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Nobody knows when the NFL season will start, but that isn't stopping Tim Tebow from building his brand during the lockout. The Denver Broncos' second-year quarterback recently released his memoir, Through My Eyes (HarperCollins), which replays the stories ...

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Godslion godslion godslion

June 16, 2011  1:09pm

I'm a big fan of Tebow but that Superbowl ad was pathetically weak. It had no punch at all. It was difficult to tell what it was even about. How about next time showing some guts & BAM! - saying right out front what you want the audience to know! there was a time Christians were willing to be burned alive for their faith! now we cower to anyone who accuses us of anything. When did we get to be so spineless, so te[id, so weak? A chance to glorify God to the world was missed!

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archae ologist

June 14, 2011  4:09pm

the Bible says 'to do all things for the glory of God'. that does not include an escpe clause for a loss, dropped ball, a sack and so on. Gopd wants people to obey Him at all times not give him credit only when things go well.

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