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The summer before Katey Tryon's senior year of high school, she got pregnant. Recently split from her boyfriend, she was sad and vulnerable when she hooked up with her older brother's friend. They had sex once. Six weeks later, she was tired ...

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Godslion Godslion Godslion

June 18, 2011  3:25pm

archae ologist asked:" Where does the Bible say that believers are to legislate morality?" ALL law is legislated morality. That is what law IS! Laws against rape are legislated morality. Laws against murder are legislated morality. Laws against stealing are legislated morality. The only question is - WHOSE morality is going to be legislated.

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Melanie Weaver

June 18, 2011  10:46am

Great article. Thank you for writing. We are pressing on.

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luther walters

June 16, 2011  8:24pm

abortion is a capital crime. the birth control pin is a capital crime. JESUS was compelled to go to the cross because of the murder of innocent babies. we are all guilty in some way. our society makes abortion necessary. please come today 6-16-2011 JESUS. the man of perdition is a abortionist.

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archae ologist

June 15, 2011  4:31pm

Dan h. uses the wrong scriptures and applies them wrongly to jusitfy disobedience to God and Jesus. First off, once the couple has sex, it is no longer their own bodies, thus the secular teaching that it is the woman's body so she gets to decide is wrong and christians should have no part of that argument. Second, you cannot expect the non-christian world to actor decide like christians do. They do not follow Christ and their decisions reflect that but that morality choice does not grant christians the right to force their morality upon others. Third, Christians are to treat others as their chosen morality dictates. 'Do unto others..." "Do good to them..." 'If you did it to did it to me...' and on it goes. Put the Bible into practice Jesus's way and not your own and make an impact for Him instead of creating impassable stumblingblocks to salvation.

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Anne D

June 14, 2011  4:49pm

Paul K wrote, "If I was a woman and got pregnant, I know that I would like to be the one to decide what I was going to do, I wouldn't want the government deciding for me." Unfortunately, many women who have had abortions weren't really free to make an informed choice. They were never told about fetal development or the fact that their unborn baby had a beating heart. I personally know several women who told me they never would have had abortions had they truly understood what abortion was. These women were just as much victims of abortion as their unborn children. A friend of mine who had several abortions told me, "There are two victims of an abortion: the woman and the child."

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A Hermit

June 13, 2011  3:51pm

The majority of people, according to the 23 May 2011 Gallup poll, are not pro-life (49% pro-choice, 45% pro-life). 51% believe that abortion is morally wrong (39% morally acceptable). Only 22% of people want abortion illegal under all circumstances., while 50% want it legal under certain circumstances. A total ban on abortion is not politically possible at this time- however, the majority of Americans do believe abortion is wrong and want restrictions. The pro-life movement would be far better served by working to restrict abortion and working to foster the economic conditions and social conditions that will lead people to choose abortion less, than to outright ban it. How many babies could have been saved had a greater effort to do this had happened in the past?

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Beth S

June 13, 2011  12:41pm

Paul K. Unfortunately you have fallen for Planned Parenthood's mantra hook, line and sinker. Your claim that contraception is the safe bet against unplanned pregnancies is absolutely false. The truth is, that the false sense of security unmarried people have using contraceptives has proven to be devastating. The failure rate for condems and low-dosage contraceptive pills is alarmingly high, thus ending in unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. Aside from the fact that the sexual act is a gift to be reserved for marriage only, there is no reason to teach young people how to have sex and contracept unless you are in a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds off of these "mistakes" by killing them. Planned Parenthood's agenda does not include the care of the woman or the baby. Their end is the money they make off of abortions that result from the early sexualizing of children/teens. Wake up, America! Your children are dying! Research Planned Parenthood's true and evil intentions.

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Bill Bauer

June 13, 2011  11:58am

Des Moines Deacon stated: "Most doctors and hospitals want nothing to do with it... Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that pro-life terrorists gun down doctors in their churches and homes?" This statement is misleading. FACT. One abortionist with an MD degree was shot at a church. In the last ten years one abortionist was shot (I believe) near his house. Both shooters have been found psychologically disordered. Generalizing from two unrelated specifics is sophistry.

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For Life

June 13, 2011  11:22am

It's about time that the laws start reflecting the reality that the majority of people are prolife. It's also about time that Planned Parenthood gets defunded. Every abortion is an act of violence against the little one and harms the mother and father. The blood of these little ones is on our hands and will remain until we, as a society protect human life from beginning to end.

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Des Moines Deacon

June 13, 2011  11:01am

...Most doctors and hospitals want nothing to do with it... Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that pro-life terrorists gun down doctors in their churches and homes? Congratulations on the success of your feat campaign.

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Joseph Wagner

June 13, 2011  9:14am

Hi Exactly correct. Abortion is horrid and should be illegal. All life must be protected including the unborn. Joseph J Wagner

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Pro- Life

June 13, 2011  8:34am

@ Paul K, I used to be pro-choice. I myself would never have an abortion but I thought it was just fine is someone else wanted to do it. I used to hate pro-lifers. Thank God I woke up and saw the truth behind the lie of abortion. It is never, ever acceptable to kill an unborn human. As far as saving the life of the mother, how do you decide who's life is more important. That is one of the dumbest arguments I have ever heard. Your argument on sex ed and contraceptives does not hold water. This is a moral argument and you sir obviously have no morals.

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Just Somebody

June 13, 2011  8:00am

A persons right to do what they will is not exactly absolute. It is the reason we put murderers in prison, people who attempt suicide, and fine people who drive carelessly or over the speed limit. The reason this is done, is that as much as we would like to say our decisions are ours and ours alone, they impact the people around us. It is the same as how we let people person freedom to smoke endanger other with second hand smoking(I would prefer smoking be banned unless it can be done in an air controlled environment where the rest of us are safe). It is the primary goal of government to protect the lives of all its citizens. In all cases, when life is pitted against choice, life wins(or at least it should). It is because of this that abortion should be illegal, not so much that we want to restrict women as we are interested in protecting all life(Life which was granted by God not us).

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Joe Ott

June 13, 2011  6:42am

Paul, when you say "pro- choice", exactly what are you choosing? To Kill your baby. The fact of the matter is you are dealing with another life here whom doesn't have any say in the matter. The choice in the matter is choosing not to have sex, period. In the case of incest or rape ; you are still dealing with human life. Just because people make a mistake or similar situations a baby should die for it.

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Paul K

June 12, 2011  10:05pm

If I was a woman and got pregnant, I know that I would like to be the one to decide what I was going to do, I wouldn't want the government deciding for me. That is why I'm pro-choice. Also, I feel as if many conservatives just want to punish unmarried couples for having sex. It seems to have less to do with the actual abortion because many conservatives are also against sex education and contraceptive use which is clearly linked to people having less unwanted pregnancies and thus less abortions. Western European countries have far lower abortion rates than the U.S. because they teach real sex ed and have more education of and access to contraceptives. So if conservatives were really against abortion, they would be heavily promoting sex ed and contraceptive use but they're not.

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EveryDayK EveryDayK

June 12, 2011  9:29pm

Marie C - you are so right on the button with your post! It is amazing the information - in several languages - available when visiting an ER or having a surgical procedure, yet with an abortion, very little information is given to the woman. It is barbaric how women work against themselves with this lie of an abortion taking care of all problems, and it is a woman's right and a woman's body. Thank you for your post.

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Pr Marie C

June 11, 2011  2:30pm

It's amazingly subtle that the measures listed are lumped together as "anti-abortion". Hospital workers should have the right to not assist with abortion; ethical and better for both worker & patient. A recent trip to the ER for minor hand injuries meant having all kinds of explanations, forms, signatures to satisfy informed consent. Why do we want women to have as little information as possible regarding abortion? Why does NOW/NARAL balk at having abortion clinics meet requirements other surgi-centers must meet? Are women's lives worth so little in the great and noble cause of unfettered abortion that so-called feminist groups are willing to let abortion clinics be sub standard medically and patients uninformed about real medical risks? Lack of medical regulation is a threat to women's lives and reproductive health, as evidenced by the Gosnel abortion tragedy. This horror only happened because politicians put the abortion cause 1st, real women 2nd. Both extremes need to get a grip.

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Debra H

June 11, 2011  11:26am

I' am a counselor in a Pregnancy Center in OR. The law they're trying to push on us "....puts onerous regulations on pregnancy centers," Delahoyde said. "It opens centers up to costly lawsuits.... There are very harsh restrictions put up all over against pregnancy centers, and we know their goal is to shut us down." We run on DONATIONS ONLY, no federal funding AND the first form a potential client fills out is a disclosure form giving all the services we provide and those that we won't/don't provide. there is no need to post a huge sign outside saying we don't provide abortion services. In fact, a PCC in NY where the law went through actually posted a positive sign that read: we offer abortion alternatives and ..... OH but that wasn't good enough for NARAL or PP, who proceeded taking the PCC to court for not putting up a huge sign of their liking. It was thrown out of court! Is this not America where the needs of the people can decide? We have clients who appreciate our care!

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Jason Lee

June 11, 2011  10:47am

EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT INCREASES REDUCES ABORTIONS BETTER THAN RESTRICTIONS. This CT article is working off of old information. Recent empirical research shows that state abortion restrictions have mixed effects on reducing/increasing abortion rates. Interestingly, though a $1,000 increase in the maximum earned income tax credit is associated with a sizeable decrease in the overall abortion rate. This effect is very robust to a host of potential factors (including state policies). This is peer-reviewed research: This recent research indicates that those who are really interested in reducing abortion rates in this country (and not just scoring symbolic points) should support candidates that increase the EATC.

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June 11, 2011  6:26am

America; Europe and other Christian countries has to take the initiative and take strong action AGAINST racist; fundamentalist groups like [V.H.P] from the Sub-Continent urgently or else they will surely one day succeed in their mission to kill every Christian and European in this World.One of the racist and fanatical leader from sub-continent BABA RAMDEV has acquired an island near Scotland to achieve his mission to kill all Europeans and Christians of this World. A state called Goa in the sub-continent has become a centre for Racist and anti-European groups like [ V.H.P ]; [ B.J.P ]. Since becoming a breeding ground for anti- European and anti-Christian parties like [ V.H.P]; Goa has become famous for horrifying incidents of Rape; MURDER; and Torture of European people in this part of the sub-continent. Though Goa depends on European tourist for their economical prosperity; the people of Goa has become extremely anti-European and anti-Christian; and are openly abusing Europeans there

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