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Eight years after declaring school vouchers to be constitutional, the U.S. Supreme Court is assessing version 2.0 of school choice efforts: tax credits.

The Court heard oral arguments November 3 over the constitutionality of Arizona's dollar-for-dollar ...

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C Douglas

December 08, 2010  8:27am

The article mentioned 13 other states had similar programs. Does anyone have a list of those states? I've tried to research it through Google, but I can't find anything.

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December 08, 2010  8:07am

Not sure what CSI is up to. They have at least three Georgia schools that mention the Georgia program (modeled on the AZ one) on their Web sites. Perhaps Blamer should check with his constituency before allowing a quote like this to get out there.

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Paul Buckley

December 07, 2010  2:38pm

All schools are 'religious' - government funded or not. Education is the systematic impartation of a worldview. It is impossible to teach a world view without a world view. Your 'religion' is simply your worldview - be it one that includes a personal deity or merely some system of beliefs that explain your existence and order your life. When are we going to stop the double-speak? When is the supreme court going to stand up for the establishment clause and stop supporting the de facto endorsement of the secular religious worldview?

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