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Rain fell on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before Portland, Oregon's CityFest, an open-air, family-friendly evangelistic festival in downtown Waterfront Park. On Friday, August 22, skies cleared and temperatures rose into the 80s. An estimated ...

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Joshua Cookingham

November 03, 2008  8:49am

"But the church exists to fulfill the Great Commission only" Andrew, that's simply not true. The Gospel is indeed the prime focus of our mission, but James also states the pure religion is helping Widows and Orphans in their need. Not to mention the large amounts of verses that go into how Christians are supposed to love and serve at any oppertunity.

H. D. Schmidt

November 03, 2008  7:10am

However the big question that needs an answer quickly is this: Is America as the Nation under God and says on its currency: In God we Trust, and its Presidents constanly ask God to bless America, no matter what the Founding Fathers left as a legacy as is really the case more and more. behaving at home and abroad in such a way, to facilitate the preaching of the Gospel all over the world? Why is that this homosexual "thing" is having such a following anyway plus now more American women live with no man around than do, divorce rampant, leaving yearly about a million of children in limbo due to their parents divorce. Yes, and just about like it was in the Soviet Union, every body is forced to find a job to keep going, no more a father the breadwinner, and the mother at home taking care of her children. May I suggest, that even avowed Christians in America, now practice procreation way below the animal kingdom, at the pleasure of Satan as his greatest success story!


November 02, 2008  8:56am

The things that re happening in Portland seem exciting. Interestingly enough, though, I just finished an intensive study of the Book of Acts to see how the first disciples put into practice the teachings of Jesus. What I discovered what that they focused almost entirely on preaching the gospel message. Yes, there were signs and wonders that God performed, but primarily to show that the message being preached was from Him. When Paul went to a new city he went and spoke the message of Jesus Christ at the synagogue. When it was rejected there, he brought the message to the Gentiles. I did not see him setting up soup kitchens, hospitals, housing co-ops, used clothing drop offs, etc. These things are very good and ought to be done. But the church exists to fulfill the Great Commission only.


November 01, 2008  6:31pm

Here we have an article about something wonderful happening in Portland to spread the love of Jesus Christ and some posters are focused on homosexuality. I wonder what Jesus would say about this.

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Peter Dodge

October 31, 2008  11:07pm

What a wonderful thing. Luis Palau preaches the gospel, and let's the Holy Spirit do the convicting. He's got it right. Most churches have it wrong. Love them. If you're going to bring up the sin of others, make sure you bring up your own sins first, otherwise, it's hypocritical.

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Dr. bill

October 31, 2008  6:38pm

I believe Al, of the "old school" was not suggesting we always make an issue of particular sins- homosexuality, for example. The point is that "we" as Christians naiively and uncritically adopt the language of the world when we allow them to change the words to suit their purposes. Changing words changes the meaning. Let's stop being stupid. To change the word homosexual to "gay" was very obviously to make it sound not so bad. Remember, we went from calling it sodomy to homosexuality. Now it's "gay"?! Don't you get it? They're messing with our minds- and we've allowed it. But God is not bound to overlook out stupidity. And frankly, I don't think it's fair to the poor victims of this particular form of human destruction.

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Aaron Cavanaugh

October 31, 2008  4:42pm

Hi, Wow this is a great article. I am trying to get involved with the arts commission in Beaverton. This gave me some great ammunition. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.

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October 31, 2008  4:14pm

God loves us all. That's why Christ came and died. Love is all. BUT and you know there is always a BUT. But He expects obedience too. After all He is God. God says, not Stan, He has behavioral expectations of us. One of those ways is to behave in a manner that agrees with His design. We are to be stewards of the world he gave us to live on. We are to be good to all around us. Christ like, if you will. We are to be good to ourselves also. Christ like, if you will. Christ was a totally disciplined and committed individual. Committed to His Father. In order to be Christ like we to must be committed to our Father. After all if you an obedient believer you understand this. Obedience includes no willful sin....that is being outside of God's plan. His plan for us includes the command to keep ourselves pure and unspotted from the world. Homosexuality is outside God's design and of the world. We cannot serve two masters.

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Meg Horton

October 31, 2008  3:07pm

I can't help but think they were wise to be silent on the abortion and homosexual issues. Unless we havethe Spirit of God in us we are not able to hear God's message on these subjects. Lets love them into the kingdom and then the Spirit of God will teach us all things. What a better way to go!

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