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A German Christian family received asylum in Tennessee after being severely penalized for illegally homeschooling their children in Germany.

While private and public schools are allowed in Germany, homeschooling is not. The Romeike family was threatened ...

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eii me

May 24, 2010  8:28pm

Homeschooling is frowned upon in most EU countries - tolerated but not readily accepted. The people (families) who home school are considered odd...

GodsLion GodsLion GodsLion

May 24, 2010  1:42pm

"The Cowards" on this site are not going to post your positions until you lower your font and refrain from name calling. You are violating the posting standards of this site. Post without all caps and without attack and your positions will remain. BJ, Moderator The cowards who run this site are refusing to post my comments!!!Any parent who sends his kid to one these GODLESS American public schools is guilty of CHILD ABUSE!!! Any school that does not recognize JESUS CHREIS as SAVIOR, KING & GOD is not a school at all, it is an educational WHOREHOUSE!!! Wake up FOOLISH Christians!!!

Juan Llamaz

May 22, 2010  10:42am

What I find surprising in this case is this: Home schooling is not illegal in all European Union states. The Romeikes could easily have moved 150 miles south to german speaking Austria. There homeschooling would have been possible. As European Union citizens they are free to settle anywhere in the European Union. Let's say you live in Redding, California and California introduces a law you do not like. Would you apply for asylum in Denmark or Finland or would you perhaps move 150 miles north to Medford, Oregon? And should Denmark or Finland or any other country even consider your case before you have not tried that option?

Luke McLaren

May 20, 2010  10:28am

The infiltration of secular humanism stemming from the Enlightenment through today is further highlighted by the German government's policy. Our education system today in North America is so thoroughly secularized, we as Christians, being educated in it, can no longer distinguish the difference between a secular and Christian world view. To be sure there are poor textbooks in existence, both within the public school system and the "religious" realm. In any case, as homeschooling parents, we have the freedom to choose good textbooks. Once we lose our high view of Scripture, we will eventually not only accommodate anti-christian views in the name of Christ, we will promote them. Our duty is to raise our children to love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. God help us to lovingly hold firm to His word and His calling.

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Calvin Baker

May 20, 2010  4:24am

Yes... just answering.

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Pete Wroblewski

May 19, 2010  10:47am

Should the government grant the same asylum if a Muslim family made the identical claim? A neo-nazi family? Just asking.

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Greg Peterson

May 18, 2010  10:28pm

Fine by me. If homeschooling is forbidden in Germany, but not here, and they believe that their religion demands it, sure, why not? Welcome to America. However, given Germany's fairly recent past, you can understand why unsupervised homeschooling would not be trusted for the preservation of domestic tranquility. Given America's recent past, I can't say that I trust homeschooling either. I have read textbooks popular with conservative religious homeschoolers. They are not good textbooks, and it's not because they're Christian textbooks. I think we have reason to be concerned, but not as concerned as the Germans. I have lived in Germany. I understand the prohibition.

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Bart Wang

May 18, 2010  3:28pm

And if we're really not careful, the state may tell us we cannot be Christians. Then what will we do? Following Jesus was supposed to protect me from hardship and trouble. Didn't Jesus say that he did not come to bring a sword but, rather, peace? It should be easy and comfortable to follow Jesus, not challenging. Bart does not want to go to jail or suffer in any way. That's it, either the government does what we, the Church, want or we should ditch Jesus because following him is not as relaxing as it has been or that we want it to be. Ahem. Sarcasm - a wonderful tone, though greatly misused and misunderstood. You cling to your "beloved Constitution". When you hold on to the Constitution, you put down the cross. We cannot have Jesus plus anything else. Kill your patriotic idols. Does Bart like the idea that life might be difficult? Nope. He is just trying to get his head around it. He hopes he can live it out what Jesus modeled and calls us to do today.

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May 18, 2010  2:48pm

"Ask not for whom the bells tolls, for it tolls for thee." We see cases coming up all the time where our religious Constitutional rights are being infringed upon seriously under the current administration especially, and usually under "liberal" government. The Rutherford Institute and the Institute for Law and Justice are busier than they have ever been defending people against infringement of their religious rights in the nation's courts of law, from local, federal all the way up to the Supreme Court. If we're not very careful to defend our rights, we will go the way of religious intolerance that marked Europe in the Dark Ages, and in the very nation which was founded on a Constitution which banned all those religious restrictions and persecutions. We're not far from losing those religious freedoms, as our beloved Constitution is undone by unscrupulous politicians and our liberal court systems. "Christian Beware" seems to be the handwriting on the wall.

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Kim E

May 18, 2010  2:39pm

This is the best article I've read on here that tells those of us in the US to vote! We must not allow the government to be so intrusive and negligent that anyone is persecuted. We will be held accountable for our lack of participation in the process.

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E Harris

May 18, 2010  11:00am

Finally, an article from CT that I agree with!!

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Joe Chan

May 18, 2010  10:17am

When the government takes more power from the people, this is what happens. It is shocking that the US is granting asylum to a Western European country, which with the other Western European countries, pride themselves as free and civilized. This should be a wake up call (though I don't hold my breath) for the US because our government is taking more and more power and control over the people.

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