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On Sunday, Brazilians elected their first woman president in what many commentators labeled a mandate to continue the popular policies of outgoing president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

In her first speech as president-elect, Dilma Rousseff thanked ...

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Anita Silva

November 07, 2010  11:43am

This is disgusting. I hoping soon that the collapse of evangelicalism occurs. This disgusting ''culture war'' is one of the factors that ruined the USA and damaged Christianity. After the economic collapse occurs may this disgusting virus be purged from Christianity.

g j

November 05, 2010  4:16pm

The article was a good read. Brazil is such an important country in any terms of importance one want to consider! And it's so very neglected by American media. I'm not sure the article supported the headline, though. I.e. is there an evangelical bloc? I hope they avoid the kind of trivialization of all things Christian such bloc mentality sometimes creates in the USA. Christians can be expected to have all kinds of views on all kinds of issues. It would be nice if they were known more for the Spirit's fruit and gospel-inspired social service rather than for particular positions. The celebrity talking heads, well meaning or otherwise, don't do much good for the church or the world.

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Terence Williams

November 05, 2010  12:37am

My wife is Brazilian and knows the Universal Church and Bishop Edir Macedo well, as she attended the church for several years before moving to the U.S. It's the church we go to when we visit her family in Brazil. I do not agree with others here who say this church is a cult. I haven't seen anything wrong with its doctrine, which is far closer to the spirit of the Primitive Church than many a church today. No church is perfect but I think Bishop Edir Macedo and his church suffer from their huge success, which comes at the expense of defecting Catholics and other frustrated Evangelicals who love the powerful way his church presents the Gospel.

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Dave Freeman

November 04, 2010  5:34pm

"Bishop Edir Macedo, the leader of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and head of one of Brazil's largest TV networks, is widely considered to be the wealthiest bishop on Earth." It's just another scam folks.

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Olga Lawrence

November 04, 2010  9:00am

Ok, but how many people were led to Christ? Evangelicals in Brazil and the US seem more occupied with votes and political than with preaching and living the Gospel.

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Anthony F

November 03, 2010  3:00pm

If you arent Catholic or Eastern Orthodox but you say your a Christian you are a protestant. If you have a 66 book bible, believe in the rapture, make an Altar Call or follow any of the practices and beliefs that rooted in protestantism you are a protestant. Most of the evangelicals in Brazil are pentecostal or are heavily influenced by Pentecostalism. The Pentecostal Movement started in the Los Angeles, California in 1906. it was started by a bunch of Methodists from the Holiness movement. Methodists are protestants and since many Pentecostal beliefs are a mixture of Methodism, Adventism (started in the States in the 1840's) as well as other Protestant beliefs, it makes them Protestants. Many Evangelicals dont want to be called protestants, just Christians. The problem is their beliefs and practices are very alien from the Christian Church of the Apostles and their Disciples in the 1st and 2nd Centuries. If you study the Early Church will find Catholicism & Orthodoxy.

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luis branco

November 03, 2010  9:27am

Nice description of what is going on in Brazil. My concern is that the Magazine and many others describe Edir Macedo and his church as protestants. They are not! They do not possess a protestant confession of faith and support some many things which are unbiblical. Many denominations in Brazil have declared the IURD as a sect. Many churches will require a new confession of faith and baptism of people who come from the IURD. It is a materialistic religion with influence from cadomble that uses few verses of the Bible to pretend that they are Christians.

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grateful believer

November 03, 2010  8:28am

It is heartening to see that a large number of Brazilians took a Godly stand by voting for the Independent candidate who took a stand for righteousness, and thereby forced a runoff. It is likewise disheartening that both major candidates took such an unGodly stand. I pray Brazilians will take God's promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14* to heart, will act upon it and trust God to intervene in their nation. The Lord has led me to pray that same thing for all of us in America who profess to be His children. GOD IS ABLE to do exceeding, abundantly above all we can ask or think. The Lord encourages us to come boldly to the throne of grace. Christ Jesus taught us that without Him we can do nothing -- but with God nothing is impossible. Nothing is too hard for God. *He said, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, will seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven, will forgive their sins, and will heal their land." May it be so!

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Alan M

November 03, 2010  1:13am

"In her first speech as president-elect, Dilma Rousseff thanked many people but did not thank God—something many voters had expected her to do amid a campaign drenched in outreach to evangelical voters. Dispute over Rousseff's support for same-sex marriage and abortion led both her and defeated candidate Jose Serra to turn to pastor-advisors and Christian outreach committees to gain evangelical sympathy." Why should she when she already got what she wanted from evangelicals in Brazil (i.e. their votes)? when will people learn and stop trying to be friend with the world system (which is govern by no other than Satan). It has not worked in the US and will not work in Brazil. I fear that evangelicals in Brazil will make the same mistake made by their US counterparts and prostitute themselves in exchange for political influence instead of being like OT prophets and concer themlselves with matters of the kingdom. if you want to change society, preahc the gospel and live the gospel..

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