do believed that if we say we REALLY SERVE A LIVING GOD then HE should be able to fight for Himself and His children. We must not help God just as those fellows did by killing those Christian brothers. I believe Time will tell and show those of us that is really serving a Living God.

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April 25, 2007  7:22am

May the Lord Jesus keep and preserve all missionaries in the world.

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April 25, 2007  6:11am

When the wife of one of these Christian guys heard about what had happened she said: "Lord, forgive them, for they didn't know what they were doing..." Jesus loves Turkish men and women just as much as He does love Ukrainians, German and anyone else. He came to seek and save those who are lost! Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. God is at work in Turkey. We keep praying for the families who have lost their beloved ones and for many more Turkish men and women to come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and God!

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April 25, 2007  1:16am

I am going to Turkey for missions in May and I am not afraid. May we pray that this incident will bring discussion of Christianity and of Jesus, not fear into the hearts of Christians. May we mourn over our brothers in Christ and rejoice over the lives they lived for God's glory. I pray for their families and thank their wives for openly professing forgiveness in the name of Christ on public television. These men claim to have done this act for their nation, but Turkey is secular and the government does not support them in this. May this incident place Turkey on our hearts in this opportune time for intercessory prayer. May we fix our eyes on He who is in control and the glory that he may receive through this incident. Gel Rob Isa Gel! (Come Lord Jesus Come) Habakkuk 1:5 "Look at the nations and watch--and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told."

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April 23, 2007  3:06pm

We Turkish Christians are deeply saddened about what has happened. It is not easy to live here as a Christian and it is much more harder if you are a Turkish Christian. But we have to forgive these guys. And we still have to tell people that we do not want to destroy this country or split it into pieces. And also i am sure that LORD will use this event to plant seeds of faith in Turk's hearts. also our brothers out there in the world, please pray for the martyr's families. Ugur had a fiancé, pray for her too. And of course pray for us too. We need more strength and courage to carry on. God bless you all!

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April 23, 2007  10:28am

Sorry fellow Chinese, when Muslims attend Southern Baptist Conventions, they are not killed. And anyway these are Turkish converts, who only committed the "sin" of changing their religion. I have not heard today of any converts to Islam who's throats were slit by their members of their original faith? Missionaries are wondeful people who seek to do good in troubled lands. I am sure they are not going to seek martyrdom but to share the good news that God loves everyone, even those that seek to kill them. Is that a sin?

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Jean M

April 22, 2007  9:59pm

As the first reviewer pointed out the Turks have been persecuting Christians for centuries. Just ask any Greek or Armenian family regarding their persecution by Turkish hands. Turkey still refuses to acknowledge their genocide or really a holocaust against the Armenians. Perhaps the EU will look more carefully about admitting Turkey into the EU. Regarding Mr. Diocletian's secular comments that these Christians somehow deserve to have their throats slit like barnyard animals he clearly has no grasp of what it means to be a Christian(if he is One). Sharing the good news of our salvation is -if one reads the Bible- one of Jesus's wishes so all can be saved.

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Samuel Laldin

April 21, 2007  12:09pm

I think this should come under the human rights code which garuntees religious freedom every where especially in the countries that have signed the accord.In the west religous freedom is given to all the religions and the west should demand the same from middle east, arabian and asians countries. There should be penelaty for not abiding by the Human Rights accord. Unfortunately brutality is in every islamic country.

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Ben Stevens

April 21, 2007  8:07am

Diocletian- You said, "but Christians, please wake up !!! If you go to a place where you are not wanted, expect trouble." I assume you are aware that that is exactly what Christ DID, that he wasn't wanted, that he had trouble, and that in Matthew 28 he COMMANDED us to go likewise, liked or unliked, and make disciples of all nations. If living in the first century, would you have given the same advice to Christ himself as you give to us? "Hey Jesus, don't do this, or you'll face trouble." Peter told him something to that effect. I suppose you know what Jesus said back to him in Matt. 16:23??? He said, "Get behind me Satan." Food for thought Ben

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Bob K.

April 21, 2007  12:12am

Ahhhhhhhh, yes. The peaceful religion of Islam-strikes again.

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April 20, 2007  6:09pm

Diocletian What sweeping statement you make. How can you say they "were looking for trouble". These are just ridiculous generalizations. Would you say that to the families of the murdered men that they were seeking martrdom. They were in their own office not in a place they "are not wanted." In fact that two of those murdered were Turkish Muslim converts and not "foreign missionaries" really undermines your point. What is so wrong with people promoting their beliefs whether it be religious or political. If to follow through your logic people who attend and oppose KKK or Nazi rallies to protest - get what they deserve!!??

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