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Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards called 2011 "the most difficult year in our history." With yesterday's announcement that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation is ending its grants to the organization, ...

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Darrell J. Davis

February 07, 2012  9:26am

As for you people defending PP, look up its history. the organization was founded to eliminate poor black babies and the mentally infirm. It was started to help create a "master race" and served as one of the inspirations to Hitler and his "final solution". Don't take my word for it, Google "quotes by Margaret Sanger" and "Eugenics" and see what you come up with. Wake up people! Satan is hard at work within the halls of Planned Parenthood and disguising it as "healthcare".

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Original Anna

February 04, 2012  8:59pm

Gee, millions of women have depended on PP for "health care" for many years, was that while killing their unborn babies, some 50 million deaths by torture, which I think is murder without a trial by a jury of your peers, not health care. And women actually go for this murder instead of adoption. Something is wrong with the women in this country. When did women become the killers of their children and call it "health care" instead of "taking care of them". Your guilt and denial of what you have done won't make you guiltless, maybe acceptance of your "abortion" and forgiveness from Jesus will help you but you need to ask Jesus' help and stop defending what you and millions of women have done by denying it. And stop listening to men saying "It's your body, do what feels good to you with it." The men end up feeling good and you end up a murderer unless you go the adoption route. There are millions of other women waiting for your baby, proof of this is the number of foreign adoptions.

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Godslion Godslion Godslionj

February 04, 2012  7:21pm

By the way, the text at Exodus 21 that some try to use to justify baby murder in the womb is speaking about a premature birth not a miscarriage. Noted Hebrew scholar Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. has observed that it is a “gross error,” either by translation or by means of commentary, to argue that a miscarriage is suggested in this passage (Toward Old Testament Ethics, Zondervan, 1983, p. 170). In an excellent article which discusses this passage at length, Jack W. Cottrell, a professor of theology at the Cincinnati Bible Seminary, declared: “There is absolutely no linguistic justification for translating verse 22 to refer to a miscarriage”,What, then, is the passage teaching? Simply this. If two fighting men injure a pregnant woman, causing her to give premature birth, yet no harm follows to either mother or child – a fine will be levied as a penalty for such carelessness. However, if any harm followed, to mother or babe, justice was to be meted out commensurate with degree of damage.

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Godslion Godslion Godslion

February 04, 2012  6:52pm

The murder of babies in the womb - falsely called abortion- is NOT health care, its death care! How can anyone who claims to be a Christian not be conflicted that 55 million babies have been murdered in the womb in this country since Roe vs. Wade legalized this monstrous act? Again God says he " hates the shedding of innocent blood!" What blood is more innocent than that of a baby growing in its mothers womb? Moreover the church has ALWAYS been involved in and AGAINST this practice for 2000 years! Moreover the penalty in the Old Testament for killing a baby in the womb was a life for a life! The solution to the baby murder problem is for women to stop playing the whore by having sex outside of marriage and for men to stop playing the whoremonger by having sex outside of marriage, and instead to live by Gods righteous standard and only have sex within the bounds of marriage as GOD COMMANDS! That would end 99% of baby murder in the womb! We need to listen to God!

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February 04, 2012  8:11am

Planned Parenthood saves the lives of women. Millions of women have depended on them for health care for many many years. 40 years ago they were my only source of health care. I, along with most other women will always support the work of Planned Parenthood. I am not conflicted in the least. I understand Christianity to support the lives of individuals. I believe satan is using the issue of abortion to divide the church. It is not an essential doctrine...if it were there would be more written about it in the Bible. It is not clear and we should not be. In the OT Law a woman's life was valued higher than that of her unborn. The punishment was significantly less if a crime resulted in the death of the unborn. That's about the only scripture we have to go on. Planned Parenthood takes care of women's health. It is not an issue the church should be involved in. Period.

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February 03, 2012  11:08am

Update: The Susan G. Komen Foundation has reversed its decision to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and apologized "to the American public," the Associated Press reports.(Feb 3)

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February 03, 2012  9:55am

Coincidence that Komen defunded Planned Parenthood the same time Wisconsins Gov Walker defunded it? 1300 women in Wisconsin were screened last year in four counties and 15 were diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer. Planned Parenthood was their only source of free screening. Gov Walker defunded Planned Parenthood without even finding or funding another source for exams for these women. Christian???????

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February 03, 2012  1:32am

+ Komen is not in the clear yet. See tion-breast-cancer-link/ and Komen will continue funding in 2012 to 3 PPs: KOMEN FDTN: grants will continue this year to 3 of the 19 PP affiliates - Denver, CO; Orange County, CA; and Waco, Texas: SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT till-doesnt-acknowledge-abortion-breast-cancer-link/

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February 02, 2012  8:45pm

Evangelical Protestant FRepublican politicians want to ban abortion. Then, they vote to cut funding for education, health care and social services for children. And they vote to ban birth control or at least the funding for it so that unwanted children aren't conceived in the first place. And then they wonder why fewer people go to church.

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Richard Standley

February 02, 2012  6:11pm

At last, some real inroads into this brutal trade.....but the question still arises - how will pro-lifers be able to provide some of the services (outside of abortion of course) now provided at low cost by Planned Parenthood? It's ok to win a victory like this, but are we as advocates for an abortion-free world, prepared to pick up the slack and help women in trouble no matter what the cost? I think the slogan is "money where the mouth is".....

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February 02, 2012  7:42am

Somehow, people actually believe P.P. helps fight breast cancer. It does not. I cannot find one single P.P. that screens for breast cancer. A friend of mine (Back in high school) went through a forced abortion at a P.P. clinic. Her "parents" took her there, and told the "doctor" to perform the abortion even though my friend did not want to have one. Get this - they were actually accepted the fact that they were going to be grandparents early, and that their 17 year old was going to have a baby. UNTIL they found out that the father was hispanic. Then they drug their daughter into the clinic to have their grandchild killed. So keep telling us pro lifers that WE are the intolerant ones. Keep supporting the murder of thousands of children EVERY DAY. Keep believeing that by aborting our children, and absolving "men" of any responsibility, that it benefits us women. It does not.

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February 02, 2012  4:54am

@Kelly - it is not about punishment. It is about consequences. A man who impregnates a woman has to bear the consequences of child support. Similarly, a woman who gets impregnated has to consider that the child in her womb has as much right to live as she has and is a consequence of sex that the mother chose to have. There are some fringe cases when a woman is raped. But the percentage is very small.

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February 01, 2012  7:30pm

Planned parenthood was always about destroying the family and population control. Look how many black babies are aborted because of planned parenthood. They are the real racists.

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February 01, 2012  6:47pm

This is still madness! Planned Parenthood is a god-send. Providing low-cost medical care for those who cannot afford healthcare. No one can dictate another's journey. This attitude gives faith a bad name. Also, if you believe abortion is wrong, please read Numbers Chapter 5 and remember that the punishment for adultery is NOT barrenness.

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Andrew Slater

February 01, 2012  5:03pm

After reading a few of the comments here I wondered whether having been a father to four children counted for being a "parent" or do only women count for the services of Planned Parenthood?

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Christine Thomas

February 01, 2012  3:20pm

Many women without health insurance use and have used Planned Parenthood as their primary physician. Their work is invaluable. And this stupid move by a top heavy, political organization, Susan G. Komen, has already resulted in the tremendous financial support from thousands of people for Planned Parenthood. Yes. Amen.

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Lori D'Angelo

February 01, 2012  3:04pm

Planned Parenthood provides low cost care to women. Who else does this? Tell me. You are endangering women's lives with your reactionary beliefs. You seem to have no idea about what Planned Parenthood does. You cite a few examples of former workers who are now zealots. Have you ever been to a Planned Parenthood? Have you ever seen all of the other services that they provide to women? If you succeed in your goal, then who is going to step up and help low income women, or do you just not care?

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February 01, 2012  1:21pm

Planned Parenthood is a sickening and repulsive endeavor. Its bad fruits will allow it to implode, shrivel up and die as they babies they've destroyed testify by their shed blood against them in eternity.

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J Farah, Ottawa

February 01, 2012  12:30pm

I'd like to see the results of a FoxNews survey rather than a CNN survey

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Gene Kleppinger

February 01, 2012  12:17pm

Why doesn't this article point out that Planned Parenthood actually does far more health care and counseling than abortions? It reports the number of abortions performed but does not explain that abortions in 2008 represented (only) 3% of the 10,943,609 services to men and women. Are there really enough so-called "pro-life" agencies and clinics ready to absorb more than 10.5 million visits and procedures, if PP is "put out of business"?

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